Meet hiro hamada and baymax

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meet hiro hamada and baymax

The following is a list of fictional characters from Disney's feature film adaptation of Big . He taught many students at SFIT and met Hiro Hamada the younger brother of his star student Tadashi. Callaghan was impressed with Hiro's . Hiro Hamada is the main protagonist of the Big Hero 6 franchise, as well as the leader Relenting to his brother's wishes, Hiro meets Tadashi's closest friends. When the Disney Animation attraction closed, the popular meet-and-greet duo Baymax and Hiro, from Big Hero 6, stopped meeting guests at.

Known for his somewhat pompous delivery. They get their power from an electricity orb, [24] but also have wristbands that are powered by a special cell battery. She never speaks and is always disappointed with something.

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Frederickson, he was old back when he fought him. He is offended that not a lot of people remember him and is apparently behind on the times. He is also not that smart as he thought Wasabi was Fred. She considers herself the best chef and wanted to take down Cass when she was winning the cooking competitions.

She is mostly out for herself and tends to sever ties with her employers. He later learns humility after being defeated by Cass in an underground cooking competition as seen in "Food Fight.

He distrusts technology to the point that he considers Baymax a menace. Mel Meyers voiced by John Ross Bowie [58] - A scientist working under Krei and who also despises him for misusing his creation the Buddy-Drone, a bodyguard robot that he had built to be used for surprise parties. He is socially awkward and apparently has a slight crush on Cass after briefly meeting her.

Sparkles voiced by Patton Oswalt [62] - A maniacal and egotistical game show host who prefers his own fame over anyone else's. He kidnaps Hiro and Cass' cat Mochi after his unexpected internet fame. Sparkles is based on an abandoned character from the film. He is known for his prediction algorithm which allows him to guess his customers' choices.

His designs were originally for the military and he was reprogrammed by Obake to help in his plans against Big Hero 6. Trevor Trengrove voiced by Andy Daly [64] - A prolific scientist who seems more concerned about his image.

It is revealed that he is a phony, having stolen his thesis from former partner Wendy Wower and was forced by Yama to create a powerful robot.

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She does not have any hard feelings on her former partner and forgives him when he admits his theft. She is shown to be just as intrigued about Baymax as Hiro was when he first met him.

She lived around and kept a diary of her scientific discoveries while furthering her career as an artist. He is designed to be overly heroic and displays excellent martial arts skills despite his size. Everyone loves her and she takes a keen interest in Karmi's invention of which she funds.

He seems to have a grudge against the Fredericksons, Krei, and Amara. Retrieved July 17, There, they find a machine in the process of restoration but are unable to uncover what it is exactly. Soon enough, their snooping leads to a room with recordings taking place in the facility. After watching, they learn that the facility originally belonged to Alistair Krei and the machine was a portal meant to enhance transportation.

The test subject, a woman named Abigailwas the first to try it out, but as she did, the machine malfunctioned. Instead of calling off the procedure, Krei insisted that they move forward, resulting in a tragic accident that left Abigail lost in the portal and apparently killed by the machine's destruction. The incident results in the closure of Krei's facility and the team then comes to the conclusion that Krei is responsible for stealing the Microbots in hopes of rebuilding his portals.

Just then, Yokai returns and attacks once more. A battle follows and in the process, Hiro accidentally removes the villain's kabuki mask. Yokai's true identity is then revealed to be Professor Callaghan.

The Baymax meet-and-greet moves to Epcot, kicks out pal Hiro

Callaghan confesses his crime of stealing the Microbots and reveals that he used them to escape the fire alive and unharmed. A heartbroken Hiro reveals that Tadashi died trying to save the professor, but Callaghan merely responds by blaming Tadashi for his own death.

Furious, Hiro orders Baymax to kill Callaghan.

meet hiro hamada and baymax

Baymax denies such an action, explaining he's unable to bring harm to a human being, but Hiro, blinded by hatred and grief, removes the robot's healthcare chip, leaving only his programming of battle and destruction, thus sending him on a violent, mindless rampage in an attempt to kill the professor. Seeing this, Go Go, Fred and Wasabi try to fend off the bot and, in the mix of the chaos, Callaghan manages to escape.

