Kanan and ezra meet ahsoka anakin

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kanan and ezra meet ahsoka anakin

Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka return to the Jedi Temple on Lothal, seeking to learn how the While en route to the Ghost, Kanan asks Captain Hera Syndulla to meet them Ahsoka and Ezra watch a holographic recording of Anakin Skywalker. In advance of their meeting this week on Star Wars Rebels, revisit some key Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka will visit Malachor, and there, Ezra will. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the fall of the Republic, Ahsoka Tano, still coming to terms with the true fate of her former master, . " Kanan. Ezra," she said, hesitating. "I'd like you to meet my master.

At least now they knew the proximity alarms were working. It was a trick, some Imperial trap, some kind of Sith magic. Vader had found them after all — She stepped closer despite herself, past the barrier that kept the spiders out, lightsabers drawn and activated, not daring to hope.

Because while the airspeeder was a ruin, the nose smashed beyond repair, smoke rising from it and trailing desolately into the still desert air, the man inside, blue eyes blinking up at her blearily, was both intact and unmistakeable.

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This wasn't possible, it wasn't right. Reached out tentatively with the Force.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka anakin

It felt — wrong. Well, it had felt wrong for decades now, choked in darkness, mired in cold, but this was something different, something new.

She felt with an unsettling certainty that what was happening was not supposed to. He clambered unsteadily out of the speeder, dark robes a stain against the mild tones of the plateau, looking to her in confusion. The blare of the base's alarms in the distance.

The Force grew sharp and panicked as he reached out, searching. I was — what's — " The blood drained from his face. His gloved hand reached behind him, steading himself. And why are you —" He looked to her, eyes desperate, narrowed in suspicion. He didn't look great, Ahsoka thought to herself. Cheeks too sharp, the bags underneath his eyes cavernous.

kanan and ezra meet ahsoka anakin

The Force was drawn oddly around him, confusion draped like a blanket, something sharp and cold and hopeless lurking at the edges. But it was unmistakeably him. Not a trick, or a trap, or some kind of twisted mind game. He hadn't looked nearly this ragged the last time she'd seen him, the last but not final, something whispered, no matter what you'd still like to believe, what you can no longer deny time they'd met.

He was — different. Wherever the Force had dragged him to her from, it was clearly perilously close to the fall of the Republic. To the fall of — "Ahsoka, what's —" She closed her eyes, deactivating her saber even as he drew his own.

She heard him draw a shaky breath, felt the Force darken with something beyond panic. A shiver rolled up her spine. He emerged, jabbing fruitlessly at his commlink. That, at least, she knew how to deal with. He looked up, indignant. They've located Grievous on Utapau, it could turn the tide of the war — " "It won't," she told him sharply, becoming aware of Ezra and Kanan headed towards them, the base's alarms still blaring. I'm not sure how you got here, or why, but this isn't your time, Master.

You know I'm not lying. The hand at his side flexed uncertainly. She felt the Force ripple as he prodded carefully, gently, like one might explore the contours of a loved one's face, seeking familiarity. Subtle was good, she found herself thinking. Her master's presence within the Force was unmistakeable, like a bright sun, loud and cold and irrepressible. If she could feel it, others would be able to as well.

That, combined with the disruption in the Force from where he had landed, like a tear in the fabric of the universe, a seeping wound — If it caught the attention of the wrong people, they'd be — what had her master sometimes said? Knee-deep in bantha shit, she thought darkly, remembering. I trust you, Ahsoka. Even though at one point you must have stopped. Looked at her, eyes dark. A muscle in his jaw jumped as he looked at her and finally saw her and all her years and she could practically feel the conflict, the muddied confusion — But he hadn't lied.

He did still trust her. For now, she thought with a hint of bitter amusement. A pause, as she clipped the lightsaber to her belt. He gazed at her, almost eye to eye. She was older than him — this him, at least — by more than a decade. Some part of her, the part that was still his padawan, that hadn't done all she'd done and didn't know all she knew, wanted nothing more than to tackle him in a hug and never let him out of her sight. The rest of her could barely stand to look at him.

Or am I allowed to ask that? His fear buzzed between her montrails like it hadn't since the days of her apprenticeship. He'd been better at hiding it, back then. Kanan and Ezra emerged from the mouth of the base as they approached, Ezra bounding in front of his teacher, only Kanan's hand reaching to pull him back, coaching patience.

What's — " "Kanan. Ezra," she said, hesitating. Master, this is Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger. She felt, more than saw, him glance at her out of the corner of her eye, puzzled as Kanan bowed back reflexively, stiffly, startled, more than a decade out of practice. Ezra's jaw went almost comically slack, slamming shut as Kanan's arm came up to force his head down alongside his own.

His neck bobbed back up too quickly, evading Kanan's grasp. But — but you said — " "The Force works in mysterious ways," she interrupted, parroting a platitude that had been the unsatisfactory reply to a countless number of her questions as a padawan and a youngling. The Force has — brought him to us. In a way that no one else might have even noticed.

They saw him larger than life, a great warrior, a hero. And to her he was all of those things, but he was also teacher, traitor, friend. A wonderful mentor, an inelegant conversationalist, a terrible cook.

She resisted the urge to close her eyes, swallowing. She was being thrown off centre, out of balance. They couldn't know why — none of them. By the powerful but incomplete sense of Kanan and Ezra in the Force.

