Ana and christian meet fanfiction sites

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ana and christian meet fanfiction sites

Ana meets Christian while in Seattle when she goes in for the day to have her . I can imagine myself right into the stories sometimes. A different take on Ana and Christian, it is OC compared to the books and Ana story but am taking a different look at how the two meet and. In my story Kate doesn't get sick but Christian eventually meets Ana at I do not own any of these wonderful characters or the stories made by.

The tingling in his balls told him it was time to redouble his effort, so he snaked his hand down to rub her clit in tandem with his hot, wet kisses.

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Ana's breasts tantalizingly writhed against the rock-hard expanse of his chest as her body bowed in unadulterated pleasure. She gasped every time he banged her up against the unforgiving surface of the wall, praying that his office really was soundproof.

Scream my fucking name as I make you come all over me. Now baby," he commanded gruffly, ramming into her with all the strength he could muster. Her high-pitched wail rent the air as she exploded in a mind-bending orgasm that clouded her vision. Her muscles contracted around his almost unbearably painful erection and sent Christian spiraling over the precipice right alongside her.

Give it all to me damn it!

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Trembling from his own aftershocks, Christian held Ana's thrashing body down as she rode out the last of her climax.

Christian kept his arms firmly locked around his wife as he let out a guttural, gratified moan. I interviewed with him briefly a few weeks ago.

He's climbed the ranks fast at SIP but he's really knowledgeable about publishing and has some discovered some real gems. And a young one at that.

Don't spoil her good mood Grey. Wait until after you've run the background check before you ruin it. Nice deflection Grey but I know you're just saving this battle for a rainy day.

ana and christian meet fanfiction sites

With you working long hours and me stuck at home, it didn't make any sense to delay the inevitable. Besides, I'm eager to start this next chapter of my life!

With two busy schedules, it's only going to be that much harder to carve out time for each other now. Will we become one of those couples who have to pencil in date night just to see each other? Christian shoved the depressing thought aside and refocused on his wife. How about we celebrate this Saturday with something special — just the two of us? I just wanted to give you a heads up in case something goes wrong.

Ana tried to disguise her disappointment by giving him a reassuring peck on the cheek. I know you'll do the best you can. Try not to bite off anyone's head off. Ana, where did that come from? Stop giving the man a hard time.

Wait, did I just mentally berate myself for something I didn't even say out loud? Ana's internal reprimanding was interrupted by Andrea's gentle warning over the intercom. Grey, Miss Abramson is on her way up to meet with you about the Statisnomal merger.

Ah great, this impromptu visit keeps getting better and better. The mere mention of Stacie Abramson's name made Ana's skin crawl.

By all appearances, Stacie was a model employee: She was a brilliant financial advisor and a hard worker who was unfailingly polite to Christian and friendly to Ana. But she was also conniving — and unlike the usual women who shamelessly flirted with the billionaire tycoon, Stacie was too smart for that.

She coveted her boss while courting his wife so as not to arouse any suspicions. But Ana wasn't dumb — nor were Andrea or Ros, who dropped hints to Ana about Stacie's less-than-honorable intentions, not that she needed them.

Some of the book events will be included as well. I have debated over where to start this story, and have decided to start it here, there will be more information along the story trail of how the two first meet and got to know each other.

I walk into his building in Seattle, it's the first time I have been here in the four years he's owned this building. Everywhere I look, reminds of how crisp, clean cut, and professional he loves everything to be. There are some things he doesn't keep this clean cut and professional. He told me he only employs blondes but I just didn't release or think it was true but every woman that I've seen so far has been blonde it's like over kill.

As I walk up to Andrea's desk she has no idea who I am, in a way it's nice but in another it's not. Taylor knows I'm here and he is spewing at me for making him promise not to inform Christian of my arrival, it's amazing how I can use Gail to get my way at times.

Andrea lets him know that his next appointment is here he has no idea it's me, he thinks it my roommate. I walk in low and beyond I start to stumble typical me, and as I fall just as I hit the ground I feel his big strong arms around me, his sent invades my senses. I've got a meeting with that roommate of yours right now and if she sees you here your cover is blown baby. Ana, this is Christian Grey, our friend from Bellevue, I talked to you about him. We say bye to Kate and go to our Precalculus class.

I realized that Ana is just as quiet as Ethan and I, I like that, it's not uncomfortable. We get to our classroom and as always I walk to the back of the room and take the seat at the corner, it's my defense mechanism so nobody can touch me by surprise from my back.

Ethan and Ana follow me, as always Ethan sits next to me and for the first time, I want another person to be seated by my side. Come on Christian, don't create expectations, you can even handshake with her, I think while she takes the sit in front of me. The bell rings and the teacher enters the room.

He hands us the books we're going to work with, explain an exercise and gives us the hour to solve 10 problems in a piece of paper, once we finish we can give it to him and then we are free for the rest of class. While the teacher was explaining I solve half of them so I was the first one to finish, I've always been good with numbers. Besides, I hurry this time so I could watch the little girl seated in front of me.

This has never happened in my life before, to want to feel the touch of someone just to know how is like, or to stare at her in this way, I don't know what's going on with me, I feel a weird tingling in my stomach when I look at her.

I'm enjoying the view when Ethan interrupts me. I explain him what's wrong and we correct the exercise. Then Ana turns to face me. Maybe she also feels this weird tingling in her stomach, I wonder. The hour goes explaining the exercises to Ana and Ethan, we finished right on time before the class is over. The bell rings and we go out of the classroom. I feel my face turning red, Ana's going to think I can walk by myself. Damn, it looks like I'm a little boy about to cross the street alone for the first time.

Come on Grey, use your time, you're alone. What a beautiful color, the pink in her cheeks The teacher gets in the classroom and hands us the list of books we have to read for the first quarter, I know most of them by name, but I haven't read them all. Not much really, but I need this credit to finish with English.

She smiles, what a beautiful smile. Then the teacher talks. You have to start now and give it to me tomorrow. Besides you have to start reading the first book in the first piece of paper I gave you, we'll have an activity related to your reading in two weeks. From a list of 25 I mark 8, when I look at Ana's sheet she just left 2. She looks at my list and giggles. I start laughing too, she has a sweet sense of humor.

We start to write our essays until the end of the hour, I'll have to finish it at home because I don't like the way it is so far, I notice Ana sighs while she puts her stuff in her backpack. I wonder what makes her sigh. The other classes before lunch are just the same, little conversations in between, nothing relevant, though is hard to concentrate with the thought of those blue eyes.

At lunch time Ethan and I go to the cafeteria, we buy our lunches and go find Kate and Ana that had the last class together. The image of Ana and I sitting together, hugging her while watching a movie and eating pop corns comes to my mind. I tense, what friend? It gives me hope.

While we are on our way I can't help it but ask her.

ana and christian meet fanfiction sites

What the hell is happening to me? Come on Grey, you just met her, don't expect to be the center of her universe. I can't take it anymore and while we take our seats I ask.

Jose", I say with indignation.