Luckily, Honey recovers Baymax's healthcare chip and restores the robot to his original peaceful settings.

meet hiro hamada and baymax

Realizing what he's done, Baymax apologizes to the team for causing harm but Hiro berates them, blaming them for Callaghan's escape. The team retorts by explaining that the plan was never to kill Callaghan, but instead, to merely apprehend him. Leaving the team on the island out of anger, Hiro and Baymax return home to fix Baymax's suit. Baymax talks to Hiro about the situation of killing Callaghan, asking if his death would appease the boy.

Instead of answering, with his mind clouded by thoughts of fury, revenge, sadness and the loss of Tadashi, Hiro breaks down in tears. Baymax comforts him by showing him videos of Tadashi, which he recorded during his creation process.

Tadashi's presence and loving words bring enlightenment to Hiro, who thanks Baymax for his comfort. Honey, Go Go, Fred and Wasabi soon arrive as well. Instead of being upset with Hiro, they, too, comfort the boy, he says he is sorry for yelling at them and they understand that his actions were only out of grief and vow to bring Callaghan to justice and his four teammates forgive him.

meet hiro hamada and baymax

Before they set out, the team shows Hiro a recording they found, which reveals that Abigail was the daughter of Callaghan and the entire goal behind his villainy is to extract revenge on Alistair Krei. The next day, Alistair Krei is in the middle of an important showcase, just as Yokai arrives and captures him. Yokai reveals himself to be Callaghan, and the villainous professor subsequently reveals his plot to use the newly-recreated portal to destroy both Krei's new building and Krei himself.

Alistair tries to talk sense into the villain, explaining the incident with Abigail was an accident, but Callaghan ignores him and proceeds with his plot. Just then, Hiro and the team arrives on the scene. Instead of immediate attack, Hiro tries to sympathize with the professor, explaining the fact that extracting revenge isn't the way to handle his daughter's death, but Callaghan's fury gets the better of him, and his plans proceed.

Hiro and the others battle the villain, aiming for Callaghan's mask, but Callaghan soon gets the upper hand with the help from the Microbots and leaves the team members to die as his plot is set in motion. As Hiro is being pulled towards the portal, his distressed team members call to him for help, while at the same time, he sees some Microbots being sucked into a portal, giving him a new idea.

Hiro then uses the words of wisdom from Tadashi to successfully guide each of his friends to safety. After being rescued by Baymax and rejoining the others, Hiro relays his new plan, instructing the team members to take out the Microbots and get them sucked into the portal to eliminate Callaghan's source of power, whilst he and Baymax take on the villain, themselves.

Hiro and Baymax fly to attract Callaghan's attention, making him fire towers of Microbots in their direction. Dodging the Microbots, the two fly the point where they are almost sucked into the portal, from where Hiro orders Baymax to dive and break apart the Microbot formations to send them into the portal. Eventually, Callaghan captures the duo and prepares to make the killing strike, only to find that he has run out of the remaining available Microbots, thus rendering him powerless and vulnerable.

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With this revelation, Hiro and Baymax break free of their confinement and launch towards the villain. Fearfully, Callaghan prepares for his supposedly oncoming demise, but much to his shock, Hiro decides to spare his life, wanting to follow the moral code set by Baymax.

Instead, Hiro and Baymax swipe the mask of Yokai and smash it into smithereens, causing Callaghan to finally and permanently lose control of the Microbots. With his plans foiled and power-stripped, the team apprehends Callaghan, but Baymax senses life within the portal, though the being is said to be in hyper-sleep. Hiro realizes that it must be Abigail and the young boy journeys inside to save her, along with Baymax. The two soon find Abigail, asleep in her capsule, and as they make their escape, some of the debris from the destruction of Krei Tech strikes them, causing Baymax to lose most of his armor.

meet hiro hamada and baymax

Hiro reaches out for Baymax, who manages to grab ahold of his hand, but they both find that the portal is soon closing. Baymax decides to use his rocket-fist to send both Hiro and Abigail to safety, and requests deactivation at Hiro's command. Realizing that this will result in the robot's permanent imprisonment within the portal, Hiro denies such a plan, not wanting to lose him. Baymax disregards his own safety to help of Hiro, reassuring his friend that he'll always be with him.

Without a choice, Hiro tearfully hugs Baymax as he bids him farewell, telling the robot that he is satisfied with his care. With these words, Baymax sends Hiro and Abigail off, leaving himself trapped in the portal and eventually destroyed.

