Hope and liam first meet

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hope and liam first meet

One of Liam's first steps will be to propose to his first love Hope That let Steffy meet Liam at the mountaintop and marry him, thwarting Hope. After Steffy learned that Liam had shared a kiss with Sally, she walked After Hope returned, Bill pushed Liam towards him by convincing his. Liam and Hope tied the knot, Katie sued Bill for custody, and more in these The Hope was beaming when she walked down the aisle to meet her groom. Later, Hope readied herself for her first ultrasound appointment.

Hope secretly expresses her happiness about the situation to her mother and aunt, saying it gives she and Liam another chance if the loss tears Liam's marriage to Steffy apart. After Steffy learns of her infertility, she tells Hope she is leaving for good and that Liam is now Hope's, not telling Hope or Liam the real issue.

She and Liam go to Bear Cabin together to talk.

Liam Spencer

While on a walk, she sees a naked stranger taking a shower. She takes a photo of him, only for him to turn around and see her.

She runs away and he chases her. She then falls over and is knocked unconscious. The stranger then carries her to safety and when she wakes up he kisses her. The mysterious stranger turns out to be Wyatt Fuller. After doing some digging, she learns he is the son of Bill Spencer, Jr. Wyatt and Hope get closer after Liam flies to Steffy, asking Steffy to take him back and restore the marriage.

Steffy rejects him and Liam comes home and proposes to Hope, who accepts. Wyatt moves in with Liam, but when Liam catches him kissing Hope, he punches Wyatt, and after a fight between Bill and Wyatt, he moves out, but Hope later selects Quinn and Wyatt's jewelery business to accompany 'Hope for the Future'. When Liam finds out, he convinces Hope to try and break the contract. Hope asks Eric to do so but he doesn't agree, knowing that it is a personal reason for wanting to end the contract.

So the contract stands, much to Liam's dismay, and the two fly to Mexico to get the Hope Diamond for the line, which makes problems for Liam. Hope and Liam get engaged, but when Hope receives a tribute video Liam made for Steffy, it creates tension between them. Liam, thinking it was Wyatt that sent the video, later finds out it was actually Quinn, and Liam quickly informs Hope. Confronting them both, Hope finds out that Quinn did send the video, but Wyatt had no idea of it until the Hope Diamond reveal.

Hope forgives them both. She later ends her engagement to Liam when she is feeling insecure about Liam's connection to Steffy. They soon reconcile, but Hope wants to wait before they get married.

Aly Forrester, who has a crush on Liam, sends him a picture of Wyatt and Hope kissing at a photoshoot. Liam decides to confront Hope about her refusal to marry, demands that they do so and that she cut all professional and personal ties with Wyatt and Quinn Artisan Jewelers.

Hope chooses Liam over Wyatt and Eric reluctantly agrees to break the contract. Wyatt tries desperately to change Hope's mind but she won't, confessing to her mother that if they had met before Liam, then they would have had a chance. On the day of the wedding, Hope gets a note to go see Liam, but she finds him with Steffy at the cabin.

Knowing that Steffy is back from Paris, and guessing she would be back to fight for Liam, Hope rehires Quinn, and she and Wyatt go to Hawaii together.

hope and liam first meet

Liam follows soon after to explain to Hope that Steffy had informed him that she is now able to conceive again, and that it was Quinn who once again interfered with their relationship. He then asks her to marry him immediately. Hope declines and ends her relationship with him, finally choosing Wyatt over Liam. Their happiness is short-lived when it is revealed by Liam that Wyatt took the Hope diamond as a P.

R stunt, before the real jewel thieves had intentions to steal it. It almost ends their relationship completely, but Hope decides to give Wyatt another chance, much to Liam's dismay. Hope then endures a pregnancy scare, and with Liam's persuasion, she dates both brothers, agreeing that she will choose who she wants to spend the rest of her life with at the end of it. After finding out about Quinn's involvement in Ridge's disappearance and feared death, Hope chooses Liam and they become engaged.

Quinn becomes outraged when Hope ends things with Wyatt, and threatens both Liam and Hope's lives. Wyatt declares his support for Liam and Hope's relationship. He gifts it to Hope, which causes friction between Liam and Hope, and the two brothers. When Liam demands Hope give it back to Wyatt, Hope refuses, and publicly declares at a press conference that she is keeping the diamond.

hope and liam first meet

Wyatt and Rick decide to take Hope and the diamond on a promotion tour, starting with a photo shoot in Paris. Hope asks Liam to come with her, or meet her there to marry her. But Liam, still angry, does not know if he will go. Hope tells him to meet her at 3pm the next day after the photo shoot if he wants to continue their relationship.

Wyatt begs Hope not to marry Liam, though she insists that she and Liam belong together.

hope and liam first meet

Liam misses his deadline with Hope, who then leaves with Wyatt on the Spencer jet. Wyatt takes her to Bill's yacht in Monte Carlowhere he insists that Liam wasted all of his chances with Hope, but that he will always be there for her. She realizes Wyatt is the man she had wanted the whole time, and that a life with Liam was just a fantasy for her. Although Liam revealed that he was indeed at Paris at the time she left, she remained positive on making her commitment to Wyatt.

