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Prior to 'The Flash's SDCC panel and pilot premiere, the show has released new as to when Arrow's Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) would appear on The Flash. CBM has reported that episode 4, titled “Going Rogue,” will feature Smoak as well as introduce Miller's Leonard So we're really excited. Felicity Smoak stopped over in Central City to hang out with Barry Allen flames when Barry and Felicity realized they were just two people in love with Not only did we finally get a recurring big bad in Wentworth Miller's. Felicity Smoak Born Felicity Meghan Smoak is the daughter of Donna Smoak and a Felicity Smoak along side John Diggle and Oliver Queen meet Barry Allen.

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The Importance of Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak’s Relationship

It will totally happen again. We see our first flashback to Hong Kong of the new season as Oliver is trying to escape for the umpteenth time. His pursuer shoots the computer and they scrap very briefly inside the internet cafe leading Oliver to get a bump on the noggin. Meanwhile, in the seedy part of town in a seedy looking tattoo parlor, the remaining members of the crew from the opening scene are at a loss of what to do.

Oliver wakes up from the explosion and carries Felicity away back to the Arrow cave where the team starts to regroup. Luckily Captain Lance is on call and can provide Oliver with the information he needs, and also wants to lend a hand in bringing down the new baddie in town.

Oliver and Zytle meet in that seedy tattoo parlor where he introduces himself as Vertigo, a name Oliver is very familiar with. The sequences is vitally important though as it cements what will be the theme of the third season of the show completely: Afterward, Oliver is pretty sure the company would do better under Palmer anyway. But among those photos were a few — and one in particular — that left me feeling all the feels.

Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, was late to the funeral of whoever is in that grave and looks sympathetic, not defeated.

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Barry understands Oliver, cares for him, and worries about him, which is why he comes to be a source of support for Oliver during yet another difficult time in his life.

If that was Felicity in that grave, not only would Oliver not be able to physically or mentally function but Barry would not have the reaction he did. And every time he cries, we all start crying. One of the great things about Arrow and The Flash is the difference between the titular heroes. Barry, on the other hand, is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve.

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He feels with every bit of himself and he never tries to hide it. And every time he cries, it also tears into our soul. So, yes, Barry is a crier.