Dcaa meet 2012

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dcaa meet 2012

How to Ensure DCAA Compliance When You Have Multiple Government we meet are fearful that not having a DCAA compliant cost accounting system in. At the current rate of DCAA'S auditing efforts, the backlog of contract cost audits will soon Posted by: audit geek | Sep 03, at PM .. no matter what it takes and regardless if the audits meet the auditing standards?. Program. Change. FY Estimate. DCAA. , 3, 3, , 22, . to meet the specific needs of contracting officers. d. Estimating.

dcaa meet 2012

Hopefully, it is better as you have stated. Is it worth coming aboard? Why are you still on that for a year now?


I was given a TO this week, i start decor jandepending on how fast we can get everything done. Friday, November 09, Adjudication is where the Security Office has taken my file based on my answers from the Equip and the investigator and looking it over to make a determination if I am a security risk.

dcaa meet 2012

I got really excited when I was given a Tentative Offer in Jan They told me that my EOD was going to be Feb 13, Evidently, they looked it over and denied my EOD date and told me that it was going to be moved up to March 12, A couple of days later, HR calls me and told me that based on the Security Office that was not going to happen and to expect to hear from them soon.

On Jan 21, I received an email from the security office and was told to fill out the equip and to submit it along with my fingerprints no later that Jan 27, On Jan 25, I submitted my equip and fed ex my fingerprints to the security office. In MarchI was contacted by an investigator to meet with him at the local library. This was about a ticket back in About another week later, the investigator calls again and asks for another appt in regards to the reason for my arrest over 18 years ago.

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The initial determination will describe the deficiency in sufficient detail. If the Contractor disagrees with the initial determination, the Contractor shall state, in writing, its rationale for disagreeing. Penalties Obviously the most severe penalty is the disapproval of the accounting system which shall prevent the contractor from securing cost type contracts until corrected and the system disapproval is lifted.

Contract price and profit could be impacted if the deficiencies effect negotiations. Also another form of contract may be considered to eliminate any concerns that the deficiency would impact the government.

In addition, if the clauseContractor Business Systems is included in the contract the contracting officer will withhold payment in accordance with that clause.

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My advice is get your system in order to permit passing any DCAA audit, gain the confidence when contracting officer inquiries are made and to avoid any negative actions on contract awards. My Experience It is quite apparent that having an adequate accounting system is now a pre-requisite for many government contracts.

Failure to meet this test can now result in stifled growth and other negative actions. I have helped many contractors to successfully pass DCAA audits and secure government approval of their accounting systems.