Meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction twilight

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meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction twilight

Cookie Confession (Wilbur is 5, Cornelius is 34, Franny is 33, Art is 36, Meet the Robinsons (c) Disney awwww! this is the cutest mtr fanfic story ever! X3. Meet The Robinsons Franny And Cornelius Meet the robinsons franny. Franny Meet The Robinsons Characters, Best Disney Movies, Pixar Movies, Animated. Fanfiction. Literature. Equestrian Dreams - Chapter 2 - Conspiracy. Twilight Author's Note: Meet the Robinsons, and all characters are copyright Disney, and Lewis and Franny are boyfriend and girlfriend for the first part of this story, but.

Once he was certain she was all the way to her room, he opened his mouth. I plan to ask her today. I knew it was only a matter of time before you became my little brother-in-law. I know she's been a little unhappy lately, but between this, and a few other presents I have for her, I think she'll pull through. Lewis had stopped the car on a small gravel area by the side of a country road a few miles outside of town. Franny looked around at the spot, and shrugged.

It was late evening, and sky was already getting dark. Lewis motioned for Franny to get out of the car. The scent of the forest surrounded them, and the sounds of the nighttime critters got louder as they walked. They could hear the sound of rushing water ahead of them Franny gasped as they stepped out into a wooden bridge. The stars had just started to appear, as the deep purple of the sunset was fading into the blackness of night.

The full moon was above them, lighting up the river with a twinkling glow. It was the perfect night, and the perfect setting. She felt all of the tension she had been feeling lately drain away. This wonderful young man that was leading them to the middle of the bridge knew exactly what she needed.

She signed contentedly as her drew her close, and they looked together upon this simplistic scene that yet showed the wonder of nature. I think I loved you the minute you looked at me and asked if I thought you were crazy. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Franny knew that, for Cornelius, to say such a thing meant that he really did love her. When they got back to the house, Lewis helped Franny out of the car. They shared another kiss, and walked towards the front door, hand in hand.

Franny thought back along the stages of their relationship, as it had progressed to this wonderfully perfect night. It had begun, of course, with her crush on him the moment he had told her he thought she was right. It had been slow at first, and had stayed a crush for the most part. She still remembered the first time she admitted to herself that she loved this young man.

It had been two years ago. They had a bowl of popcorn, and more of it was flying everywhere rather than being eaten. An old scifi movie that neither of them recognized was on, and it was horrible. Each time Cornelius would fill in some line, or make a crack about the sincere lack of special effects, she would pelt him with a handful of popcorn, and of course he would retaliate.

Robinson were out of the house. She believed they were working on part of the business that would eventually be run by Cornelius. It was hard for him to handle certain aspects of it, due to his age.

Even though he had long since graduated college, and his inventions were starting to change the world, the law did not see him as an adult just yet. Uncle Joe usually stayed back in his own room, so they were pretty much alone. This time, pelting him wasn't enough.

Oh no, uh, hehe," Cornelius started to giggle and fend her off as she found a few ticklish spots. He started ticking back, and she was giggling uncontrollably. They rolled around, fell off the couch, and the popcorn bowl went flying. After a few minutes of violent tickling, they were both breathing heavy, and Franny was pinned underneath Cornelius. He looked her in the eyes. It was a passionate kiss, but Franny was getting hot, and feeling claustrophobic.

Her mind started to panic unreasonably, and she began to struggle. She wanted this, but not right now, it was too soon! Cornelius' eyes flew open as he quickly rolled off her. I didn't mean to scare you. Franny reached towards Cornelius as she started to get up. I just panicked a little bit. It was wrong of me to hold you down. Lets clean up a bit, and maybe we can find a better movie to watch? Cornelius Robinson was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her live with. It was the simple things, but to her, it was most profound for some reason.

Franny realized that they had made it to the front door. Cornelius looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and squeezed her hand. Both of them felt the engagement ring on her finger through that squeeze. It was a signal to both of them that their lives were about to change. They opened the front door to find the entire family waiting for them in the main hall. Even her parents were over, and they had called Art. They were greeted with a resounding cheer. Both of you make us so proud! Franny felt her hand tugged away, and passed from person to person, as they all gasped, and commented on how gorgeous the ring was.

It was all a whirlwind of action to Franny that she was having a hard time following. She loved every second of it, though.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction twilight

The preparations over the last month had been nonstop. Everyone kept coming over to congratulate the two of them. Flowers were being delivered. Fitting after fitting of dresses, tuxedos, and formal wear were completed.