They felt like something new, Ahsoka remembered from encountering them the first time. Something a little bit strange. To Anakin, she said, "I promised you some answers.

But — if he's from out of time, then won't knowledge of the future — change the past? The cargo hold of the Ghost wasn't the most ambient of places to reveal the apparent existence of time travel to the rest of the crew, but Ahsoka had long ago learned to take what she could get, when she could get it.

She'd managed to hold off the rest of the rebellion's high command for now, gotten them to turn off the proximity alarms and they were going to have to run some more drills, if that lack of immediate response was the norm right nowbut had come to the quick conclusion that the best way to hold off inquiries into the appearance of her master, for now, was simply to limit exposure.

Come to the wrong conclusions. A few others, maybe. But she could already see the hopeful glint in Kanan's eye, the hero worship Ezra was happily engaging in. Even Hera seemed cautiously optimistic about the situation. They didn't understand, she thought, that his presence here was only worth something if they could find a way to send him back.

Send him back and prevent everything from happening in the first place. He wouldn't help them win this war. Some terrible nights she laid awake wondering hollowly if he was partly the cause of it. But he could help them prevent it. Even with all the gaps in her knowledge, she was certain of that much.

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She just — wasn't sure how to tell him. If she even should attempt to tell him. Maybe even a vague understanding of the future in store for the galaxy would be enough to push him onto a different path. A cryptic warning, right before they sent him back? It would be in the grand tradition of the Jedi, she thought bitterly, though not without a hint of grim amusement.

Telling him outright was out of the question, not least because she didn't have the whole story. Painfully, cautiously hopeful, Ahsoka noted with an internal grimace. But her words had the opposite effect on her former master. He turned to her, hesitantly. Wondering how much he was allowed to ask. How much she would be willing to answer.

She wasn't sure of that herself. Do — do the Separatists win? They were branded traitors to the Republic and hunted down. But — " "The Republic fell not long after that," Kanan continued, eyes shadowed.

How could this have happened? We were — we were winning. And the Jedi — public approval ratings — " "Were already in the garbage compactor," Ahsoka interrupted.

I'm not sure exactly what happened that night, but according to official records there was an attempted coup against Chancellor Palpatine by the Jedi. He used it as reasoning for the purge, and for his assuming of emergency powers.

It fell to the Chancellor. He declared himself Emperor that night. You're telling me that the Jedi betrayed the Republic? Black and white, that was the only way he had ever been able to look at things.

No room for grey, no room for anything that wasn't absolute. They didn't betray the Republic, she wanted to say. To figure out the best way to do it. There was a pause as he gathered his thoughts, the Force dimming. His jaw clenched as something seemed to finally occur to him. Hold it together, Tano. I always — I've thought so, for many years. The truth, after all — something twisted in her stomach, this line of thought always reminding her, unaccountably, of Obi-Wan — was a matter of perspective.

Her voice didn't shake at all. He didn't notice, accepted this fact with a worried frown, a shake of the head, more concerned with — "And Obi-Wan? Felt her heart sink. The fate of the galaxy would always come second to the people Anakin Skywalker cared about.

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He left a message, at the Temple. When everything — happened. Her eyes flicked sideways, and she inclined her head in subtle agreement. She was certain that her master had come to them to learn the truth, was set against outright hiding what had happened from him, for more than one reason — but she wasn't sure how much to reveal, how much to let slip yet. If it was fair to speculate when she herself didn't know the whole story.

When this Anakin Skywalker was still, for all intents and purposes, living it. They were going about this clumsily. She was letting her emotions get the better of her. But she'd promised to explain.

Ahsoka Tano

V — the Empire — wouldn't have allowed him to survive. He looked to her reluctantly, already heartbroken, though she couldn't quite bring herself to meet his gaze. The character of Star Wars Rebels and an OC character of money are created, owned by someone else as this is just for fan fiction purposes only. This is set during the Episode Rebels, A world between world's and it's a one-shot story.

It is like a world between world's, it was black everywhere with stars and roads leading to doors. He heard voices, many voices echoing everywhere. Some he recognized and many he did not. He came here to find out what the Empire wanted with this place. Calling out if anyone is here, but no one seems be here and now is alone. He sees a bird, the same bird he saw on Malacore a couple of years ago, but why would it be here. So many questions and so little answers. Extra was not going to stop now and followed the bird, then he bumped into something or some one.

He was knocked down for a moment, but a hand reached to him to give Ezra a helping hand. Blinking the person appears to be cloaked. Then the mystery figure helped him up, Ezra wondered could it be Kanan. Bridger, I am not your master. His left eye is yellow and his right eye is blue. He can sense light and dark from him, it made no sense at all.

Then Ezra heard a voice of a female and went running to where the voice is at. Rey travels to a cave beneath the island where the dark side is powerful and experiences a vision while touching a reflective rock wall, asking to see her parents but seeing a young man in his teens. One doorway must have Kanan before he died, so he can save his master.

A Nexus as I would call it. The convor nods to the portal below. Ezra finds himself seeing the moment where his lost friend Ahsoka Tano fought Darth Vader so that Ezra and his master Kanan could escape during Malachor The images show Tano is parring her against Darth Vader's lightsaber. As the duel continues, Ahsoka plunges her blades into the floor of the Vader collapses into the hole just as Ezra pulls her to safety through the doorway.

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