Do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

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do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks. It is then decided that Kagome and InuYasha will travel together in search of the Kagome and InuYasha meet new friends along the way that join with them on. But it's Kagome who intrigues him. young leader of the demon wolf tribe, whose wolf minions were killed by Inuyasha. Do you have any images for this title?.

Damn That Wench is late does she do that on purpose to piss me up and going to take her. This should be very entertaining when they return. I hope she has a good reason for that well at least she will not be hurt or in danger I don't want to lose my Kagome What the But still I don't want here to leave me heu us.

do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

With this last tought he just of the well from her side and was about to open the well house door when he heard her voice she seem mad at something or someone. Inuyasha decide to not put oil on the fire No way this is to personnal for me and even more for him I don't think he will want to relive his love story with kikyo and broke his heart again, I will not do this neither will Inuyasha and even if I was to say yes our journey isn't over yet so why do you want to do this!

But Kagome the festival of legend is very important and why not tell one that you know by heart since you are in and Inuyasha! And Since your Kikyo reeincarnation you will play both you and her so it will be very realistic. Inuyasha decide to step in at this moment he had heard enough Kagome play Kikyo and him live what he have endure 50 years ago no way in hell this is going to happen. Are you mad old men, you don't know the half of what you plan on presenting.

I was there once and I don't want to be there twice, your are right kagome I do not want to do this not just because of me but also because of you, I may be a baka sometimes but I know that everything that touch Kikyo hurt you. You don't have to do this even if it's was just about us it hurt because of all our group members getting hurt by this evil bastard Naraku.

Well this is new, maybe he does care about my felling Don't worry I was'nt going to play in that act of him, beside we have jewel shards to collect is'nt why your here. And playing Kikyo give me the chill i don't hate her but this does'nt seem right.

Well I'm ready to go when you ar Kagome's mother interrupt her daugther before she finish and start to go, she did not like the idea of her father but she does have a idea that may help convince them so she came with this. The relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome grew stronger throughout the series.

Kagome eventually left her original time to live with Inuyasha as his wife and with her friends. Kagome began training under Kaede to take on the official role of a priestess and adapt to her new life in the past. Meeting new friends and enemies Kagome and Inuyasha later met a young orphan and fox demon named who lost his father by the Thunder Brothers and he express his desire for revenge and even tried stealing Shikon jewel shards from Kagome who begun to like him as a younger brother.

Followed bywhose grandfather and father had a cursed wind-tunnel in their right hands which he inherited, who met Kagome and Inuyasha when he attempted to steal the shards from Kagome. After she was forced to return to the modern era when Inuyasha took the Shikon Jewel to prevent Kagome from returning, she manages to return to the feudal era.

Later on they meetan incredibly skilled demon-slayer who was cruelly tricked by Naraku to believe that Inuyasha killed her family and friends. She returned to the feudal era and asked Inuyasha to hold her hand as they walk. Tsubaki has her shikigami, which takes the form of a serpent, bite Kagome, thus putting her under her spell.

Using Naraku's massive Shikon Jewel shard, Tsubaki was able to defile the shards that Kagome had, and forced the blackened shards into Kagome's body. After the jewel entered Kagome's body, she went into an almost comatose state, until Tsubaki awakened her and ordered her to kill Inuyasha, causing her to point an arrow at Inuyasha. Naraku delighted at the prospect of Inuyasha again being killed by the woman he loved.

Kagome was able to momentarily regain control of her body and begged Inuyasha to run, but he did not. They arrive and see that Sango and Miroku are there already, and they all confront Tsubaki.

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Tsubaki emerges from her hut and releases a demon to attack Inuyasha, she tells him that if he draws Tessaiga then she will kill Kagome, since the defiled Shikon Jewel shards were still in her body. The shards pulsate in Kagome's body and she is again put in a comatose-like state. However, this time Kagome is hurled into a strange dimension, one where she has never met Inuyasha.

Tsubaki again defiles the shards in Kagome's body further, and soon sends her serpent shikigami to kill Kagome. Tsubaki returns to the temple where she used to train with her former master, and meets andthe priestesses who currently live there. Tsubaki sends them off to fight Inuyasha and his group, while Tsubaki enters a forbidden temple where she absorbs an ogre that inhabits it, using the Shikon Jewel shard she still has. After Botan and Momiji fail to stop Inuyasha and the others, they quickly find Tsubaki again.

Tsubaki absorbs the ogre and her body transforms, giving her the appearance of an ogre.

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Inuyasha eventually destroys her with the. Naraku's Barrier Kagome, Inuyasha, and the crew soon sought ways to enhance the strength of the Tessaiga to allow them entry into Naraku's domain. They traveled to an island where Inuyasha battled a bat demon. In exchange for freeing her from the demon's control, offered the to Inuyasha.

