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beavis and butthead meet south park

The following is a list of characters appearing on the MTV cartoon series Beavis and Butt-Head, . Dreama: A sexy young woman who meets the boys in the school nurse's office after the two are sent there due to . In Wall of Youth, he talks to Beavis and Butt-head about Jurassic Park which Butt-head believes is a true story. South Park owes its existence to Beavis and Butt-Head in more ways than one. In fact, Matt Stone and Trey Parker first met their future. Stan as Beavis Kyle as Butthead. South Park/Beavis and Butt-Head. South Park Meet the Team of 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' FANDOM.

In Virtual Stupidity, it is revealed that he works a second job as a clown and is strongly implied to be into bestiality. Voiced by Kristofor Brown. A female science teacher at Highland, and occasional customer at Burger World. She is annoyed by Beavis and Butt-head, particularly by their incessant laughing when she tries to teach sex education No Laughing.

She forces Daria Morgendorffer to work with them in Scientific Stuff, in the hope of getting a proper experiment out of the lads. She appears less frequently as the series progresses. Dickie's class" probably a euphemism for getting an erection. Voiced by Penelope Trud. A middle-aged Latino Spanish teacher who hates Beavis and Butt-head, because the only Spanish they know is what they heard at Taco Bell and Beavis can't even get that right!

Beavis and Butt-head always mispronounce his name. He appears briefly sitting on the stage in PTA, smoking in the faculty lounge in Steamroller, at the teachers' lounge party in Beavis and Butt-head Are Dead, and at the town hall meeting in Dumb Design.

beavis and butthead meet south park

Voiced by Sam Johnson. A substitute teacher who briefly takes over when Mr. Van Driessen injures himself attempting to assume the lotus position on his desk Substitute. Beavis, Butt-head, and other classmates take an immediate liking to him on account of his free-spirited, unorthodox way of running the class. Despite the duo's cynicism and irresponsibility, he continues to like them.

beavis and butthead meet south park

He is injured when Beavis and Butt-head fail to catch him when he falls backward off the desk in a trust exercise. A sexy young woman who meets the boys in the school nurse's office after the two are sent there due to their poor personal hygiene Let's Clean It Up.

She dances, plays Hindustani music on a tape player, and ultimately gives an oil massage to the two, much to their delight. It is later revealed that Dreama is a teacher's aide, and her actions are attributed to a daze that ensues after she suffers a concussion. She requests to see the duo in her office immediately after introducing herself in Mr.

She gives the boys a Rorschach inkblot testwith the boys interpreting each picture as a man masturbating. When shown a signed photo of Julio Iglesias grasping a microphone stand protruding from between his legsButt-head describes it as "just a bunch of weird shapes.

The school's speech therapist Speech Therapy. Beavis and Butt-head wind up in her class because they return from suspension on a day when Mr. Van Driessen has taken his class to the botanical gardens, and Principal McVicker needs a class to put them in. They thoroughly enjoy her class as they misinterpret what she is teaching. They mistake a diagram of the vocal cords for a vagina.

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Butt-head also uses the mirror given to him to observe his mouth while he speaks to try to look up her dress. They also mishear things said during speech exercises. They mistake the phrase "as much" for "assmunch", and the phrase "but whole" for "butthole". McVicker becomes angry when the boys repeat these words after Ms. Jenkins asks them to show him what they learned in class. She intervenes before he assaults them. A character of identical appearance is shown on the teachers' side at the town hall meeting in Dumb Design.

The school's career counselor, who has trouble coming up with a suitable career path for either of the duo in The Future of Beavis and Butt-head. The duo refer to him by his first name. He returns in School Test where he attempts to help Beavis and Butt-head prepare for the school test.

Her class is very unstructured. When Butt-head tells her "I have to whizz urinate ", she says "Your language is so raw and vital. Classmates[ edit ] Classmates in Beavis and Butt-Head included: He likes to think of himself as Beavis and Butt-Head's friend, although the pair really do not like him and usually tease him. He does not seem to remember how badly they treat him between incidents, or does not care about their maltreatment if he does remember it.

Stewart's worshipful attitude towards the contemptuous duo mirrors how Beavis and Butt-Head relate to someone who detests them, gang leader Todd. Frequently, when caught committing some sort of outrageous prank, Beavis and Butt-Head blame or frame Stewart "He threatened to hit us" or "Stewart got us the porn "which is quite often believed, even though Stewart is far more passive and smaller than the pair. Stewart was voiced by Adam Welsh from to and by Mike Judge in A group of goody-good honor-student caricatures who are friends with Stewart.

The PATs are led by Mr. Beavis and Butt-head are forced to accompany the group to pick up litter along a highway as an alternative to detention Patsies. Beavis finds a hubcap and he and Butt-head throw it back and forth to each other across the highway, like a frisbee. The flying hubcap strikes an oncoming truck and hits Mr. Graham in the head, knocking him unconscious although everyone believes that he is dead. Butt-head steals his wallet while he is lying face down on the ground.

In Dumb Design Mr. Graham and the PATs are leading a protest to force Highland High to teach intelligent design in addition to evolution in science classes.

The PATs and Mr. Graham are voiced by Guy Maxtone-Graham. Mainly a parody of hippie or New Age thought like Mr. She wears glasses, Dr. Martens boots, and a shapeless blue dress. In Late Night With Butt-head, she is shown wearing a white top with a unicorn on it. She is the only girl aside from Daria who does not seem to detest either of the boys.

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In Wall of Youth, Butt-head attempts to flirt with her briefly, but she is oblivious to his interest because of his immaturity. In Animation Sucks, she gives the boys friendly advice without the condescending sarcasm Daria would use. Voiced by Tracy Grandstaff. Usually sits in the front row of class looking at pictures of nude women in a men's magazine. He has a buzz cut hair-style, a tough angular face with a stubbly goateeand a black shirt buttoned tightly at the collar in some episodes, a black jacket with a white T-shirt underneath.

Earl is a central character in Incognito, in which he tries to kill Beavis and Butt-head. In the end he is punished by Mr. Van Driessen, who confiscates his pistol, which makes him cry. In Pierced, Beavis and Butt-head tease Earl's earring, causing him to beat them up, but then the duo decide to get their own ears pierced when they notice the earring has a skull design.

These two episodes are among the few in which Earl actually speaks. In Teen Talk he appears on stage, but says nothing when Captain Dick Jackman asks him what makes him "really, really mad". He appears regularly in the Marvel comic, with many speaking parts and he is shown as a member of Todd Ianuzzi's gang. Voiced by Dean Julian.

A pretty girl who is often the object of unwanted attention from Beavis and Butt-head. The duo file an unsuccessful sexual harassment suit against her on the grounds that she is giving them " stiffies " Sexual Harassment. In Crisis Line she calls the duo unknowingly to ask for relationship advice.

Butt-head recommends that she have sex the next day with anyone who is polite to her. She introduces the pair to her boyfriend, who promptly grabs them and throws them across the room. In Whiplash Beavis tries to chat with her on the school bus prior to the accident that he and Butt-head have set up in an attempt to obtain money for being injured.

A chubby boy with glasses and brown hair. In Substitute he presents Jim, the substitute teacher, with a collage based upon the Walt Whitman poem "Cavalry Crossing a Ford" that the class worked together after school to make for him. Dean is one of the few students who does not appear to hate Beavis and Butt-head, and he is possibly the only regular character who is not rude and insulting to them.

In Bus Trip Mr. An exchange student from Japan. Beavis and Butt-head become Hiro's chaperons who are tasked with guiding Hiro through American culture Foreign Exchange. Hiro impresses them by triggering flashbacks from Mr. Upon arriving back in Japan, it becomes apparent that he has picked up Beavis and Butt-head's masturbatory habits and affinity for metal music, much to his family's dismay.

The resident jock of the school. In Spanish Fly he consumes the Spanish fly that Beavis and Butt-head pour into what they think is an attractive girl's milk carton. Tommy drinks it instead. As a result, the duo mistakenly believe that he wants to have sex with them. This fear manifests itself in the locker room and during gym class when Tommy chooses Beavis as his wrestling opponent.

The match begins with Tommy dominating until Beavis kicks him in the testicles at Butt-head's suggestion. Slim, bespectacled, brown-haired filmmaking aficionado. He wears a black T-shirt with a white skull on it.

He is also one of Ms. He is one of the classmates who takes a field trip to Fort Sawyer to investigate possible military careers Drones. In Rabies Scare he asks Beavis if he can foam at the mouth when he comes to class with an exposed dog bite on his leg.

Butt-head then puts Alka-Seltzer tablets in Beavis' mouth. A teenager with blonde hair and glasses.

beavis and butthead meet south park

Beavis and Butthead laugh at his last name during roll call No Laughing. Daniel soon takes advantage of the duo during Buzzcut's roll call by laughing at them, after learning they can't laugh for a week or they risk expulsion. He also appears in Politically Correct, asking Beavis and Butthead if they will help to pay for football uniforms.

Other unnamed but frequently appearing students include a black male who is always seen listening to his headphones; a white male with long blond hair who is usually sleeping; a punk girl with blonde and black hair who is always doing her nails during class; and a boy with glasses and shoulder-length red hair usually seen wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt. Another girl who is often the object of unwanted attention by the duo, Gina is Todd 's girlfriend and works in a beauty salon Top O' The Mountain.

She has brunette hair in a vaguely heavily hair sprayed s metalhead style. Being Beavis and Butthead's classmate, she is not fond of them, showing her dislike in many instances, belittling them when they attempt to run for school office and she gives them a dollar to stay away from her. She also has a car which she uses to stage a quick getaway when cornered at the gas station Beavis and Butt-head vs. In Virtual Stupidity, she is revealed to also be an accomplice in crime with Todd, holding on to his car keys and providing cover for him.

Local residents[ edit ] Local residents in Beavis and Butt-head included: He takes any opportunity to use the boys for money or beat them for troubling him with their affection.

Although Todd verbally and physically abuses them the boys continue to seek him out.

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The only time Todd backed down against Beavis was when he was in his Cornholio alter ego Bungholio: Lord of the Harvestopting to beat up the more sane Butt-head. He is voiced by Rottilio Michieli.

Stewart 's father, a middle-aged male. In early episodes, he is a teacher at Highland High No Laughing, Citizen Butt-head and presumably quit teaching after being fed up by Beavis and Butt-head's behavior. Later he is a businessman, judging from his cell phone and references to "the office" Prank Call.

He tries to come off as a caring and responsible family man, but he reveals his cowardly nature in times of distress, invariably trying to shift blame to Stewart.

He has a large collection of pornographic magazines, which Beavis and Butt-head know the exact location of. He takes them to a park to release the bird when, against their wishes, its condition improves. Butt-head flips it into the air, and it promptly falls to the ground as the pair walk away. He is also shown as a customer at Burger World who becomes frustrated when neither Beavis nor Butt-head can tell him whether the milk shakes are made with shake mix or milk and ice cream Customers Suck.

Voiced by Mike Judge. Stewart's mother and good-natured housewife, who is depicted as an airhead. In Stewart's House, she has a Southern accent, but for the rest of the series, she possesses a thick Upper Midwestern accent. She enlists the duo's help when Stewart disappears Stewart Is Missingand she trusts them to take his homework to school for him when he is sick The Great Cornholio.

She believes that Beavis and Butt-head are good friends to Stewart, being oblivious to their antics and their negative influence on him. In Plate Frisbee, she shows incredible trust misplaced, of course by serving cookies to Stewart and the boys on a plate she describes as "17th Century antique". In TV Violence, she finally displays some anger toward the two. She tires of their protests when she repeatedly changes the channel to less violent programs and throws them out of the house.

In keeping with the format and feel of the original series, which aired on network television from tothis episode was filmed in black and white. The duo pay her little respect or attention except in regard to her breasts.

Two skimpily-dressed trailer-trash vamps, always introduced with the line "I'm Lolita, and this here's Tanqueray" in a heavy Texas accent. Lolita has dark hair and Tanqueray is a blonde. Over the course of the series, the two drastically change appearance, with Lolita originally having much darker skin. In Teen Talk, it is revealed that Lolita and possibly Tanqueray starred in a pornographic video which her principal rented. In Tornado, Lolita and Tanqueray ask Beavis and Butthead to "be our last boyfriends on earth" before a tornado strikes, but they are blown away to the Land of Oz before anything happens.

This unnamed woman appears a number of times. She is usually sitting in a messy trailer with rollers in her hair, unshaven legs, circular bandages over the corns on her feet and often a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

She has an old husband who smokes and wears shorts his appearance could be considered a prototype for King of the Hill character Dale Gribbleand a sallow-looking son with a distinct Southern accent.

In Tired, she sits in front of her trailer in a lawn chair with her feet propped up on a cardboard box as Beavis rolls down a hill in a giant tire and Butt-head runs past chasing him. She threatens to shoot them if they ever step on her property again. In Radio Sweethearts, she is shown in the same lawn chair, listening to the radio when the boys guest DJ.

An early recurring character. An obese redneckBilly Bob is often shown wearing only a cowboy hat and briefs.

beavis and butthead meet south park

He appears fully clothed in Heroes as the owner of a skeet shooting establishment. He wears stereotypical redneck clothes such as a tight-fitting green T-shirt, white jeans and cowboy boots. He often smokes a cigar.

Beavis and Butthead meet Timmy from South Park!!!

