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cammie and zach meet fanfiction percy

Gallagher and Blackthorne meet Percy Jackson Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - [Cammie M., Zach G.] [Annabeth C., Percy J.]. Percy Jackson and the Olympians + Gallagher Girls Crossover. Follow/Fav . Weird. I looked at Zach who was staring at Cammie. He looked. Gallagher and Blackthorne meet Percy Jackson Cammie POV "Zach!" Grant urged from behind Percy. Zach shook his head and ran behind.

Now the magic boarders to camp are failing, monsters are attacking, Percy's mad at Cam, Grover's in trouble-Things are looking so good anymore. And then there's a quest. Sequel to The Lightning Thief.

Cammie Jackson's first year at Gallagher by djrocks reviews Cammie Jackson: Watch her as she goes through her first year at Gallagher Girls academy, learning how to be a class A spy, how to make new friends all on her own, and how to survive without her brother Percy.

This is a collection of One-shots following the Lightning Thief Rewrite. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Eyes Open by Id65 reviews Annabeth has been sent to The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young woman to help out the headmistress and go to a school she won't demolish-hopefully. Join me as two worlds collide, Secrets are unveiled, Tears fall, And Cammie finds a boy she didn't expect.

Rachel gives a prophecy that could reveal and unleash dangers that even our favourite spy-gods aren't ready for Demigods Storm Gallagher Academy by KarasunoCrows reviews The girls don't know what to think when eight of the most beautiful but confusing people they've ever met are admitted into the Academy.

Not to mention four of them are boys. When they start to realize that these mysterious new students are much more than they seem, can the demigods keep their godly secret?

cammie and zach meet fanfiction percy

Or will this all go down in flames? Her mom died in a car crash, she's never met her father, Hermes, and to top it all off she's blind. But Ella decided she wanted something more to her life; more than training at Camp and killing monsters. Full summary inside cause it won't let me put the whole summary.

cammie and zach meet fanfiction percy

Cameron, Bex, Macey and Liz are sent on a secret mission to pose as regular students and attend the new school to find exactly what they are doing with the girl's supposed new recruits.

We were walking back towards Montu and Cheatah Hunt and I needed some action or something. Solomon," I said, "can we have some fun? I looked at Annabeth. She laughed at the plan. This was all too easy. No one had been trailing us at all and we were almost to the rendevous point.

Percy was pretty good at this even though we hadn't been doing much. Then we both heard giggling. Percy looked at her weird as if he had seen her before but he didn't say anything. I knew that it was a 30 minute showed and we had thirty five minutes. If we went with these girls then the people tailing us we get confused or something.

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This could be great for our cover. Right after the took a picture of us. Goodness are girls always like this. For some reason she reminded me of Annabeth, but she couldn't be Annabeth. Annabeth had started at a school called the Gallagher Academy, and that was in Virginia not Florida. Plus, this girl had green eyes and her hair was tucked into the hat so that couldn't be Annabeth. We got seats pretty far in the back so we could see the stage pretty well.

It was really cold but the show was good I guess. If you like a bunch of ice skaters doing tricks on frozen water. After the show we waved goodbye to the girls and started walking towards the King Tut exhibit. We were nearly there when we realized that the girls were still following us. We were nearly late. We all got up except for Ally.

Wait Ally are you okay?

Forgive me - Breaking Dawn , Gallagher Girls

Ally shook her head and I saw a tear land on her leg. Oh my Gods she was! Stella tried to help her up but couldn't. Zach relunctantly helped Ally up and we walked them to the nearest bench. We smiled and ran toward the King Tut exhibit. We got inside just in time. There was a man there that I didn't recognize.

cammie and zach meet fanfiction percy

He was tall and had dark hair. Solomon said gesturing behind us. We both looked and out stepped Stella and Ally. He looked terribly confused. They just smiled at us. Ally and Stella took off their hats and took out the contacts that must have been in their eyes.

