Bmw meet 2012 uk

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bmw meet 2012 uk

BMW's British-built Mini is an automotive giant with being sold each year in Britain alone. PUBLISHED: , Sat, Nov 17, 0. BMW 1M meet up 17 x What makes this petrol talks special is that the passion shared here is the BMW 1 series M coupe. Find used BMW 3 Series Cars for sale at Choose from a massive selection of deals on second hand BMW 3 Series Cars from trusted.

Amar owns Luxus car detailing business in Cassellapark, Frankfurt, and last year had an idea to have a barbeque and car meetup.

Nearly 50 BMW 1Ms got together for a picnic

So, he invited a group of 1 Series car friends from his Facebook page and a bunch of BMWs showed up in various shades of black, white and orange. He put the call out in March and soon the responses rolled in — 25 cars are coming, 33 cars, then 39 cars, and then What makes this petrol talks special is that the passion shared here is the BMW 1 series M coupe. Just seeing 48 1Ms in one place, the lineup in the photos, was just fantastic.

Having been to a lot of car shows and events in the US and here in Europe, I must say Amar and Nina put together a class act, with event t-shirts, an open fridgestocked with drinks, desserts, and a food truck grilling up some great hamburgers and German bratwursts.

bmw meet 2012 uk

I just want people to come here with their 1Ms, have a nice day, and relax, chill and meetup! As the only American, it was nice being a part of such a large multinational gathering of car enthusiasts…all here because of one unique car.

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An original 1M owner now for seven years, I already know what a great car it is, but everyone I talked to wanted to tell me how special the car was.

The sound and the look. The design of the car is timeless.

bmw meet 2012 uk

Only one year of production but today, it is still a good-looking car. That seems to be the running joke at the moment. For the group photo I even had to stand on the wrong side of my car…otherwise if I stood on the right side, I would have messed the photo up.

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That now has to be the strongest component in many cars because their engines shut down when you stop at a set of lights. Then start again when you want to set off. Not half as much, though, as the trend towards dashboard read-outs telling me what gear I should be in. This means you are in third. It even has an opinion on changing down for a corner.

Unless you have a hammer to hand. Another effect of the legislation is the trend for engine designers to replace cubic capacity with turbocharging.

bmw meet 2012 uk

A turbo engine uses waste exhaust gases to spin a fan, which is then used to force air and fuel into the engine under pressure. But a turbo engine cannot have the immediacy of a free-breather.

There has to be a delay between putting your foot down and actually going, as you wait for the exhaust gases to gather enough force to spin that fan. And every single one of them makes a car a little bit worse.

bmw meet 2012 uk

And that brings me on to the diesel engine under the bonnet of the BMW d. A small one that gets going almost immediately, and then a bigger one to give you some oomph on the open road. Less clever is the name. Why is this called the d when the d has exactly the same engine?

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Not very logical for a company famed for its obsessive-compulsive nomenclature. This car is like an old house. BMW has addressed the problems presented by the EU and, in less than a year, has masked the efforts it made to overcome them with the silky smile of German efficiency. But what of the car itself? And yet it rides like a hovercraft.

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There is a button that allows you to firm everything up, and even a sub-menu in the computer that lets you choose which bits of the package you want to be sporty and which you do not. And I recommend that on day one, you glue the switch in Comfort mode and leave it there. The Sport setting just makes you uncomfortable for no real gain in terms of handling.