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We can't just leave it at this.

Avril Lavigne showed up meet-and-greets for the sham they are

It was then that YouTube got in touch, offering sponsorship, and enabling the organisers to stage their first event indoors at a London brewery and then, after 3, people turned up to the 2,capacity venue, to move it to Alexandra Palace. Burns says the enormous popularity of Summer in the City was a testament to how YouTube is breaking into the mainstream and establishing itself as an increasing influence on popular culture.

Indeed, it is so popular the organisers are now in talks to hold the event twice a year to meet demand, with two-thirds of the Summer in the City attendees now made up of fans rather than creators. When I first started YouTubing it was sort of joked about and I was mocked for it, but now everyone wants to get involved. Attitudes are changing, and people's perception of YouTube is changing.

YouTube's young celebrities shine at biggest ever UK convention

Jenna Marbles, a YouTube personality who makes self-deprecating personal blogs, including the viral video Drunk Makeup Tutorial, has accrued 1. Oakley is such a celebrity that when approached at the event by the Guardian, his comment was simply: In the cavernous hall of Alexandra Palace, recently host to bands such as Bastille and Disclosure, huge numbers of barriers have been erected in preparation for the throngs who will attends the weekend's talks, meet-and-greets and signings with stars such as Oakley and Marbles.

Another YouTube star lined up for the meet-and-greets is PJ Ligouri, known for his channel KickthePJ where he has been making short films for the past seven years and has accrued over 30 million views in that time. I think the momentum is growing and more people are recognising YouTube as a legitimate and successful platform in it's own right, to post really good content.

As a creator, you get to cater to what your audience want. So it's not a passive experience, you get instant feedback from likes and comments and you can respond and be influenced by that.

While previously considered ripe ground for record label talent-spotting, with Justin Bieber being the most cited example, the freedom and popularity of YouTube is now encouraging mMusicians to shunning shun the labels altogether as they become famous without ever leaving their parents' garage. The band Area11 have already sold 12, copies of their album and embarked on a sell-out tour, solely through a dedicated YouTube following: But there's something about it that's immensely saddening for those of us who cling, desperately, to the admittedly wrong-headed notion that there might be some romance left in rock'n'roll.

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VIP packages and meet-and-greets don't reward the most loyal fans; they reward those with the deepest pockets. Or worse, they reward those whose desire to have some point of contact with their favourite artist overrides their sense of financial probity.

Victorious Novak Djokovic greets fans and famous faces

The most loyal fans are the ones queuing overnight to be sure of a place in the front row. They're the ones who track down the live recordings and the radio session version, and who read every word about their chosen artist. They're the ones who already spend a fortune buying all the music and gig tickets and travelling to the shows. The last thing they need is to have a little bit more gouged out of them.

Love for music shouldn't be — indeed it can't be — measured in currency.

YouTube's young celebrities shine at biggest ever UK convention | Technology | The Guardian

I'm not saying musicians should not seek any means of making money apart from ordinary gig tickets and recorded music sales. But when they are asking the people who gave them a career in the first place to go above and beyond the call of duty, I think they should do the same in return. So I applaud the bands who'll play gigs in living rooms, or who offer their fans some sort of unique experience.

But a few minutes with a rock star on AutoPilot in a backstage catering area and a pile of tat in a carrier bag is not a unique experience: