Betty and veronica meet the punisher war

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betty and veronica meet the punisher war

Betty and Veronica Meet the Punisher - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. exaclty what you think it is. The Punisher) has arranged a sleepover with Betty & Veronica and their girlfriends . 26S - Euro War Antiques. excerpted from the website blurb: Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher is a role -playing game where you take on the roles of teenage girls in Riverdale as you. I Love Ya But You're Strange - Archie Meets the Punisher! at the big Riverdale High dance, where Red has tricked Veronica into thinking he really clever bit where Lash contrasts Punisher's War Journal with Betty's Diary.

The most famous product of this promotion is likely The Avengerswhere Earth's Mightiest Heroes met David Letterman, who at that point had only been doing his old NBC show for a couple of years.

Part of Roger Stern's legendary run on the series, the issue saw Letterman get in on the superheroing, thwarting would-be villain Fabian Stankowicz by hitting him with an over-sized doorknob. So in case your friends don't believe you that Wonder Man and Paul Shaffer have ever been in the same comic book, dig this one out from your long box and prove them wrong. Marvel had a lot of licensed comic books in the '80s and '90s everything from Barbie to Madballs, so it sort of made sense from that perspective.

And the writer of this comic book? Powdered Toast Man has yet to show up and ask for a rematch.

betty and veronica meet the punisher war

The world's greatest superhero versus the world's greatest boxer, with the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance. Except, of course, by the time the book appeared it was delayed from to Ali was no longer the world heavyweight champion, having been defeated by Leon Spinks in February ' He'd later reclaim the title in September of that year, meaning that the DC title was published during an unfortunate six month window when it wasn't actually contemporary.

What makes Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali so unusual, however, is that it's just a great comic book despite the gimmick. Everything, from the ridiculousness of the plot really, the fate of the world hangs on the outcome of a boxing match? It's something that genuinely lives up to the idea of an event comic, even more than 30 years after the fact it was reprinted in hardcover format in As Ali tells Superman at the end of the story, they really are the greatest.

After Jon Belushi mistakenly receives a ring meant for the Silver Samurai SNL devotees will get the nodthe classic X-Men villain himself pops in to reclaim the relic. Interestingly, this issue is also a two-fer in the Unlikely Crossover department, as Stan Lee himself serves as the host of the episode of SNL. What made is so unlikely, and earned it the top spot on this list, is the story behind the crossover, and how long it took. As Archie arrives, the thugs mistake him for Red again and move in to kill him.

Punisher uses non-lethal methods to disarm and incapacitate them, but the real Red escapes with Veronica as a hostage. Red forces Veronica to call her father for ransom, but she takes the opportunity to use code words to let Archie know that she's being held in a specific warehouse.

Archie and his friends accompany Punisher to rescue her. At the warehouse, Punisher reveals to Red that the informant who called the cartel to the dance has agreed to testify and Red is no longer needed alive.

betty and veronica meet the punisher war

During the subsequent scuffle, Red accidentally triggers the automatic doors that open the warehouse roof and gets his foot tangled in a rope attached to a large parade balloon.

As the balloon floats away with Red attached, Punisher considers killing him, but does not. Before leaving Riverdale for Gotham City the next morning, Punisher and Microchip say goodbye to Archie and his friends. Critical reception[ edit ] Many people thought the crossover was a joke when it was first announced, but it was surprisingly successful. As late asyoung fans and fans new to comics would still ask Lash if the comic really existed.

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Inhe said it was a week, [8] but inhe said it was a month. I mean, who could possibly bridge this chasm? According to both of the publishers involved, enter Batton Lash: Batton Lash concocted a premise that would work for both universes, and the only caveat that any Punisher fan might have a quarrel with is the fact that Punisher is working with the feds in order to bring in our villain, and he has agreed to bring this quarry in alive. Being the gigantic Punisher fan I am, I understand their point.

Archie Meets the Punisher

While Punisher would greatly prefer to murder his adversaries, it is much more important for him to achieve his goals. This means making temporary alliances, such as the ones I named earlier or even the times he makes temporary alliances with criminals, such as in Punisher: Also, call Guinness and let them know I just set the record for more uses of mook in a paragraph.

Are these the first crosshairs in the history of Archie? Could it really end this quickly? In true Archie fashion, though, this instance leads him into a disagreement with Veronica!

What does Archie mean about his costume being ridiculous? So, in true Archie fashion, having already asked one of the ladies out, Archie goes with his second choice, Betty. I feel really badly for Betty here; who likes being second best?

Betty should play second fiddle to no one, and neither should anyone reading this. Learn from Betty, folks! Punisher in the meantime, heads for Riverdale, very unaware of it and very prepared for it to be a cesspool. Emily and I often watch this show, American Greed, on CNBC that focuses on how folks scam rich people, and we both find it shocking how easy rich folks get scammed. Like, it seems that the only thing required to scam a rich person is to know one and to then ask them for money.

Lodge have a crossover? I have seen Mr. Lodge do regular swimming in one of those old timey swimsuits that are always hilarious, but I bet he could swim though coins just like Uncle Scrooge.

They can have a coin swimming race.

betty and veronica meet the punisher war

Still, fun times are happening, at least until Punisher shows up and has the emo Punisher moment he always has that we all love him for. Well, Archie is about to have bigger troubles anyhow.

Or at the very least, the type of person Punisher likes to kill catch for the feds. It is the best creepy smile in the history of comics, and if you disagree, you can start your own blog and talk about it.

betty and veronica meet the punisher war

Man, Betty is awesome.