Upon destroying it, his Tessaiga transformed to a red evolved version. He lowered his barrier and allowed his scent to escape to lure him in. At the same time, Inuyasha and his crew began tracking the scene to the castle as well.

As they drew close, Kagome began to sense a Jewel Shard fragment nearby. Inuyasha forged forward as the rest of the crew investigated the shard. Kagome warned the others she had a bad feeling about finding a Jewel Shard so close to Naraku's castle.

The crew reciprocated their trepidation. Kagome recalled that had a single Jewel Shard on him and wondered if they would find him. You can help by or contributing to the. Finding last shards This article or section is a. Kikyo's Death This article or section is a. Being part of the Shikon Jewel, he was afraid of Kagome's true power. In episode 16 of the final series, Kagome saves the Priestess Hitomiko's soul from Naraku and discovers her true power.

It's possible Kagome is the most powerful of her friends but she barely shows it and would rather be someone that anyone can count on and go to for problems.

Kagome, Kidnapped by the Wolf Demon Koga

In the modern day era, Kagome is on the list for high school and is taking a ton of exams in order to make it into high school. It was said by Kagome's grandfather that when the time comes, the correct wish must be made to the jewel in order for it to be destroyed. The jewel intended to use Kagome and Naraku just like it did Midoriko and Magatsuhi in order to maintain its existence.

After the jewel was destroyed with Kagome's wish for it to disappear, Kagome was forced to immediately return home to modern-day Tokyo. Three years later the well reopened for the last time and she returned to Inuyasha, marrying him and staying in the feudal era.

Even with this, she was not without her flawed, quirky side, which is typical of a girl her age. She was unforgiving of anyone who opposed her sense of justice, even when there was a large difference in power. A notable example of this was when she almost killed Naraku out of her disgust and fury towards his evil, manipulative nature.

Since then, she had wanted him destroyed as much as her companions. Without waiting for someone to help her, she jumps into situations that sometimes put her in danger.

do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

However, she never learns her lesson. Kagome's reckless courage is known to always be in full force. Because of her empathetic, gentle heart, Kagome never hesitated to help those in need of help. However perverse, of whatever race, tribe, or appearance they may be, she treated them all with warmth and respect.

do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

She was never afraid to voice her opinion on what's right and what's wrong, making her somewhat opinionated and stubborn.

Somewhere along the way, she broke the tension between herself and Inuyasha, who at the time was deeply wounded from the supposed betrayal he had suffered and trusted no one, being used to being alone.

do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

With her ability of making people feel accepted and at ease, she gained true friends. Kagome's talent of changing others who suffered misfortune is constantly shown, as she changed all of friends in some way: In the anime, Kagome is seen as a matchmaker of sorts and meddles in other people's situations if she wants Miroku and Sango's relationship in particular. In the Warring States Era infested with evil spirits, Kagome gradually became a sort of conduit between people and demons.

Inuyasha is poor at expressing himself without pride or gentle words, and Kagome with her perception of Inuyasha's true feelings, interpreting his words is one of her important roles.

Despite being exasperated with Inuyasha's rudeness and tactless words, she nevertheless learns to put up with it, especially when she learns of his more gentle side. Joy, sadness, welled-up rage Kagome's emotions are always rich and somewhat uncontrollable at times, strangely similar to Inuyasha's own lack of self-control.

Even if she doesn't say a word, Kagome's feelings are easy to read. Her honest, emotional expressions cause those around her to soften, even in tough situations, and they cause others to be honest as well. Kagome has a weakness for anything cute, whether a demon or otherwise, which has been shown in both the anime and manga. Kagome is usually seen as a calm, compassionate person, but has a hidden violent side to her when her short temper is brought into play.

Inuyasha is the cause of this usually, because of his blunt, ill-mannered, childish nature which she can almost never tolerate nor has the patience for. Despite her genuine love for him, Kagome uses Sit! She has been shown to apologize once or twice to Inuyasha, but never really seems to mean it, which causes him to be annoyed.

Her wild, turbulent and erratic emotions towards him can range from concern over him to relief at seeing Inuyasha safe to anger over his reckless behavior making her a hypocrite considering her own reckless courageand then burst out sobbing her mixed emotions. Kagome was often greatly disgusted towards her friend Miroku's lecherous ways, and never hesitated to criticize him over it, but over time, became resigned towards it, knowing he was never going to change.

She could be blunt and make a harsh point to someone, even to a friend. When Kagome is involved in battles, she used her knowledge to the fullest and analyzed the situation to the best of her ability, unlike that of Inuyasha who just recklessly jumps in without thinking. When she is backed into a corner, she figured out solutions and dared to execute it, often producing unexpected good results.