The day had finally arrived. The big event was to be held out in the backyard of Robinson home. Catering services had virtually transformed several rooms of the house, and were ready to handle the reception. Although the family itself wasn't large, everyone that was considered important wanted to be invited to Cornelius Robinson's wedding. It was the talk of the country. The who's who list of who ended up being invited and the bets flying across the internet were staggering.

There were several hours to go, and Franny was about ready to begin her final dressing procedure. She was in her music room, her frogs gathered around her, and Frankie held in her hands. This is going to be so great.

I'm glad I can spend a few minutes talking to you.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction twilight

Even if you don't talk back, I'm sure you understand. I wish you all could be there, but there's going to be so many people, and if you got away, I don't want any of you to be hurt. You all take care. I'll be back tomorrow to work with you some more. Frankie stood up and looked at the other frogs. This is the most important gig in our lives, and our boss is counting on it, even if she don't know yet.

Instruments'll be on our custom stage. You'se guys know the drill, hop to it! They got dressed quickly, and assembled as the door opened again. Gaston peeked in and saw the frogs. Thanks so much you guys.

My sister deserves all of this, and I'm glad you played along. There was no doubt that he was nervous, but there was so much that could go wrong.

He thought he had covered every angle, but he still wanted to make this a day to be remembered forever. A large gazebo was set up, decked out with flowers where he and Franny would exchange their vows. A single organ was set up, with a musician playing some soft music to pass the time until everything got in motion. Cornelius figured half the guests had arrived already, and the lawn was full of people milling around. Hundreds of chairs were set up, with a large aisle down the middle.

He saw old schoolmates, scientists, and even a few politicians. He greeted everyone politely, but barely remembered his conversations. He had more important things on his mind. Cornelius happened to be looking over at the second stage, surrounded by a curtain, when he saw his brother, decked out in his tuxedo, rush over to that stage with a large box.

Cornelius sighed with relief. He looked away, as to try and not attract attention, and wandered over to another group of people, confident that his plans were in motion. Gaston set the box in place, and whispered to the frogs, "Remember, synchronize with the organist, and then your show is on. We'll open the curtains at the right time.

He wiped sweat off his brow, and tried to look nonchalant, even greeting a few people, and putting a smile on his face. When he reached the organist, he waited until the current piece was done, and leaned over his shoulder, whispering, "Remember, as soon as you start playing, we've got another band that's going to join in, then replace you. No offense, but it's very important to let em play, and fade out. It's a wedding gift for the bride. I got no problem doing what I'm told.

The hairdresser backed away, looking critically,as the rest of the people helping Franny get ready also backed off and eyeballed her. You look incredible, dear. Nothing else we can do.

Her black hair was done high, with gold ribbons weaving through it, making the diamond tiara she wore look like it was glowing with an angel's halo. The gorgeous white wedding gown swept back, glittering with diamonds all over it.

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A seven tiered necklace of diamonds glittered at her neckline, pouring down into her heaving bosom. Her brown eyes sparkled, and she looked more perfect than she had ever seen herself before.

She gathered up her bouquet of flowers my god it was heavyand stepped out of the dressing room. Wilbur gasped as his daughter stepped out of the room, looking like a goddess of some sort. Tears started at his eyes as he realized the beauty of his only daughter, and that he was losing her, even if he knew it was best for her.

Lets get into position. Everyone surely was already seated, and everything was in place. All they were waiting for was the sign for the music to change. They heard the change, and began to step forward in unison. The doors opened before them, and the huge audience turned as one, as they stately marched down the aisle, into the sunlight.

Pictures flashed, and everyone shuffled to get a good look as the traditional wedding theme washed over her. Franny thought nothing could make this day more perfect.

When a second organ joined in, starting on the second verse of the song, it almost went unnoticed. Then the trumpets keyed in. The French horns also started, and pretty soon the wedding march was being performed by a full orchestra, big band style.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction twilight

The curtains dropped around the stage that most people had barely noticed. When Franny glanced over and saw what was playing, she stopped. Her father followed her gaze, and his jaw dropped.

The crowd nearly gasped out as one. The full frog band was playing, all dressed in smart little matching tuxedos, with Frankie standing in front of the several tiers of the stage, conducting them. It was still the traditional wedding march, with a full orchestral beat behind it. Franny's eyes turned back to see her husband to be, standing in front of the gazebo, smiling at her. He nodded once, and tears started to almost pour down her cheeks. She tugged once on her father's arm, as he started to come out of his shock, and joined in step with her.

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