Parenthood drew and amy meet the press

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parenthood drew and amy meet the press

On “Parenthood,” shy, quiet high-schooler Drew and his increasingly manly eyebrows found out that his girlfriend Amy was pregnant. This is met with a disgusted, “We're here all day tomorrow too?! Amy is still living in Drew's dorm, which was all fun and games at first but now and looks younger every episode — has convinced Zeek to press forward with. Parenthood didn't wait long to get us sobbing: In the very first episode, Adam breaks down when revealing his son Max's autism to . Drew breaks down after Amy's abortion (Season 4, "Small Victories") .. Associated Press.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Kristina is preparing for her chemo but becomes overwhelmed when Camille comes to stay with her.

Julia and Joel try to help Victor fit in better. Amber and Ryan hook up but when Zeek finds out, he shares with Sarah that Ryan may not be ready to be in a relationship.

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Kristina and Adam get her diagnosis from her oncologist. Ryan asks Amber out. Amy tells Drew shes met another guy; she still wants to be friends. When Drew goes up to the door, he sees Amy taking a nap, but when her dog pounces on the door, Drew runs back to the car and tells Amber to drive off.

In their kitchen, Adam is busy watching Nora, cooking breakfast, making a health drink in a blender, and yelling at Max to take dog Otis for a walk. Kristina comes in, still sore from surgery, Max finally puts down his videogame, Otis immediately urinates on the floor, and the health drink tastes awful.

Adam and Kristina argue about whose mom will be coming to stay with them when she starts chemo.

parenthood drew and amy meet the press

Julia picks up Victor after a practice and sees some families and players gathered around a van. Victor explains theyre going to one of the players homes, but when Julia offers to get Victor invited, Victor insists they leave. Amber and Ryan are playing mini-golf.

He does the your grip is wrong move and they kiss. He reminds her that they should take it slow.

Parenthood - Miles Heizer and Jason Katims Discuss How Drew Deals With Pregnancy

They are at her place, still kissing, and taking off their clothes. Adam worries that Kristina will not follow her strict diet, that shes going to want to drive even though shes not supposed to, and that she will not be able to get enough rest. Camille seems to be more worried about Adam. Amber wakes up next to Ryan.

Ryan reaches into his bag and takes a pill.

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Sarah comes by for a planned breakfast date. Amber opens the door a crack and tells Sarah she cant go. Sarah eventually figures out its Ryan.

Adam gets to the studio and its a mess with take out food boxes and other garbage all over. Crosby says they had a session the night before with a wild band and Amber had texted that she overslept. Crosby promises to clean up. Camille is busy picking up Maxs toys.

parenthood drew and amy meet the press

Kristina insists she doesnt have to because thats Maxs responsibility. Camille sits down with Kristina and tells her of a friend who went through chemo and has been months free of cancer. She tries to assure Kristina not to worry about the chemo because its just like platoons of soldiers entering her blood stream.

Kristina finishes dismissively, to fight the cancer enemy. Shes read all the pamphlets, too. Julia is complaining to Joel about how she got Victor involved in baseball so he can make friends; and now the parents and teammates are shunning him.

They wonder if its because hes Latino. Joel asks Victor if he wants to have some of his friends over and Victor suggests Miguel, a neighbor from his old neighborhood.

Julia and Joel wonder if they can do that. Zeek is having lunch with Ryan. He shows Ryan some job listings he found at the VA including some agriculture work.

Ryan talks about when he and his fellow soldiers were in Afghanistan, charged with teaching opium farmers how to convert their crops to wheat.

parenthood drew and amy meet the press

When the farmer made the change, he was killed by the Taliban. Ryan feels he and his fellow soldiers were responsible for the farmers death. Kristina is rummaging through the kitchen for some tea. Camille has moved it. The doorbell rings and its the Lessings coming to visit Kristina. Kristina tries to hide, hoping Camille would turn the couple away, but instead, Camille leads them into the kitchen. They give Kristina a store-bought roast chicken which she puts in the fridge with many other store-bought roast chickens.