An attractive yet gruff-looking female motorcycle rider who appears in Friday Night. She uses the boys as accessories to shoplift items at Maxi-Mart. The boys cooperate in hopes that they will "score" with her. Once the owner suspects, she escapes by throwing hot coffee in his face and taking the boys along for a ride on her chopper motorcycle before abandoning them to seek her own adventures. An elderly dominatrix who is featured in Door to Door.

When the boys ring her doorbell requesting charity money, she invites them in only to ambush them, chain them to the wall, and begin whipping and dominating them. She writes a letter to Mr. Van Driessen which he reads aloud to the whole class saying that he can send Beavis and Butt-head over to her place any time they need more donations. She appears twice in the spin-off comics, both owning a strip club and being headmistress of a private school, and also answering a letter's page; she didn't recognise the lads.

In the comics, her first name is spelled "Cora". A tall, physically imposing man with a receding hairline and mullet haircuthe experiences several weeks of prank calls after Beavis and Butt-head randomly select him out of a new phone book. The duo find his name amusing and they refer to him as "Hairy Sack [scrotum]".

The calls involve the flushing of a toilet and scatological noises Prank Call. Sachz eventually purchases a caller ID to track their phone number. He then calls them, telling them that they have won a free pizza and he offers to deliver it in order to find out where they live, but they could not remember their address.

When Sachz instructs them to read the address off their mail, Butt-head reads Stewart's address off some mail he and Beavis stole from the Stevensons' mailbox, and Stewart's father suffers the consequences. In Nothing Happening he is shot by police when they believe he is armed and his body is carried away on a stretcher.

In Butt Flambe a character with the same appearance, who has been shot three times, is sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. He is referred to as Mr. He later dies then Butt-head, pretending to be a doctor, takes the bullets removed from his body. In Doomsday an unnamed character of similar appearance returns home after an evacuation to find Beavis and Butt-head living in his house.

He attacks them for trespassing. An older man, presumably of post-retirement age, who lives with his wife Marcy near Beavis and Butt-Head in Highland. As mentioned in Screamers, Anderson's address is Woodrow Court. Anderson is very conservative and he frequently makes reference to his days in the military, usually in a futile attempt to teach Beavis and Butt-Head the ethics of hard work and discipline. He is primarily the target of pranksalthough occasionally Beavis and Butt-Head attempt to do Anderson a favor.

beavis and butthead meet south park

His voice is provided by Mike Judgewho says Anderson is based on every middle-aged authority figure he knew growing up in New Mexico. She appears in Beavis and Butt-head Do America, and she also has cameos in a few episodes.

She and Tom are shown holding hands walking past the church where a wedding is taking place in Here Comes the Bride's Butt. Their scheme goes awry when the cart gets caught on the trailer hitch and they are dragged behind the RV at high speed until the cart is flung off into a tree when the Andersons round a corner.

Her appearance could be considered a prototype for King of the Hill character Peggy Hill. Leader of the Positive Acting Teens see Classmates above and the father of one of their members. His most prominent appearances are in Patsies and Dumb Design. He also appears as a customer at Burger World who is left waiting at the counter while Butt-head tries to injure Beavis to get worker's compensation money Work Is Death.

A character of identical appearance and voice is also seen taking his young son trick-or-treating Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest. Voiced by Guy Maxtone-Graham, who was likely the namesake of the character. An alcoholic who addresses Mr. Buzzcut's class on the dangers of alcohol abuse Dumbasses Anonymous.

He tells the class that he lost his home, his family and his business due to his drinking. Steve's see White collar workers below support group for alcoholics.

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In Garage Band an unnamed character of identical appearance and voice is the manager of a motel looking for a lounge band. The two kick Van Driessen's garage door, then tell him that they need a garage to practice in.

Helpful as always, he tries to teach them a couple of chords and then leaves them to play on their own. Beavis plays one chord, yells "You're gonna die! Butt-head says "We're on our way! They tell the manager that they are a band. He hires them, and he tells them that Metallica which Beavis gives him as the name of their band "has a nice ring to it.

The sign outside advertises "Metallica, Featuring Beavis and Nut-head". Tom Anderson's next door neighbor, who is putting in a hedge as Tom is repaving his driveway Steamroller. Bill recommended that Anderson rent a steamroller from Morgan's to do his paving job.

Their destructive path takes them through several yards in the neighborhood, through the main entrance of the Botanical Gardens and through the hallways of Highland High, where they break through the wall of the faculty lounge. Anderson punches Bill in the resulting argument over paying for the damage. Not to be confused with Bill who runs the bar at the American Legion Hall see Local business figures below. Let me see your bag", "Here, take your wood and try using a different grip on the shaft".

Two attractive but rogue vixen-like teenage girls, one with long brunette hair and the other with short black hair, first seen at the metal concert Creatures of Rock sitting on their car in the parking lot in Take A Number.