However, about a month later, Hope gets an urgent call from Liam. She finds out that Quinn orchestrated her and Wyatt's marriage by pushing Ivy off the Seine causing Liam to miss his chance to be with Hope. After confronting Quinn for her role and Wyatt for defending his mother, though she also feel sympathy for him, she was determined to leave Wyatt to be with Liam again until she announced that she is pregnant with Wyatt's child. She explains that she doesn't want her child to grow up with multiple fathers and have a complicated relationship like she did.

She ended things with Liam for good and wants to rekindle her marriage to Wyatt now with the baby on the way. This is all changed when she suffers a miscarriage, and tells Liam that she will always love him. Hope visits Brooke in Milan, Italy, and does not return to L. InBrooke attempts to stop Deacon's wedding to Quinn by getting Hope to talk to him via a video message on her tablet.

Hope tells Deacon that Quinn is evil, but he marries her anyway. In earlyLiam is kidnapped by Quinn, and Steffy calls Hope, thinking that she may have information on Liam's whereabouts. She tells Steffy that she hasn't heard from Liam. She makes her intentions known of returning to Forrester and potentially relaunching the Hope for the Future line.

Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester

Bill manipulates Liam to believe that Bill and Steffy are involved; Liam leaves Steffy and their daughter, Kelly, and proposes to Hope. The two almost marry, until Wyatt reveals that Bill set up the whole thing. Liam and Steffy give it another go, but Hope soon discovers she's pregnant, from the one night she and Liam spent together before their aborted wedding.

Steffy catches Liam and Hope making out behind the scenes of the Hope for the Future fashion show and she breaks up with him; Steffy steps back and "gives" Hope to Liam. Retrieved November 5, Kim Matula's Official Instagram. Retrieved November 6, Retrieved November 24, Retrieved December 5, Retrieved March 2, Retrieved February 26, Odyssey Magazine Publishing Group Inc.

Retrieved November 22, Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved November 30, The Bold and The Beautiful. Hope and Liam begin dating. Amber Moore Adrienne Frantz convinces Liam that they had sex and she is carrying his child.

It soon emerges that Amber's mother, Tawny Andrea Evansfaked the paternity test results. Liam saves Steffy from drowning and they share a kiss. However, Liam does not reciprocate Steffy's feelings fully and he proposes to Hope.

hope and liam first meet

Hope asks Liam to wait before they are married to consummate their relationship because of her clothing line. During this time Liam and Steffy become friends and Liam develops feelings for her. Hope catches them kissing and ends the engagement. He realizes that Steffy knew they were there and did not tell him. After catching up to them, Liam kisses Hope.

They then find Steffy unconscious, having crashed her own ATV. Liam initially decides to stand by Steffy when he learns she has a blood clot in her brain, but he reunites with Hope after learning Bill switched Steffy's MRI results. Liam ends his marriage to Steffy, but she refuses to sign the annulment papers. While Liam, Hope and Steffy are skiing in Aspen, Hope, who is under the influence of anti-anxiety medication, collides with Steffy.

hope and liam first meet

She apologises and continues down the mountain even though Steffy is injured. Liam finds Steffy and goes with her to the hospital. Liam confronts Hope about the collision. He becomes concerned about Hope, but she tells Liam to go back to Steffy at the hospital.

Steffy gives Liam the signed annulment papers, but Liam rips them up and they kiss. Bill urges Liam to break up with Hope. Brooke learns Liam ripped up the papers, but he asks her to keep it to herself. Liam and Hope go to Italy to marry, but Hope is late to the ceremony, causing Liam to think that she has walked out on him.

They later learn that their marriage is not valid in the United States. When Hope discovers Liam kissed Steffy on their wedding day, she refuses to have their marriage validated and insists on a second wedding. She ends their relationship when Liam arrives to the ceremony drunk on the back of Steffy's motorcycle.

Liam and Steffy get back together, and she becomes pregnant. Steffy suffers a miscarriage after an accident while riding her motorcycle and moves to Paris. Liam resumes his romance with Hope. Liam tells Hope the truth, but she stays with Wyatt. Liam discovers Wyatt was behind a diamond heist at HFTF, and exposes him, but Wyatt is given another chance since the heist gave Forrester more publicity.

Liam tells Hope to date both him and Wyatt, and then choose between them. When Hope learns that Quinn was partially responsible for Ridge's disappearance, she breaks up with Wyatt and accepts Liam's proposal. Quinn tries to harm Liam and Wyatt helps save him. Their relationship improves, and Liam and Hope give Wyatt his job back.

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Liam befriends the newly arrived Ivy Forrester Ashleigh Brewer. Liam asks Hope to return the diamond, but when Wyatt sets up a press conference and publicly gifts the diamond to Hope, she accepts it. Wyatt and Rick take the diamond on a promotion tour, starting in Paris. Hope invites Liam to meet her there and marry her. When Ivy falls into the Seine, Liam jumps in to save her and misses his meeting with Hope.