Kristina tries to cut the visit short and apologizes that she has to put Nora to nap, but Camille offers to do that instead so Kristina can visit.

The wife hugs Kristina a little too hard, forgetting about Kristinas soreness. Kristina offers them some tea. Julia has spoken to their social worker who thinks contact with his past would be a bad idea for Victor.

Joel agrees that he needs new friends, but Julia thinks its more important that Victor has a friend around now and that they proceed with the hang-out. Sarah brings some donation items from home to Zeek at the VA. He introduces her around. Sarah asks if Ryan is there, and Zeek is surprised when he hears about Amber, and that Ryan didnt say anything about Amber at lunch. But mostly, it made us cry. Like, we're talking raging rivers of tears here. With the series finale airing this Thursday night — that's a reason to cry right there!

Consider this a warm-up for the finale. Oh, you know you're going to cry; don't kid yourself. In the very first episode, Adam breaks down when revealing his son Max's autism to his hard-nosed dad Zeek, tearfully telling him, "There's something wrong with my son… and I'm gonna need you to help me.

After Amber runs away, Kristina and Haddie track her down in a rainstorm, and the two cousins eventually work it out and share a hug as their parents look on, with Ray LaMontagne's aching ballad "Let It Be Me" playing underneath.

The music is so good on Parenthood, isn't it? Here, she launches into a long rant about how he knows nothing about her and how she can never forgive him for walking out on them: Hence, the episode title. But our hearts still break for him when he confesses to Jasmine and she flies into a rage, telling him, "You don't deserve anything good in your life! Adam and Kristina explain to Max that he has Asperger's Season 2, "Qualities and Difficulties" Max's struggles with his Asperger's syndrome, and his parents Adam and Kristina's struggles with it, are a regular source of tears on Parenthood.

Here, Max's mom and dad try to explain to him what his diagnosis means, and his efforts to understand are just heart-wrenching: Here, in the Season 2 finale, he takes his granddaughter Amber to see the car she wrecked during an irresponsible partying binge, and tells her he's not going to let her bad decisions ruin the family he's always dreamed of: Kristina's baby Nora is born Season 3, "Nora" Amid all the tragedies the Bravermans have suffered through, it's nice to see them get a fleeting moment of joy.

They welcome a new addition when Kristina gives birth to daughter Nora, with Crosby by her side Adam was busy trying to convince a hip-hop star to record at the Luncheonette.

And seeing the whole family ooh'ing and ahh'ing over Nora in the hospital, we can't help but smile ourselves. In between tears, of course. Haddie yells at Max for running off Season 3, "Missing" Adam and Kristina's teen daughter Haddie often got shoved aside in favor of her special-needs brother Max, and that simmering frustration boils over here when Max runs away to go to a museum.

After the cops bring him back, Adam and Kristina are forgiving, but Haddie isn't, screaming at him, "You have to think about other people! You only think about yourself!

Throughout Season 3, Julia and Joel worked with surrogate Zoe to adopt her baby, but when they arrive at the hospital to pick up their new child, Julia looks into Zoe's eyes as she holds her newborn — and realizes she's not giving it up. This clip is called "Utter Devastation" for a reason, people. Add in Adam's heartfelt big-brother toast at the reception, and it's a welcome case of Parenthood inspiring happy tears, rather than the usual sad ones.

Haddie leaves for college Season 4, "Family Portrait" One of the pleasures of Parenthood is watching the Braverman kids grow up, so when Adam and Kristina's daughter Haddie went away to college at Cornell, we felt as proud and as nervous as Adam and Kristina did. And when Haddie runs back from the airport security line to give her parents one more hug… well, that pretty much cinches it a place on this list. After Haddie flies back from college unannounced to see her, Kristina can't keep it a secret anymore, and the scene turns silent as we see each Braverman strain to process the terrible news.

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Max's student council president speech Season 4, "I'll Be Right Here" Kristina's cancer treatment kept her from being at Max's school as he made his pitch to be student council president. Which is a shame, because his speech starts out rough, but turns out triumphant as he refers to his Asperger's as "his greatest strength," with his sister Haddie cheering him on from the sidelines.