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Our colleagues in other content areas should be looking to our classrooms as exemplary models for teaching students the skills outlined in the Colorado Academic Standards. He has been advising for 15 years and is currently in charge of the yearbook, broadcast, and online news programs.

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I also plan to be a visible resource for our members who are looking for help with curriculum and instruction in any areas of scholastic journalism.

I advised the Standley Lake High School newspaper for eight years, leading the publication to All-Colorado Honors five consecutive years and a national Pacemaker in For the past two years, I have worked with student media programs throughout Jefferson County, teaching both students and advisers how to create programs that actually matter in their schools.

I have presented at local, state, and national conferences, culminating with the creation of the Jeffco Schools Media Day.

I believe in empowering students by challenging them to tell stories their peers will actually want to read.

Student journalists whether they publish online, in broadcast, or in print have a unique gift that no other student writers in their school possess — an audience. CSMA came to my rescue.

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I leaned heavily on other advisers for ideas on how to organize a staff, how to teach students to write incredible personality profiles, and how to guide students to create pages with captivating design. Many advisers tend to hang back. Who can blame them, really? No one understands the stress of deadlines and unending work quite like a newspaper or yearbook teacher.

My goal is to help CSMA reach out to those teachers too overwhelmed, too stressed, or too lacking in time to expand their craft and skills as advisers. Thus, as Education Coordinator, I would have three main aims: Create and tap into existing databases of lessons for Colorado advisers to use. Need a new idea for how to teach caption writing? We need to show people the mountains of resources available to them.

Encourage conversations for how advisers can challenge their students to push themselves to create meaningful pieces of journalism. He successfully introduced the first live sports broadcasting curricular class in the state of Colorado, and believes that every student journalist should have the chance for their voice to be heard.

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Candidate Statement More and more news is being consumed through video and digital media, so it is important that Colorado keeps up with this increasing trend.

My goals are simple. I want to see the number of broadcast programs in the CSMA increase in both number and production value across the board.

I will provide starting and struggling programs with the support they need to grow their influence. She studied digital design and dance at Loyola Marymount University. At recess kids recruit students in other classrooms as members of their parties and register them to vote in the primary election. Critical Incidents Damaging news comes to light: Students must invent some problem in the past of each candidate that brings into question his or her suitability for office.

Kids confront the problems of media scrutiny. Then we hold the primary. Concluding Event After the primary, parties select vice-presidential candidates, write nominating speeches, and hold lively conventions to which we invite student voters from other classrooms.

Then kids stage debates between the nominated candidates again, we invite the student votersand on the same day as the national election, we hold our own election.

Why My Students Win Big Thanks to storypath, my kids gain an appreciation for the complexities of a campaign and the importance of clear and accurate communication. They develop an understanding of how political parties work and the kind of influence they have in an election. Students meet questions head-on about the role of media, candidate qualifications, and mudslinging, and compare their classroom experience with the actual presidential campaigns. For More Information Storypath: As a young mouse, he decides to run for the position of mayor in his town.

This book does not have detailed information about the election process but will give primary children a first glimpse at how candidates move up the ranks within the political arena.

Bad Kitty for president. Kitty is fed up with all the strays in the neighborhood, which gives her the impetus to run for President of The Neighborhood Cat Coalition. She is especially delighted to learn how much power comes with the office.

Old Kitty has been president for two terms and his tenure is up, so the timing is perfect for Kitty.

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The author has actually done a fact-filled job of explaining the election process including registering to vote, debating, and having a primary election.

During this last month, in the United States, we have been bombarded with political phone calls and political fliers in the mail. This funny picture book notes the craziness that leads up to an election where political candidates try to get our vote. Each animal shares why we should vote for them—either because they have a high rating in the polls or they are super cute. A tiny asterisk notes humorous statistics at the bottom of the page.

Just like all political candidates, Donkey and Elephant state promises they probably will not be able to accomplish. The animals banter back and forth finding fault with each other, slinging insults.

An astute reader or listener will notice small illustrations at the bottom of some of the pages introducing another character.

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

A surprise ending closes the book. An illustrated timeline of U. The very basic information about each president includes their years in office, birth and death dates, political party, fast facts and important events. A very well done slide show on all the Presidents is available from the White House.

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K, as she races through the hall. He agrees to consider changing some of the school policies based on the results of a classroom election in Amelia's class.

Several suggestions are provided, and Amelia and her classmates are excited that they might have ice cream sandwiches or homework-free Wednesdays as the result of the election. When the vote ends in a tie, she and classmate Clay literally have a run-off on the school playground with Amelia hugging the building corners as she goes around them--literally hugging them after a classmate offers a suggestion for her to shave time off her turns around the building.

It's all good fun, filled with Amelia taking everything literally, which provides plenty of chances for punning throughout the story. K are patient and willing to take the time to talk with their students and explain the importance of voting, even on a classroom level. Perhaps if more youngsters realize the importance of one vote, they'll diligently cast their ballots during local, state, and national elections.