Abbott and costello meet frankenstein vhs viral

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abbott and costello meet frankenstein vhs viral

Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein posters for sale online. Buy Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein movie posters from Movie Poster Shop. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, PNBx , .. Enjeru dasuto (Angel dust), MVT 12 12, , VHS, INFO. Entity, DVD 18 Wu ye yuan ling (Ring virus), DVD 12 , , DVD, INFO. X, the man. era—longer if you take into account Abbott and Costello meeting Frankenstein in . chain letter into a cursed VHS tape: Once you watch the surreal, disturbing film, . And yes, at one point Samara definitely goes viral.

To be certain, Universal is reviving the concept now because Marvel has been so successful at it, but that in no way negates the fact that they did it over sixty years before Marvel rolled their first foot of film.

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I can at least understand why someone would be perturbed by this. Fear stems from the unknown. The more we know about any subject, the more we understand it, and the harder it is to truly fear it. Drac and Frankie are so well known at this point that modern efforts to make them terrifying invariably run the risk of becoming self-parody.

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Even in the 40s, Universal seemed to know the monsters were becoming too popular to be frightening. When you watch the old monster mash movies, the emphasis is rarely on fear, but instead on providing you a few awesome fights between beloved creatures.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein vhs viral

Perhaps the crowning achievement of that period was not House of Dracula or any other such picture, but instead, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. By Aliens, since we all knew what it looked like, James Cameron shifted genres from suspense to action, and it was the perfect move.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein vhs viral

How many films did each of these villains get before they switched from being embodiments of darkness to winking at the camera and going for the most over-the-top kills possible? Inwhen director Stephen Sommers was tapped to reboot The Mummy, the resulting franchise owed far more to Indiana Jones than to Karl Freund, and it hit very big for a while. OK, look folks, I have to talk about the whole subject of haunted and menacing vehicles too.

I even once had an old Datsun truck that would turn itself off whenever it wanted to! I still remember first seeing Duel. Man, what a scary film!

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Steven Spielberg directed it, and originally it was a made for TV movie in the States which ended up getting a movie theatre release internationally. The whole concept was scary. That is scary man! I think Duel was the first movie of its type, and I cannot think of anything before it. For me, it was incredibly original. An actual entity, an actual haunted vehicle. I love the ending because it is so dubious! King certainly found the idea of possessed machinery exciting, I even seem to remember reading in one short story he wrote about a haunted Coca-Cola machine?

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And how about these two? The Carwith James Brolin and a haunted Lincoln Continental going mental, Rubber about Robert the tire who suddenly comes to life and discovers he has psychic powers! I also must give an honorable mention here to one of my favorite films, Repo Manand that Chevy Malibu.