Kayaking and canoeing group meet ups

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kayaking and canoeing group meet ups

Paddling group dynamics are very interesting and they vary from group to group. paddling with a group that has sealed hatches, but a lot of kayaks nowadays I'm okay”, or using a paddle to hold it up in the air straight up means usually. Info Links: Some general paddling sites, and some with regional trips & routes info: ommag.info Central Illinois Canoe and Paddling Meetup Page. likes. ommag.info com/Central-Illinois-Canoe-and-paddling-Meetup-Group/.

The first thing I always like and appreciate whether I'm the group leader or someone else is the group leader is if there's the definition to what the paddle is going to consist of.

Is it going to be an all-day leisurely paddle? Is it going to be a short leisurely paddle? Is it going to be a training day in rough conditions? Pretty much everyone in the group will know exactly what they're in for before they show up to paddle. They know how to dress, they know what food to bring, they know how much water, they know who to call if they want to invite anybody else.

kayaking and canoeing group meet ups

That also goes with level of paddling experience. A lot of times groups will say well if you want to join us for this group you need to know this, this and that, or you need to have at least these kinds of rescues down, or this is going to be a training session. It's good to define those things before the trip happens. Check Everyones Skirt Pull Tabs This next one applies if you're paddling with a group that uses spray skirts.

This is something that I like to do all the time and I like to pass on to newer paddlers as well because it's very easy to make the mistake, and that is, to look around before you set off that everybody in your group has their pull tabs on their skirts outside of the cockpit. It's very easy to make the mistake of keeping it tucked in. Just look around and make sure everybody's tab is out so that it's easy to pull the skirt out.

It's not crucial for safety because you can get a skirt off the coaming without the pull tab, but it could be a very scary moment if you're upside-down and you go for the pull tab and it's not there.

I just find it to be a reassuring thing and it's easy enough to do.

kayaking and canoeing group meet ups

I just look around and make sure that everybody's tab is out before setting off. Check Everyones Hatches Along with skirts and pull tabs, same thing goes for hatch covers.

When we were getting trained and getting our certification our instructors would go and pop our hatches anytime we were taking a break or we were having lunch, so that we wouldn't notice, get back on the water, do a rescue, capsize or do an exercise and all of a sudden our hatches would be filled with water.

One of the things we got used to doing is every single time you go back on the water check that all of your hatches are nice and sealed.

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It's very easy to miss them. I still miss them from time to time. If you're on the water, you pull something out quickly, you're taking a sandwich or maybe sun block, or when you're on the beach you remember you need to change the battery on your camera, and then you forget to seal your hatches completely.

Of course this will only apply if you're paddling with a group that has sealed hatches, but a lot of kayaks nowadays have sealed hatches so I think this applies.

kayaking and canoeing group meet ups

Emptying out a hatch full of water is a pain if you're on the water doing a rescue, so it's just so much easier look around and check your hatches. Ask around, make sure everybody's good and then set off. It's also good to look while you're on the water at other people's hatches as well.

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Communication Visual and Technological This next one I found very important, and it changes so much from group to group, and that is communication. Hand signals and communication devices. You need to discuss all these things the moment you join a new group.

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Everybody has different hand signals. There's a couple of signals that are kind of universal. Different groups have different signals, so it's always good to figure these out ahead of time so that when you're on the water, if something happens you don't have to try to figure out what people are saying.

That even starts with having communication devices as small as having a whistle on your PFD, which everyone should have because if someone is a little bit further away from you and they're not able to hear you but something happens to you or someone near you, you can easily blow the whistle to get people's attention and then get help. But then that goes a step further depending on the type of paddling you're doing. Every group seems to use one of the many leisure channels, but you need to figure out which channel ahead of time.

Even if you don't think you might be using the radio all day, it's always good to at least talk about it beforehand. Discuss it ahead, put that into your radio, put it away and you're good to go. Knowledge of Groups Health Conditions Now, this next topic could be a little touchy but I think it's very important. And that is any health concerns.

And what I mean is, a lot of times we want to keep health concerns private, but when you're paddling, depending on the level of paddling you're doing, you're essentially having a group that's going to be taking care of you if something were to happen to you on in a remote place, or while you're on the water, or let's say you're surfing or you're in rough conditions.

If there is a health concern, they need to know about it so that they can help you if something does happen. Do you have any recent injuries?

Are you a diabetic? Do you have asthma? NHM hold several hikes every week as well as educational programming and service projects.

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Visit their web site for details. This is a great opportunity to meet other families or for singles to connect doing something they love. We will be doing lots of other outdoor activities as well though.

If you feel like you know a lot of people who enjoy these activities, or bring something to the table and are interested in helping manage, promote and run meetups please contact us and let me know!

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