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wvraa meet 2012 ford

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Within the city, commuter tricycles and short-haul jeepneys provide quick and easy transportation between points of destination. Some tricycles even had built-in WiFi routers and wireless internet so that the athletes and coaches who will ride in their tricycles can still connect to the internet, without additional cost to their fare. To maintain easy access to the contest venues, only vehicles with a VIP Vehicular Pass, vehicles owned by the participating regional DepEd offices, and vehicles by the Provincial and City Government, emergency services, police, and military were allowed to drive through the blocked roads and enter the venues.

Sponsors' Area Stalls selling souvenir items at the Tiangge area. The Provincial Government has allocated lots within the DNSTC as "Tiangge" market areas where exhibitors and vendors can sell their products, from food and drinks to shirt memorabilias to indigenous products. The Tourism Park within DNSTC also hosts a similar market area which is mostly occupied by food stalls and restaurants; at night this area becomes crowded with people as nightly concerts from local and national artists and celebrities are held here with no entrance fee.

Due to the massive influx of delegates and visitors, around 40 dormitories, apartments, guest houses, inns, and even private homes opened their doors. Many of these housing establishments were already fully booked as early as one month before the Palaro games are to be held.

Most of their customeres were chaperones, parents and relatives of student-athletes, and guests from other regions who came to Tagum just to witness the Palarong Pambansa. Shopping centers have also provided discounts to Palaro delegates when they present their IDs. Even tricycle drivers the main mode of transportation within the city have lowered their fare rate from PHP 9.

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This huge chamber is located at the core of this cave. The whole cave including its chamber and tunnel system is as large as around 3 hectares of rice land. Inside the cave, trickles of water were regularly dripping from the source above the ceiling, forming a shallow creek which winds its way into a bigger river a few meters away from the cave's mouth.

wvraa meet 2012 ford

Next is the town of Pan-ay written as Panay with its famous church as its local attraction. Pan-ay Church is one of the oldest churches in Capiz if not in the whole island of Panay. In fact this town has the distinction as the only town to challenge Dumangas town Iloilo as the first town to receive the Catholic faith. Pan-ay Church belfry is five-storey high with the topmost concealing its treasured relic - a huge antique bell. The belfry nine-foot thick walls is made of white coral blocks taken from the surrounding beaches of Pan-ay as ordered by the Spanish authorities.

Pan-ay church floors are made of colored marbles taken from the far mountains of Romblon. The whole interior of the church is shaped like a cross with all the walls and crevices, especially in the side and central altars, richly decorated with silver decors and trinkets while the sculptured statues of the saints were aesthetically dressed in the richly woven fabric adorned with various jewels.

The altar platforms and panels were all made of hardwood. There is an arched door leading to the winding stairways to the top. On the belfry, a massive antique bell is hanging on a thick, sturdy truss made of hardwood being held tightly to it by a coil of big, strong and compact steel rope.

This old, gigantic bell was made in the 18th century from the 76 sacks of coins donated by the cooperative people of Panay. This bell measures 7 feet in diameter and weighs around 10, kilogram.

It is believed to be the biggest bell in the Philippines and many considered it to be the largest bell in Asia! Around it are eight smaller bells which were hanged on smaller hardwood by the same kind of steel rope. Another popular attraction in Panay town is Bontod beach which is one of the cleanest beach in Capiz due to the fact that it is situated in the unpopulated area of the town.

All year round this beach is free from any jellyfish which is quite unusual for most beaches. Naptis Island is popular for its crystal-clear and chillingly cold waters giving one a spine-tingling sensation aside from its white sand beach.

On the white sand beach one can see an abundant supply of small empty white shells which are excellent materials for making beautiful shell necklaces. On top of the island one can see the breath taking view of Roxas City, the capital of Capiz and Panay town.

Opposite the island is a small cave which is another tourist hot spot waiting to be explored. It is a dark, cold and damp cave teeming with some exotic cave dwelling animals makes an eerie feeling for someone.

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On the outskirts of the Panay town, is a barangay called Culasi, a coastal community which is already a part of Roxas City. Its port serves both as a docking facility and as a commercial port of Roxas City. Direct trade and commerce between Capiz and other provinces or cities are carried out here. The port boast not only as a docking facility but also as a tourist spot with its breath-taking view of the surrounding islands including the hazy image of the mountains of Romblon.

