Emily and benji meet the spartans

AAU Indoor Nationals - Day 3 Results (Raw)

emily and benji meet the spartans

Licensed to M & D Timing - Contractor License HY-TEK's Meet .. Speed T Preliminaries 9 Harper, Daniene 9 Eyt Spartans 10 Wood, .. Elle 12 I5 Elite 21 Stewart, Emily 12 Ashburn Elit 22 Forte, Sanai Tiger Track Team @ 1) Covington, Benji 10 2) Sax, Brayton 10 3). Eleni Tongas posted the best finish for the Spartans by placing of the meter hurdles at the state track and field meet in La Crosse. Emily Breider was 10th in the in seconds, Claudia Lecher Crowder () was eliminated with a , loss to Benji Thiel () of Madison East. "For Sparta!" Fat Amy yells, as she starts Benji. "You, you dummy," Emily bops me on the nose. "I'm talking about you." My stomach "That's all I've ever wanted , too," I admit honestly, meeting her wide eyes. "A family and a.

Olympic College announced that it was adding sports in October, not taking them away. The Rangers will field men's and women's soccer and men's and women's golf for the school year.

Neil Megson, the former Sounder and Tacoma Star, was hired to coach the soccer teams, and Daryl Matheny, head pro at Gold Mountain Golf Complex, was the choice to head the golf program.

In another noteworthy move by the college, former North Mason and Olympic College basketball star Billy Landram, only 25, returned as the Rangers' head men's basketball coach. The Port Orchard native, team manager and driver for the Miss Budweiser team, remained the king of the unlimited hydroplane world. Despite the loss of legendary owner Bernie Little and attempts to even the playing field, Villwock delivered a seventh consecutive championship for the team since he joined the organization in An emotional Villwock dedicated his seventh win at the General Motors Cup in Seattle to his ailing mother, who passed away later in the year.

King's West girls basketball coach Kelly Kolb, after leading the Warriors to the state B tournament, was later charged with child rape of one of his players and fired.

emily and benji meet the spartans

Kolb was sentenced to 28 months in jail. North Kitsap's year-old football coach Jerry Parrish become the 15th coach in Washington state history to reach the win plateau as coach with a victory over Olympic on Sept. Parrish used a crutch on the sidelines to help alleviate pain from a sciatica nerve problem that caused him to miss practices earlier in the week. West Sound had some memorable performances at the state track and field championships, held in Pasco over the Memorial Day weekend.

emily and benji meet the spartans

Combined with his second-place effort in the meters, Nelson, now preparing for his first indoor collegiate season at Washington State, single-handedly led Olympic to a fourth-place finish in the team standings. Junior Matt Wauters won the shot put and discus for Bainbridge, which placed third in the boys 3A meet.

emily and benji meet the spartans

And the gutty Freeman anchored the boys' 1, relay to a an emotional second-place finish. Emotional because Eddie Pasquale, whose femur exploded during the district meet the week before, was there in a wheelchair, watching his teammates from a roped off area at the top of Edgar Brown Stadium. Tara and younger sister Dana found themselves Wilson, baseball, 4 p. Junior Matt Wauters wins both the shot put and discus.

UW-bound Tim Freeman wins the and Bainbridge also wins the 4x Nelson anchors the winning 4x relay team. Open, tying for ninth in an team field at sectional qualifier in Auburn. The first award goes to SK's Adam Siler. The showcase matches the all-star baseball game that has been held for decades.


The Vikings prevail in the battle of Agate Pass. He takes over a program that won three state titles and games under Elton Goodwin. Godfrey wins the Narrows League cross country race and his sister, Samantha, finishes fourth in the girls race.

SK's boys win the team title; SK's girls are second. SK's Samantha Godfrey is fifth as the Wolves girls qualify for state for a 15th straight year. Godfrey is third in the boys race. It's the fourth straight year she won both events, a first in state history. This time, it's Open Swimming Championships in Federal Way. Open and qualifies for the Olympic Trials. Everyone stumbles out of the tent to stand in front of Aubrey, who looks way too put together for 6 am.

Aubrey tilts her head to the side. You're an essential part of the group spirit, kind of like a mascot," she quirks an eyebrow when I huff in annoyance. I'm kinda flattered that Aubrey compared me to Beca, but I'm also pretty sure that she said it just to get a rise out of the DJ. Amy raises her hand, but CR nudges her in the ribs, and she quickly pulls it back down.

emily and benji meet the spartans

Who knows what that question would have caused. The Bellas are not very good at team building activities, I come to learn. So far, we've had to balance on a log and arrange ourselves height wise, with me unsurprisingly on the end with Beca and Flo.

Then, we had to pull each other up onto a log that was at least six feet in the air. I had slipped, but luckily Stacie had been there to catch me, still giving me a warning look that had to do with last nights events. After that, the group had to lift each member through a web of ropes, where Lilly had gotten stuck and Amy had proclaimed her asian Jesus. I'm not sure why no one found this as hilarious as I did. Bree wouldn't let us do anything that was dangerous. I clamp my eyes shut as I scream the entire way down.

If anyone ever asks though, I'll say that I jumped like a champ.


My descent is stopped when my body makes contact with the blow up landing pad, the fabric surrounding me on all sides as my body sinks into it. Emily shrieks as she is simultaneously launched in the air, and into the water with a splash. Before I have time to think, I hear a familiar scream and Beca's voice. I scramble over the float as fast as I can before I become a Grace pancake. I make it about a third of the way, before I'm thrown into the air when Amy hits the other side.

For a moment, I feel like I'm flying, before I start to fall, limbs flailing in every direction. The water is cold when I crash through it, and Emily swims over to me since I'm too shocked to move. Normally, I'd have already been as red as a tomato, but the mix of adrenaline and shock seems to have affected my brain, so all that comes out is a bunch of nonsensical sounds.

When we get to the wooden strip Aubrey is standing on, she holds her hand out to me, and Emily pushes me up so that I can reach it.