While she does not have particularly great cunning or intelligence like Miroku does, Kagome's words are somehow able to move others. She instilled confidence and unconscious obedience with her positive and cheerful character. Kagome has stated in Movie 3 that she hates to fight, but at the same time wouldn't leave Inuyasha to fight alone.

Kagome is clumsy in love. She is shown to almost never able to hide her feelings of love, even when she tries to. Her curious school friends always coerced her into reporting her love life, even against her protests. Even if she does not tell them anything, her friends can guess what is going on from her facial expressions.

Her classmates could easily see her love for Inuyasha, even when Kagome herself was not fully conscious of it.

Her relationship with Inuyasha is, at first, simply companions on a journey, and they constantly quarreled at the beginning, always arguing and bickering with each other. As she came to understand Inuyasha's reliable strength and surprisingly vulnerable side, small feelings of love towards him began to grow inside her which only grew stronger as time passed.

It was Kagome's first time ever falling in love but also the first time she had ever felt truly bitter over something. Her refusal to leave Inuyasha surprises her friends because of all the pain these situations cause her, but she is shown to love Inuyasha too much to be without him, despite the pain it often causes her.

When he was tired, she healed him, and when he is hurt she embraced him.

do kagome friends meet inuyasha and

Whatever the case she kept watch over Inuyasha and was always a source of comfort. She accepted all the worry and pain inside of herself, and gave him enormous love so that they could remain together, even as friends, yet always hold out on the hope that they can be more. She is the one the others turn to whenever they need emotional support or advice, and she is also the one everyone in the group quickest to defend or worry for.

Kagome is a rather attractive young woman, with a curvaceous figure and well-toned thighs, because of her beauty and attractiveness she is one of the main targets to Miroku's comical lecherous tendencies. She has somewhat pale skin, long wavy black hair with a noticeably grey outline which is sometimes portrayed as blue and big brown eyes blue in manga. Kagome usually is always seen wearing her green and white school uniform. Also known as sailor fuku, it is a common style of uniform worn by female middle school and high school students, and occasionally, elementary school students.

A red ribbon is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. On other occasions, Kagome is seen wearing other outfits that are a combination of different sweaters and skirts. This is the traditional miko outfit. This power and ability allows Kagome to purify anything she touches. In the first episode, Kagome projected a powerful burst of spiritual energy at Mistress Centipede.

During Final act she knew how to use the powers by putting her hands on what she was purifying, like a jewel shard for example. Kagome can pass through spiritual, shields, spells, and illusions, and can also sense evil demonic auras and be unaffected by them.

It is also revealed that her innate spiritual powers and abilities are to an enormously great extent, but have been sealed by Magatsuhi, the evil will of the Shikon Jewel. She can also create a lavender-colored dome out of her spiritual powers which protects her and easily destroys enemies nearby.

Sango tries to kiss Inuyasha

Note that Kagome's spiritual powers are pale glowing lilac in color though sometimes it is purplish-pink and pale blue on some occasions. This ability enables Kagome to sense the presence,and exact location of the Shikon Jewel shards wherever they may be. According to Princess Kaguya, Kagome has an unusually strong and powerful spiritual energy aura that does not go along the flow of time itself, making her invulnerable into any time-stopping spell.

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Her modern possessions, such as her first aid kit, also seem to possess that very same power and ability. This ability is only ever mentioned in. In episode 1, Kagome saw where the forest of Inuyasha was located because she saw a light shining in the sky. Kaede confirms that Kagome has this ability in episodes two and three. She can also see ghosts and spirits, and in episode 88, perceives divine auras as a shining, bright light. Telepathic Abilities between Incarnation and Reincarnation: Weapons Bow and Arrows - After learning from Inuyasha that she had been an archer in her previous life, Kagome decided to take the same path.

It was her own poorly aimed shot at a crow demon which shattered the Shikon Jewel in the first place, allowing the pieces to be acquired by Naraku. Ironically, Kagome's inaccuracy saves Inuyasha several times, such as when she is possessed by and later by. As time went by, however, Kagome's marksmanship gradually improved to the point that her arrow now rarely misses its mark.

Kagome can infuse her spiritual powers into her arrows. This allows the arrows to penetrate demonic forces and purify objects such as the Shikon Jewel itself.

When Kagome infuses her intensely strong spiritual powers into one of her arrows, she can purify even the strongest and most powerful demon-based attacks such as Kagura's air-based blasts as well as the Wind Scar itself. Kagome uses a basic short bow as a weapon. If she infuses her spiritual powers into the bow, she can deflect an enemy's attack. After receiving the sacred longbow from Mount Azusa, Kagome has the power and ability to strike evil spirits or the user's intended target bypassing others, if the opponent should happen to be using a hostage as a shield, the arrow will bypass the hostage and hit the enemy instead.