Wait, now Stella's eyes were hazel and Ally's eyes were silver! I stared at Ally. She was so hot. We turned back to look at the girls once more but they were gone. Dang Annabeth had gotten good. All the girls were smiling happily. We had all accomplished our mission and on the way back to the school, it didn't even drizzle. When we got out of the helicopter Cammie gasped. Macey, Liz, Bex, Cammie, and I all ran towards the door.

I followed them all the way to the headmistresses office. Morgan the headmistress said gesturing towards some seats. Because you might need some allies on a mission in the future. After she finishes, she glances around room, taking in all of the little details that have made the space their own after all these years.

Some dents on the floor, from when they examined Josh's garbage. A tiny camera from when they tried to spy on the Blackthorne boys. A grainy satellite image of Catherine Goode's ring. A beat-up diary containing all of her father's secrets. And finally, finally, a file from the CIA, the headline bold and brilliant: It's amazing, Cammie marvelled, that their room, in a way, had matured just as much as they had. Cammie nods, and the four of them begin their stroll, ducking into secret passageways and laughing as they remember all of their adventures.

The entryway where Zach and Cammie kissed, the secret room where they 'followed the pigeons', and countless corridors where whispered plans were made. They were giggling and racing and acting like little kids, but although the entire academy could hear them as it was getting rather latenot a single soul stopped them or even asked them to quiet down. For as of tomorrow, everyone knew that these four girls would never wander these halls ever again.

It's an average, everyday argument, aside from the fact that there's underlying tones of sadness that weren't there previously, as if they all knew this would probably be the last stupid disagreement they would have in this room. So the Chameleon merely observes, glancing from Bex's cream-coloured, strapless dress with its little metal studs lining the neckline to Macey's vibrant red high-low dress with the silk skirt to Liz's white lace gown with the pink stitching running up and down the bottom half.

They all look beautiful, she has to admit. Beautiful, but sad, kind of like one of those regal women in old paintings, where they gaze off into the distance as they wait for a husband who will never come. A woman kind of like her own mother. Someone knocks on the door just then, causing all four girls to jump up and grab gowns and graduation caps as well as the necessary lipstick taser. Bex is the first one to finish, as usual, and races to open the door. Four boys stand there, all looking awkward and strange and worried- your everyday prom picture.

That is, until Bex practically flings herself onto an unsuspecting Grant, who quickly recovers and returns the hug. Liz is next, doing an awkward handshake with Jonas, until Macey who is settled quite comfortably in Preston's arms by this pointlets out a loud sigh before pushing the two of them together.

That leaves Cammie and Zach. They stare at each other for a few moments, but it's not awkward at all, simply a way of expressing all of the words you cannot say into one simple glance.

Cammie takes Zach in- the button-down shirt and dress pants, the plain blue tie she knew was once his father's, the everlasting smirk on his face. Zach does likewise to her, his eyes flitting around her short royal blue dress Macey forced her into it has one strap, thank Godthe elegant hairdo Liz spent hours figuring out, and the nicotine patches she's just shoving into her purse Bex had insisted you could never be too sure.

Then, like the gentleman he is, he offers her his arm and she follows him down the sweeping staircase with the rest of the couples, all of which look like they're in Cloud Nine. The dining hall's been converted into an auditorium, with long rows of chairs all facing a central platform. Cammie knows how the ceremony goes, of course- she's sat through it several times, waiting for the day when it'll be her turn to step up onto the stage.

But know that that day's here, she would give anything to be a tiny seventh grader squeezed back into the front row.

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Zach gives her a chaste kiss before heading to the rows of chairs with the rest of the boys. It was a long debate, but in the end he had decided not to graduate with the Gallagher Girls, choosing to remain an enigma floating between schools, not that he would ever head back to Blackthorne.

Cammie sighs, closing her eyes as she takes her seat onstage. Her final moments as a student. The teachers speak, some of them crying, some of them trying to hide their sadness with jokes. Solomon, ever a mystery, stands at the podium with his arms folded, staring out at the room for what must be a good two minutes.

Cammie's mom steps up next, her eyes already glistening with tears.

You girls… you girls are amazing. The challenges you've overcome, the problems you've faced, and the fact that you've managed to remain sisters through and the entire time is astounding. I am so very proud of you all, as are all the rest of your teachers.