After Hiro and Abigail manage to make it out of the portal, seconds before it explodes, Hiro reunites with the others and reveals Baymax's demise. Soon afterwards, the police and paramedics arrive to care for Abigail and arrest Callaghan.

Baymax Returns Following these events the superhero team disbands after the loss of Baymax, not wanting to lose anyone else, but Hiro has made a tremendous recovery from his depression as he spends his days hanging out with Honey Lemon, Go Go, Wasabi, and Fred. Finally, he joins the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology as an official student. Before he leaves for his first day, he watches a video of Tadashi helping him ride a bicycle all by himself, and pauses the video to woefully look at Tadashi.

He then goes to have breakfast with his friends while the report of the "mysterious" new superheroes is shown. Cass then gives Hiro his lunch and hugs him before letting him go to school.

When he arrives, his friends show him around, but Hiro stops in front of Tadashi's old lab. Wasabi then joins his side by telling him that they all miss him. Hiro then enters the lab and looks at Tadashi's stuff, where the young genius saw Tadashi's cap and Baymax's last piece of armor: Within the grasp of the fist, however, Hiro discovers Baymax's original programming chip which contains both his personality and memories. He then sees a notebook with Baymax's blueprints sketched in it, so Hiro eagerly realizes he can rebuild Baymax and quickly gets into doing this.

Soon, Professor Granvillethe new dean of the SFIT, enters the lab and tells Hiro he is not allowed to work inside it as he first has to earn the lab through hard work, as his brother once did. Granville tells Hiro he can begin by getting to class and that his thermodynamics teacher can be harsh at times, so Hiro rushes to the classroom only to see that Granville herself is the teacher. For the following days, Hiro focuses on his classes while at the same time works on Baymax.

Meanwhile, Fred attempts to convince the rest of the gang into continue their lives as superheroes, but they constantly refuse to it. Baymax's consciousness is uploaded to a computer while exo-skeleton is finished.

Baymax advices Hiro to run some tests before activating it, but the boy is too confident and turns it on ignoring Baymax's advice. Baymax's body then starts acting erratically and jumps out of the window, escaping to the town. Granville then calls Hiro to show him his SFPD report involving bot-fights, but instead of nagging him, compliments that he is being more disciplined than she expected.

Hiro however leaves nervously to follow Baymax's body, which he finds has unfortunately fallen in hands of Mr. Yama and his thugs.

Hiro Hamada

Yama quickly reminds him of the night he was imprisoned thanks to Hiro, and gets his men to take him to a high building and drop him off from it. Hiro calls Fred to help, and although Fred tells him that stealing is wrong, Hiro tells him that he would later steal the item back from Yama and return it, therefore "cancelling" the first steal. Hiro then hugs Granville while fake-crying to get close enough to her ID and duplicate it, and when she leaves her office, he goes inside and takes the item, which was used as a paperweight by Granville.

Yama however proves to be treacherous and instead locks up Hiro and Fred, keeping both the paperweight and Baymax. They then gear up and break into Yama's place, saving their friends to then be taken away by Heathcliff. Regardless, Yama reveals he managed to create an army of Baymax Clones during the time he kept Baymax. Back at the SFIT the team get upset at Hiro, but he calms them down when he shows he recovered the paperweight, then puts it back to its original place.

Honey Lemon also helps to fix the window that Baymax's body destroyed. The following day, Baymax activates the fully finished Baymax, so the two rejoice in their reunion with a loving embrace, and Hiro's next step is to create a new chip that would give back his fighting abilities, but would prevent another incident of Baymax turning murderous. Later, Fred joins Hiro when he is creating the Superhero Chip, as Fred and Hiro are the only ones who did want to continue being superheroes.

Fred suggests their team be called Big Hero 6, claiming that it was the best name he could come up with and that "everyone loved it". Granville then passes by and enters the lab, finding Hiro and Fred while they hid from her, so Granville lectures Hiro into "balance" and that one wrong decision can cause a mess, telling him that he must choose whether to follow Tadashi's lead or to be like Fred.

Hiro comprehends what Granville means and decides to listen to her, then starts ignoring Fred when he tries to convince him to be a superhero. Fred then becomes sad that he is a "lone guardian of justice", but thinks that his friends might be right and the city doesn't have any other supervillains to stop.