Olotayan Island near Roxas City is another popular destination which tiny, smooth, white and shiny crusted shells locals called "cascaho. They could be made into necklaces, lampshades, chandeliers, wall and table decors which foreign and local tourists are fond of.

The nature-carved rocks which seemed to hang precariously over the northern shore are formed and exquisitely carved by the combined forces of nature stood like mute sentinels over the clear blue waters of the islands. There is a bronze historical marker by the National Historical Commission in front of the house to make it easy for other people to recognize.

The house was recognized as a national shrine as indicated by the marker. Inside shows the lifestyle of the early Filipino ilustrado and inteligentias as shown by the decorative balustrade of stylish design which served as the railing of a wide staircase leading to the second floor.

The reception room was composed of furniture which were mostly carved. The interior walls and partitions were all decorated with elaborate lace-like carvings which matched with the other panelings.

On a corner of the sala was a large portrait of President Roxas placed on a low narra shelf close to a framed biographical sketch about him. On the opposite side was a picture of him and his family, placed on a larger frame. Through this room, one could get out to the second floor balcony with overhanging railings made of intricately carved balusters. From this veranda one could relax even for a brief moment while taking a breath of fresh air and viewing the scene below.

Next town outside Roxas City is Ivisan another coastal town. Entering the town is a half-torn, old stone structure that measures around seven foot square wide and ten feet high. It is a stone fortress called "Moro Tower. This ruined structure is but a mute testimony to our living past. The town of Ivisan has a famous cove in Balaring, a barangay or village in Ivisan. Some hovering seagulls deftly touching their wings to the swaying waves added a gentle touch to a romantic atmosphere.

Across the cove is a small island of Baslao.

wvraa meet 2012 ford

It is as beautiful as Balaring with the same clear, dark blue waters and white sand beach as that of Balaring. The white sand beach of the cove also has plenty of stone sculptures intricately carved into strange forms and shapes by the incessant forces of nature abounds in different nooks and corners of the island.

The crystal clear water revealed the multi-colored fish swimming in the shallow waters of the cove. On a partly secluded beach by the eastern portion of the cove, a thick carpet of tiny white, shiny seashells of varied shapes and sizes covered the whole stretch of the beach. The beautiful scenery, the cleanliness of the place, the calmness of the waters and its environs, and the gentle sea breeze swaying the shady coconut trees of the cove all contributed to make the place for enjoyment and relaxation.

After Ivisan town is Dao en route to Cuartero. There is a famous lake in Cuartero called Agpayao Lake but before that here is a small background history of Cuartero.

2015 Palarong Pambansa

The town of Cuartero has had several names. First, it was named as Binudhian, the place where the natives were robbed and treacherously killed by strange people. But the name has bad connotations, thus it was changed to Mapanag, a creek which once was one of its natural boundaries. But the name did not last long when an influential businessman from Dumarao who became a permanent resident of the place conferred with the local leaders and agreed to change its name to Fonda.

The present name of the town was adopted in honor of His Excellency Mariano Cuartero, Bishop of Jaro, who during his pastoral visit, officiated the first mass in the town during the inauguration of its church in Travelers can be astounded by the beautiful sight of a lake before them with its shiny, clear sky-blue waters which looked so peaceful, quiet and calm like a sleeping lady in the midst of her sweetest dream.

This is Agpayao Lake, the pride of Cuartero town. This lake embraces around seven hectares in land area. This lake is formed by many rivulets, creeks and other tributaries upstream somewhere in the mountains and hills of Cuartero. The waters of the lake maintained its depth and cleanliness because the place is uninhabited.

The area surrounding it is covered with thick foliage of the large shady tree, and the mountain springs, being the main source of the waters of the lake, are protectively covered with enough virgin forests.

The lake boasts not only of its beautiful scenery but also of its water teeming with fish. The lake could adequately support the people of the town a supply of fresh-water fish for a long time. The lake, however, is not suitable for swimming especially for those wanna be swimmers because it is thirty feet deep at its deepest depth. Dumalag town has a unique cemetery because it is uniquely located on both sides of the road facing each other.

The one at the right side has a chapel with a circular-shaped wall while that at the left has a rectangular-shaped wall. The chapel with a circular shape is 40 meters in diameter while the one with a rectangular shape is no longer in use for it was built in the s yet. There is a pool of water at the entrance of the cave.