Chuck and blair meet the press

Gossip Girl: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair And Chuck’s Relationship

chuck and blair meet the press

The romance between Chuck and Blair seemingly came out of nowhere. . not just for the satisfaction but, occasionally, push the other to achieve more. The season 3 finale had the couple meeting at the top of the Empire. Blair and Chuck Nickname Chair First Met Before Pilot Started Dating However , Blair chooses to be with Chuck and attends Bart's press conference instead. (Season 1 episode 3) First time Chuck and Blair schemed together. Blair must decide whether to meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State.

I promise I'll keep my vow to marry Louis and never be with him again," Blair promises God in the hospital's church, right before the nurse comes in to tell her Chuck has woken up and is asking for her. Yes, that is why Blair won't be with Chuck: She thinks she's protecting him.

chuck and blair meet the press

So no, Blair is not having an affair with Dan, he's just been going to church with her to help her figure out her feelings. When Blair considers breaking off her engagement because she's still in love with Chuck, she looks out the window to see Chuck almost being hit by a cab.

Golden Globes Party Scoop: Still, all of this leads to the big scene between Chuck and Blair. First off, let's describe how sad it made us to see Chuck believe Blair was there because she wanted to be with him. Blair was just there to tell Chuck she's proud of the person he's become and hopes that her choosing to be with Louis doesn't change that. Understandably, Chuck wants an explanation and he deserves one.

He refuses to let this go and promises to use his power to find out what went wrong. We hope this doesn't ruin all of the progress Chuck made in the first half of the season, but Westwick did tell us Chuck "wants at any cost to find a way to be with her and that's what he's doing for the rest of the reason, is trying, trying and trying.

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Of course, when something's like that, sometimes you try bad methods, you try bad approaches. Safran explains that "we didn't want three months to pass by in our normal customary summer because we wanted Blair to not be that far along in her pregnancy so we could tell more stories without having her to have a baby bump.

Another reason for the time jump was to give Blair time to mourn the loss of her child offscreen. On Dan and Gossip Girl's turf!

chuck and blair meet the press

First, Serena comes to Dan's rescue when he's corned by Chuck and Louis about his "affair" with Blair. Unable to tell them the reason he's been hanging out with Blair, Serena steps in and says they've secretly been dating and Blair's been protecting them. To protect Chuck, Jack says the two should get married so Blair can have "spousal privilege.

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Chuck and Blair go to the movies. You said you never wanted us to be boring; we definitely aren't now," Blair says to Chuck, referencing his infamous season-two speech.

The pair bring their family and friends together for a quick service. Chuck brings back the pair's iconic "three words, eight letters," while Blair goes with, "One word, three letters: Alas, it ends a lot less dramatically than you'd expect: Bart's death is being ruled an accident.

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True love finally prevails! Vote for the best drama of ! So who was behind the site that spread nasty rumors and gossip and controlled our gang's lives for six years, leaving them forever nervous to check their phones every time they went off in fear that it was yet another Gossip Girl blast? Both characters usually stuck to their beliefs regardless of the negative consequences on themselves or others.

We see this deeply ingrained pride when Chuck came face-to-face with losing his fortune. She also told him she would use her soon-to-be fortunes from Waldorf Designs to support them both.

chuck and blair meet the press

However, Chuck immediately rejected her and her offer, basically choosing poverty over her support. If they had to use each other as potential collateral, they would do it.

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In an attempt to salvage her broken ego after being rejected by Yale, Blair tried to restore her former title as the queen of her peers. So, she utilized her best weapon to win the spot: She even expressed no remorse for using her own boyfriend for her manipulation. They constantly try to one-up each other not just for the satisfaction but, occasionally, push the other to achieve more.

Although they can seem quite shallow at times, they do try to be there for each other the best that they can. Uncle Jack will give Chuck the hotel if he can spend the night with Blair. Understandably, anyone else would quickly decline this type of deal. Although Blair believed she agreed on her own, Chuck actually sold her off to his uncle.

chuck and blair meet the press

And yet, each time, they seem to move past them and come together once again. So when faced with being implicated in a crime, the two find a way to, yet again, survive. Chuck watched as he struggled but did not offer to help him.

chuck and blair meet the press

What do they do?