Meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

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meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

Amber Joy Mariano (née Brkich; born August 11, ) is an American television personality and winner of Survivor: All-Stars with its $1,, prize, after appearing as a contestant on one of its predecessors, Survivor: The Australian Outback. She is married to fellow Survivor contestant of Survivor: Marquesas, All- Stars As a member of the jury, she cast her vote for. The 36th season of TV's most enduring reality show returns to "Survivor: Ghost Island", in which 20 new castaways will attempt to outwit, outplay. Meet the castaways competing in 'Australian Survivor: Champions Benji reveals which contestants deserves to be the winner for

meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

A journalism student in Melbourne, Anneliese is quite the academic. After winning a scholarship to an exclusive school, she knows that she can achieve anything to which she sets her mind. After recently losing 35 kilograms, Anneliese plans to fly under the radar and is ready to play the game as soon as she sets foot on the island.

Describing himself as odd, Ben is currently single and thinks his lack of flirting skills are to blame. He is hoping to make it to the final merge and play the game as an individual. Henry works in the building industry and owns an online food delivery business, which his late mother helped him establish.

He recently put his life on hold to care for his mum as she battled pancreatic cancer and sadly passed away. He applied for Australian Survivor in honour of his mum, who told him to chase his dreams.

Jacqui, 50, Wedding Celebrant, NSW A self-confessed straight-shooter, Jacqui is one of the oldest contestants on season two of Australian Survivor, but she is not going to let that get in her way. Married with two kids, she is super-fit and loves running, riding and surfing with her husband Gaz. Jarrad, 29, Photographer, Western Australia A renowned photographer, Jarrad loves a challenge and is not afraid to push himself to his limits. In fact, he loves it. The top of his class in high school, Jarrad went on to study law but quit soon after to follow his passion for photography.

meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

He now shoots campaigns for various tourism boards around the world and has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Matt Corby and Kate Miller-Heidke.

But instead of letting his guard down quickly, on Australian Survivor he will be pretending to be someone else entirely. A mega-fan of Survivor, Jericho has his game plan mapped out and is not afraid to show his darker, more competitive side. After studying anthropology, Jericho followed his dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Starting as a cabin cleaner and working his way up the ranks, he now works for a major airline, flying internationally. Pregnant at 16, she found herself temporarily homeless but she never gave up. Now a mum of three, Joan runs escape rooms with her partner Frank, designing and facilitating large-scale games and puzzles for groups of friends and colleagues. A huge fan of the show, it has been her lifelong dream to be a contestant.

After recently resigning from a year career with a global investment bank, where she managed and led teams of over 50 people, Kate is now looking for her next career opportunity and thought she would give Australian Survivor a crack in the meantime. Kate wants to be a role model for young women, especially her children, who helped her apply for the series.

At 39, Kent decided to take up swimming and competed in the world-famous Rottnest Island swim in Western Australia. At the age of 50, he swam the English Channel, which was a hour non-stop swim.

meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

Locky, 27, Adventure Guide, Western Australia An experienced cave diver, base jumper, mountaineer and athlete, there is not a lot that scares Locky. At centimetres tall, Locky is a physical threat and he will not be flying under the radar when it comes to being an asset to his team.

My mom ended up moving to Melbourne, Florida, and I had to go visit her for holidays and take care of her. The next couple years, our relationship was based off manipulation, shaming, depression and some good times mixed in. I cried many times. Through the years, our relationship grew, our love and respect for each other has brought our relationship to all-time highs. I will always idolize her perseverance, her grit and her faith in God. They are values that I try to emulate.

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We have overcome an enormous amount of adversity. She is the greatest hero anyone can have and I live through her. Traveling, sports and dating. My pet peeves are certain characteristics of people. Good thing I know how to dish right back for survival.

meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

I have lived with that kind of crap my whole life and I know how to deal with it. So yeah, my title of Most Dramatic in the face of a bunch of liars will be, shall we say…interesting.

Ambitious, charismatic and charming. First would be a good luck necklace my mom gave me when she almost died. Also, lotion, so I could give awesome massages and bond with the hot girls on my tribe and finally a second bottle of lotion — I plan to be on the island for a while. On season 33, I would be a mix of Ken and Michaela.

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They are all winners and so am I! I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I was always teased for not playing popular sports like my friends so this would be my ultimate competition. I'm the middle child so almost the black sheep of the family. Both of my brothers are so accomplished so I want to have my own unique medal of self-accomplishment.

My secondary motivation is my pack, my huskies. Recently, my beta wolf Luna Moon was hit by a car.

meet the cast of survivor 2012 winner

I thought she was dead but we were able to save her. However, not without me being in debt.

Meet The Cast of Survivor: Game Changers

With my winnings, I want to create an insurance company for pet owners so that when things like this happen to us, we won't be faced with the hardest decision of our lives putting a pet down.

I understand how packs work. As a Siberian husky breeder, I know that in order to gain the trust of my pups, I have to feed them. I'm a skilled fisherman so as soon as I can get in the water to catch fish for my tribe, I will earn their trust.

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I also build doghouses and construct kennels for my pups and with my tribe, this would be no different. Creating new innovative, comforting types of shelter will show me as an asset. Lastly, with my pack, I have to be stern with them. I will mingle with the entire tribe, not just a few to show my sociability while also being assertive with them when it's time to put my foot down.