And there to meet me is my mama papa

Quote by Sarah Kay: “If I should have a daughter…“Instead of “Mom”, ”

and there to meet me is my mama papa

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What is something you have learned from your parents?

and there to meet me is my mama papa

They also have taught me the importance of getting good grades. My dad is good at that.

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I can get so mad at him, and he will never get mad back. Even though they work a lot, they always make time to have fun with our family.

We have both family time and one-on-one time together. We go to all of the Church activities, and they make sure we get there on time. What has helped you to have a better relationship with your parents? She makes sure we try to do as many family activities as possible.

Talking with my parents helps too. When I talk to my parents, I tell them pretty much everything I do. They know all about all my friends, so they trust me when I go out with them. However, when we actually consider the "hippieness" of all those Sixties' American bands, not too many of them turn out to have been devoted followers of the hippie ideology.

More in the political sphere than in the social one. Normal downhome guys with a light touch of acid. These never even had anything to do with the hippie ideology. It is, however, quite ironic that these same messengers of peace and love came to such a tragic and bitter demise - over a long and tedious story of unsuccessful, broken and betrayed relations with each other. The whole story, in fact, began with a break-up: From then on, it was romance after romance and cross-romance after cross-romance until bythe band members simply couldn't bear to see each other, and their forced reunion album of even had to be recorded without the band members actually meeting in the studio.

What about Mom and Dad?

So much for love and happiness and idealism. The main strength of the band resided in John Philips, of course, who was actually a prime songwriter, and most of the band's hits, including such immortal ones as 'California Dreamin' and 'Monday Monday', were penned by John.

Sothey all made their dream a reality and headed for the West Coast. Therethey met up with their old friend, Cass who was staying with her friendBarry McGuire.

and there to meet me is my mama papa

Barry had a single that was climbing the charts"The Eve of Destruction". When he heard them sing he told them to sing for Lou Adler, the hottest record producer in town.

But when John, Michelle and Denny asked Cass to sing for them, she refused. She was mad at Michelle and Denny for their "island flirtations" and at John for not originally letting her in the group. But she eventually said okay, she'd sing for the audition, but she was not part of the group. So they went to Western Recording Studios and auditioned. Lou Adler couldn't believe his eyes and ears. He asked them to come back the next day, and their were "contracts all over the floor".

Within 48 hours they had a new name. They got this name by Cass, who was mouthing off at the TV when an interview with the Hells Angels came on and one of them said something like"We call our women mamas". So Cass said, " Well, we got Mamas in our group and we got Papas! They recorded their first single,"California Dreamin'" and it soon became a top ten hit.

So, basically "over-night" they were a success and had a tremendous amount of money. They all moved into a house in Hollywood and seemed inseperable. But as they were becoming a bigger and bigger success, their friendship was deteriorating. Michelle and Denny were flirting even more, Cass was getting angrier, and John was becoming more withdrawn from the group.

Then one nightwhile Cass and John were passed outMichelle and Denny John was understandably upset when Michelle confessedbut Cass was furious. Michelle was Cass's close friendand Michelle knew of Cass's deep love for Denny.

That night changed everything. John was also getting more upset about Michelle and Denny's affair.

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As the group went in the studio to record their second albumJohn and Michelle split up. Michelle went to live on her own, as did Cass, while John and Denny became room mates. They claim it was a way to keep an eye on each other, so they know the other one won't be with Michelle. Each member had their own problem.

The History of The Mamas and Papas

Cass was distancing herself from the group and was hanging out with people who sought to take advantage of her. She had a house in Laurel Canyon, and everyday it was filled with people. Poets, musicians, writers, and bikers.

She once said, "It's easy to find a boyfriend, I just buy them a motorcyclea leather outfit, and acting lessons. He had a good art collection, fancy cars, and thousands of dollars and all were slowly diminishing for drugs.

He once was all about the music, but drugs were starting to control his life. Denny was emersing himself with alcohol. He was trying to drink Michelle out of his lifeand Michelle's problem was men. She was dating Gene Clark and during a concert she was blowing kisses to him in the front row, with John looking on. So John went buckwild and said he couldn't work with Michelle any longer and it was either him or Michelle leave the group.