All city swim meet 2012 madison wi

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all city swim meet 2012 madison wi

After the city acquired two parcels of land in and , Hudson Park became the site of an early resort hotel, the all city swim meet, and a Improvements to the beach area safety, accessibility, and beauty were completed in All City League Championship Meet. HY-TEK's MEET Hosted by Monona - Monona, WI. Scoring . Hoffman, Madison Pinnow, Lauren .. ALL CITY-Y: E. Storms, B. Geissler, R. Kyle, S. Sackett. MO POOL: For the fifth consecutive year, each race at the All City Swim & Dive Meet will be at the Great Dane in downtown Madison, Wis. and tomorrow we kick off the first of With registration climbing, UNLEASH is poised to be the biggest and.

all city swim meet 2012 madison wi

Detailed safety instructions will be given at this time. Parking and hotels are available in several nearby locations as marked in the Location PDF file.

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More lodging may found at: Eligibility Open to all swimmers 18 years and over as of August 18, Please judge your own ability level prior to registering for this race. In order to complete the swim within the prescribed time limits, you should to be able to swim yards in 13 minutes.

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There are two membership options: Please note, this can only be used once in a year. There will be no registration including race day after 5: Registration is limited to swimmers. You will be required to sign a liability waiver at check-in.

all city swim meet 2012 madison wi

Shirts must be ordered during registration no later than August 8, and must be picked up during check-in. The detailed schedule and event map can be found in the Event PDF file.

all city swim meet 2012 madison wi

The race course will be patrolled by a variety of water craft and certified lifeguards. If the water temperature is above 78 degrees F, no wetsuits will be allowed. Detailed safety instructions will be given at the pre-race briefing. Electronic timing will be used. Each swimmer will wear an electronic timing chip on an ankle bracelet to automatically record their time.

10th Annual Madison Open Water Swim (MOWS) 1.2 and 2.4 Mile Open Water Swim

Bagels, fruit, water and other refreshments will be available after the swim. Awards will be given for each age group only after the event is over. The Elmside group, where the preserved bear and lynx mounds reside, are marked with a bronze plaque that states, "Bear and Lynx effigy mounds, AD, these mounds were constructed by a people of a gathering culture who met periodically at ceremonial grounds to bury their dead — Madison Landmark Commission.

While there are 3 preserved in Hudson Park, with many more located in Madison parks, most were destroyed from the 19th century onward due to agricultural practices, and city development. Not only does Hudson Park contain effigy mounds, a Native American artist from the Ho-Chunk nation named Harry Whitehorse sculpted a memorial to his ancestors to place in the park in The sculpture was created from the trunk of a hackberry tree struck by lightning, and contains carvings of a wolf, bear, cub, lynx, thunderbird, eagle, and a Ho Chunk warrior.

The sculpture also overlooks the effigy mounds. However, in August ofthe effigy was removed from the Park because of the decay from weather and insects, even after being restored in The statute was returned to Whitehorse's Monona studio, but didn't remain there long. Several options to rehab the statue were discussed at public meetings, including re-siting the repaired sculpture at an indoor location, casting in bronze, or replicating in stone.

However, Whitehorse preferred to not separate the sculpture from the sacred effigy mounds. Whitehorse then prepared the sculpture for casting in The statue was returned to its rightful place in Hudson Park on June 26,with a formal dedication on September 12, In addition to the ancient mounds, a plaque commemorating Lt.

10th Annual Madison Open Water Swim (MOWS) and Mile Open Water Swim (8/18/)

While flying back to Truax Field, the Lieutenant experienced trouble with his engine, and crash-landed in Lake Monona to avoid landing in the densely populated neighborhood surrounding Hudson Park. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross at Tyndall AFB in Florida on August 5, in addition to the establishment of a trust fund to provide an education for the infant son he left behind with his wife, Alice.

Stull did not survive the crash, it is believed that his heroic actions saved the lives of many people including the Hudson Park and Olbrich Park neighborhoods, employees of Kipp Corp. Bernard's church and school, and employees of the nearby Oscar Mayer plant.

Madison Parks is proud to have Hudson Park as one of its parks.