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Golf struck my interest and I decided it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. It appealed to me as something different, and very exciting.

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At what point did you realize you might be able to make a living on the PGA Tour? I still struggle with that sometimes today.

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When I was a junior in college I was an All-American at a small school that had some success. I decided I wanted to give it a go and see if I could compete at the next level. The hotter the weather, the better I play. Growing up, I played some junior events at TPC Southwind and thought it would be cool to be a part of this as a pro.

Cachez ces pauvres qu’on ne saurait voir à Orléans !

I watched it in college. The charitable aspect with St. Jude, especially being a father of two now. The tournament does a heckuva job in supporting [the hospital]. I love the area and I love the golf course.

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Is there a specific hole at TPC Southwind you find most challenging? I think the golf course is underrated. There can be nothing. And so I sometimes try to apply the Ed Abbey quote to the work of a firefighter. If you were trapped in a burning building, would you want the firefighters to be reluctant enthusiasts, part-time crusaders, half-hearted fanatics? Should the mother of a very sick child be reluctant or half-hearted in defense of that child?

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Hell, I have three mystery novels in my backpack right now. We all need the occasional escape, or even indulgence. But we must be able to pursue those escapes and indulgences with the knowledge that others are rushing into the burning building, that others have taken over the job of advocating for whatever is necessary to heal that child.

And that, frankly, is part of the problem: Obviously, or the world would be getting healthier, instead of being desecrated with ever increasing speed. If there were more of us trying to stop this culture from killing the planet, then those who are working themselves to death could afford to take a little time off and not feel as if things would fall apart while they climbed the mountains or ran the rivers.

While it is still there. Yes, absolutely we should enjoy and commune with and make love with and touch and be with and absorb and be absorbed by the land. Yes, absolutely we should sit in the sun and feel it warm our bones, and we should listen to the whispering voices of trees, and we should open our ears and our hearts to the voices of frogs.

Because, once again, we are not the point. The trees, the frogs, do not exist for us. It is our culture that is killing them, and it is up to us to stop it.

Have you ever had anyone you love die or come to grievous harm needlessly, from some unnecessary act of stupidity or violence?