Nmra meet 2012 ford

nmra meet 2012 ford

all the many members I have met over the years, I . The NMRA National Convention – Grand Rails , will be held on Sunday, .. these Fallen Flags- November , Tom Harris, Henry Ford Village Model RR Group. The Rocky Mountain Region Callboard Newsletter 5/25/ Page. CALLBOARD . will share some of the here, some more at the board meeting and finally some active place. One of the cars in the parking lot was a Ford. EtflhC Lightning Slinger April Page 1. Lightning Slinger .. Indian Nations NMRA meets are held at the new Hardesty. Library, E. 93rd. St., just . TRAIN SHOW, Ford County 4-H Building, Wright Park,. Dodge City.

Participation is extremely high in those categories making the championship implications that much more complicated. An added bonus was a special Terminator vs. Shelby GT Shootout and 21 racers made the call. We watched everything from mild bolt-on cars to all-out racing machines hit the track for fun and glory. Topping the qualifying list was Tim Oswalt and his street-driven '03 Cobra.

  • 2012 NMRA Keystone All Ford Nationals Drag Racing Championship
  • Meet Valerie Clements – Driver of 8-Second SCT Ford Mustang

The black Terminator ran 8. Tommy Passalacqua has the honor of being the quickest and fastest Shelby GT racer thanks to an incredible 8. It also carries the street car moniker like Oswalt's twin-turbo Cobra. Sleeper doesn't begin to describe either of these specialty Mustang vehicles. We were once again blown away by the level of participation in the True Street ranks thanks to 90 entries passing through tech.

nmra meet 2012 ford

The top players were all aiming for the 8-second zone, some accomplished that task while others fell short. True Street, however, is not just about the top tier entries. Then they went four for five in final round appearances and topped the qualifying ladder on multiple occasions en route to their sixth consecutive championship of seven.

These guys continue to build on their legendary legacy, nearly achieving the first 6-second runs and topping mph! Did we fail to mention he still commonly races without wheelie bars?

The 2012 Season of NMRA Ford Drag Racing

He will be a steady performer in the top half of the field. Xtreme Drag Radial Optimum performance numbers don't necessitate bolting on a set of drag slicks anymore. With a bit of tuning magic, a set of D. You'll see them creep out of the hole, but watch out—these guys have a tendency to put it on the bumper at about the foot marker as the frightening amounts of power kicks in, making for some breathtaking side-by-side midsecond drag radial action.

After the boys from the NMRA decided to remove many of the class restrictions and move the class closer to the radial racing that seems to be sweeping the nation, the class knocked off a half second and ended in the closest points battle in the NMRA's year history!

Sean did everything right at the season finally, qualifying number one, setting the record, and keeping nemesis Jason Lee out of the winners' circle.

Meet Valerie Clements – Driver of 8-Second SCT Ford Mustang - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Renegade How much horsepower can you make in your 'and-newer Mustang-bodied steed with a nitrous-oxide-injected or a non-intercooled supercharged small-block Ford breathing through a 75mm throttle body, 81mm mass air meter, and mufflers with a measly 0. Hopefully, enough to run in the lowsecond range on a The class has historically been for cars with stock suspension and an EFI power-adder small-block with automatic transmission only.

Now for the first time in class history, you may now run a clutchless manual transmission! In addition, carburetors are allowed but only with nitrous-oxide combos. This class has significant rule changes, so class performance should be wild and unpredictable as ever, and no wheelie bars!

nmra meet 2012 ford

This class should see a handful of new participants with the dissolution of both the Real Street and Pure Street classes. The names and faces will be familiar, but the performance will be considerable quicker—1.

The Season of NMRA Ford Drag Racing - Mustang & Super Fords Magazine

Make sure you have your spot in the stands when the Renegades arrive. Wheelie bars aren't allowed in the class, and at this power level, a degree change in track temp can unexpectedly send an entire round of racers skyward and a dumpster full of bumper covers!

Consistency serves as the main ingredient in his winning recipe; the competition better hope he doesn't want another!

Hot Street No power adders here, just old-school nuts-and-bolts horsepower from ported heads, big camshafts, monster exhausts, and stratospheric rpm! There is no sweeter melody than the sounds of a small-block Ford wound up near 10, rpm just before a gearshift! Packing a single Dominator carburetor, a cylinder head choice from the permissible list, mufflers, and stock or ladder-bar suspension as the only guideline, this all-motor horsepower class that will have no problem breaking into the low 8-second zone on Especially since, for the first time in class history, wheelie bars are permitted.

However, they cannot extend past the bumper, so you will probably never see them.

nmra meet 2012 ford

Expect to see lots of wheels-up, bumper-dragging action! The hp, 7,plus-rpm Coyote is one of the most potent powerplants to ever roll out of the Ford factory assembly line.

nmra meet 2012 ford

It would be ludicrous not to introduce the powerplant to the popular heads-up racing division, especially in these times when speed freaks are searching for the most inexpensive way to feed their need for speed. Now any average Joe can order up a new Four-Valve Coyote crate engine from their favorite Ford Racing distributor, drop it in a mild streetcar or racecar chassis and go heads-up racing.

The class is open to 'or-newer Fords with stock suspensions. It allows no modifications to the engine and no fancy magical tuning—Ford Racing computers only.

This will be a driver and chassis-tuner class! Factory Stock How many of you weekend bracketeers and test-'n'-tuners are tired of handicap racing? If your 'and-newer Fox-chassis car still has the reactively stock powerplant, then you could get started here in heads-up racing. They call this an entry-level class for beginners. It's a bolt-on-only class for fuel-injected cars, but beware—this is one of the most popular and contested classes in the NMRA. These boys know all the go-fast secrets.

Modular Muscle Bored of handicap starts? This class offers pro-Tree, handicap-style racing, which you must qualify for by your e. It is center stage for showcasing the performance potential of the overhead-camshaft modular engines.

Don't look for an easy go of it here—the fields are big and racing is intense. The quickest qualifying e. No electronics allowed, all racing leaves on a handicap 0. He visited four final rounds in to win the class championship in his wild green-and-red, graphics-laden '00 Mustang, his second in the last three years. Open Comp Open Comp is for all those racers who want to compete in a big-time series for their own Nitto Diamond Tree ring.

nmra meet 2012 ford

All Ford-bodied and -powered race or street cars can compete in this all-run, 0.