Emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

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emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

Rosalie ran her own hands across his naked chest toward his broad shoulders and, as she leaned down to kiss him, she felt Emmett raise his. What if when Bella and Edward first met they where both vampires? I was changed into a vampire fifty years ago by a vampire named Victoria, who " Emmett, come on, do we really have to move to move to Forks? Then he changed Rosalie, she was suppose to be my mate but I've never loved her. Join The Army, Visit exotic places, meet strange people, and then kill them. .. Favs: 50 - Follows: 11 - Published: Jan 29, - Rosalie, Emmett - Complete.

I hope you two can catch up", Richard says "Thank you", I say "Thank you too it is good to get together with one of my grandfather's friends", Carlisle says playing along "Take care of her she is a treasure", Richard says "You're such a flatter Richard", I say to him "I try have a nice night", he says as Carlisle and I leave Carlisle helps me into his car and soon we are speeding off.

You know we never really change" "I do", I say smiling Soon we arrive at the house and Carlisle helps me out of the car. It is really good to see her. I have bought a guest", he says helping me to the couch "You haven't changed at all Esme", I say to her smiling "Do I know you? Carlisle you better call the rest of your family. I don't want to have to go through this many times", I say to him "Everyone come downstairs I have bought a guest", Carlisle says calling his family They are all quickly down here in seconds.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

They all haven't changed at all. There is one new member with them and I assume she is Edward's mate. You felt everyone's bloodlust on top of your own", I say, "Come and give me a hug.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

I have missed you too" Jasper smiles and comes and gives me a gentle hug. I have missed you too", he says letting me go "Bella can you ever forgive me for how I acted towards you?

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You were only protecting your family", I say to her Rosalie comes and gives me and hug. I have missed you too", I say to him smiling "I have missed you too and thanks for pushing me in the right direction", Edward says hugging me "Are you going to introduce me to your mate?

I have heard a lot about you", Eliza says smiling "It's a pleasure to meet you too Eliza", I say, "Why don't you all sit down and you can ask me questions if I can ask you questions" "Of course.

It is only fair", Carlisle says as everyone sits down "How old are you now Bella? It was his time to go. I will see him again", I say "How long were you together before you got married?

From a heartattack", I reply "Did he give you away before he died?

He died when I was on my honeymoon", I reply "Did you have any kids? I still consider you my brothers and Alice, Rose and now Eliza my sisters. We consider you are daughter too", Carlisle says "Who was next? You shouldn't have been through that", Esme says hugging me tightly "Thanks mun", I say "Do they have children?

I am a grandma and a great grandma", I say "How many grandchildren do you have? And asked us to be her friends", Alice says bouncing up and down "She is a friendly child.

She was very glad to make friends with you", I say "Does your family know about us? I do tell them stories of my younger days but I leave your names out of it", I reply "Thank you Bella", Carlisle says "It is nothing.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

I promised you I would keep it a secret and I did", I reply "What else have you done? I have also toured the United States", I reply "Wow you have travelled everywhere", Edward says "Jack and I made it a tradition to go somewhere every year", I reply, "For our 50th wedding anniversary the kids shouted us a trip to Paris. There Jack asked me to marry him again" "That is so romantic. You were lucky to have him", Alice says "I was. I was very lucky to have him", I reply smiling "What did he look like?

So you could see for yourselves", I say pulling out the photo album and handing it to them "Wow he was handsome", Rose says looking at the picture at us "Look at your wedding dress it is gorgeous", Alice says squealing "Thanks", I say "Who was your maid of honour?

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

I answer them all. I will be forever grateful", Eliza says "He deserved a chance to be happy like I was", I reply smiling, "How many times have you been to school in the last 80 years?

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

That's a great idea", Alice says bouncing up and down I look at the clock and see that it is late. I know I must get going. I am glad we could catch up", I say "I will give you a lift home", Edward says getting up "Thanks Edward", I say as he helps me up, "Have a good night everyone and I will hope to see you all soon" Once I am home I think about today's events.

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The Cullen's are back and I am happy about it. I would like them to meet my children.

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Maybe I can invite my family home for Christmas then invite the Cullen's to the party. Emmett and Jasper had a lot of classes together and I only had lunch and gym with them. This should be entertaining, I thought. I ended up getting through the day, I have know idea how. You know how hard it is to get through a day with everyone starring at you?

Not easy I'll tell you that! I got to lunch and me Emmett and Jasper got our food and sat at a table. Jasper and me laughed, "I have know idea Em," I said. We froze and looked at him then sniffed the air and I smelt it we starred looking around trying to find them.

Then Emmett and Jasper looked behind me. I looked and I was met with two things: A couple years later he changed his wife, Esme, into a vampire. Then he changed Rosalie, she was suppose to be my mate but I've never loved her anymore then a sister, then Alice came to us. Edward, Alice, Emmett are brothers and sisters. In this story it will be original pairings. Bella, Jasper and Rosalie leave to live with Charlie but even before they get there trouble happens Twilight - Rated: Eclipse reviews Bella recently moved to attend Stephenie Meyer University, Edward is a major player.

Can she influence him or is it him who influences her? Discover love, friendship and life. I know cliche but please give it a go. Edward is a rich bad boy who just moved into town. What will happen when Edward meets the popular, rich and gorgeous Bella Swan?

All human, All characters and bonus's Twilight - Rated: T - English - Chapters: When Bella decides to change her look and attitude will Edward fall for her or will she be one of week long relationships. Rated T-just in case. Edward, Emmett and Jasper show up and turn out to be princes of england