They play a small integral role in the video game Virtual Stupidity. Though laid back and with affinity for the duo, they are also wily and tricky, having tied up and tricked the duo into getting locked in the trunk of Todd's new car and then running off, stealing Leroy's thugs' motorcycles for a thrill.

The duo's unnamed manager at Burger World, who they refer to as "that manager dude. In Work Is Death, he ends up getting seriously injured by their irresponsibility in their futile attempt to receive worker's compensation. In Bathroom Breakhe goes outside to urinate in the parking lot, where he is caught by the police and charged with public urination and indecent exposure.

This leads him to run from the cops, who follow close behind. The episode ends as the police call for backup and chase him, so it is unknown if he is caught and arrested. Despite his frustrations, he seems to be one of the few adults who appreciates Beavis and Butt-head, considering the fact that they have yet to be fired for their many antics. This working stiff wears a middle-part hairstyle and he is habitually annoyed by Beavis and Butt-head.

The duo often loiter in and around his convenience store while trying to pick up chicks. He occasionally exacts a small measure of revenge.

He sells Butt-head day-old insect-infested nachos in Beavis and Butt-head vs. One such attempt backfires when he calls the police to report a robbery in progress after Butt-head goes behind the counter and works the cash register while he is in the back office Another Friday Night. When the police arrive they mistake him for the robber, and he is beaten and then arrested.

He gives them the nachos to get them to go away. An unnamed character of similar appearance is a customer service representative at Home Labyrinth a parody of Home Depot who Tom Anderson asks for the location of Spanish tiles for his new pool cabana Pool Toys. His annoyed response "I told you two hours ago Anderson is shown roaming around the store after it closes, the elusive Spanish tiles on a shelf above him, grousing about "that damned hippie clerk" and his vehicle is towed away.

Voiced by Rottilio Michieli. A parody of Christian Televangelists and voiced to sound like H. He has a sock puppet named Socko, which he uses to try to teach evangelical lessons. He uses a similar sock puppet to talk to trick-or-treaters in Bungholio: He appears in four issues of the spinoff comic, in two cases having charitable events one done for press attention turn destructive after Beavis and Butt-head get involved.

A character of identical appearance is shown standing with a group of people in the mall when Japanese exchange student Hiro hocks a loogie that covers the entire group, then he retracts it Foreign Exchange. In Inventors the boys stop by his house in an attempt to sell him their new "invention", the Butt Scratcherwhich in reality is nothing more than a wire coathanger that Butt-head has bent into a hook.

He tells them, "Boys, that's just a wire hanger. You know it, I know it and the Lord knows it. He repeatedly chants "Whores! Both they and Cobb are shocked with a taser by a security guard for walking off the public sidewalk onto clinic property.

It is revealed in the book Ensucklopedia that he chose to open a hardware business because Jesus Christ was a carpenter.

A heavy-set old man who runs the bar at the American Legion hall that Tom Anderson frequents. They were both in the military. Although he never actually meets Beavis and Butt-head, he unwittingly contributes to their antics.

Bill is not to be confused with the similarly named Billy Bob. Voiced by Clu Gulager. The duo take crude, closeup photographs of their own body parts up their nostrils, down the front of their pants, etc. Joseph displays the photos as his own work in a photographic exhibition, winning critical acclaim from those who view them as a work of genius. He is also depicted as the photographer for class pictures for Highland High Tainted Meat and as an art instructor Figure Drawing.

From the episode of the same name, she is a fortune teller who speaks in a faux- East European accent. This film isn't just a stupid comedy. Let's go through everything that this film is: A stupid comedy Yes, it's stupid. It's a movie that does not try too hard to be funny.

Its humor is based off of the characters' preset personalities. Beavis is the stupider one, and Butthead is the less stupid one. Their only goals in life are to score, watch TV, and participate in various acts of violence and defiance.

In this film, TV is the starting factor, then their compulsion to score takes over. The whole film is nothing but stupid humor, and guys couldn't ask for much more seriously, if you are a dude and don't like this movie, there is something wrong with you.

The TV series was just them talking crap on music videos and episodes that are just about 5 minutes in length. How could this be a movie? That's what it was. The movie became great on the fact that it proved that even the shortest of TV shows had movie potential. At the same time, it showed that Beavis and Butthead were capable of having a larger scale. One of the greatest studies for amateur cartoonists. Seriously, could South Park have even been made without Beavis and Butthead?

That and The Simpsons, which also proved that amateur animation can make good TV. This movie came long before a Simpsons movie, and seems to be the first feature length movie I can find of this style