Reba and narvel meet fanfiction

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reba and narvel meet fanfiction

This will be my first fan fiction about Reba and Skeeter. There will be Reba and Narvel are fighting again and they need help. . Meeting To Marriage: Reba. Reba McEntire, takes every damn thing in stride, and this is no exception. A slightly different spin on Ms. McEntire's divorce and it's aftermath. Same sexy. Mar 20, Narvel remembers very well the day he first met Reba, she had recently hired him as her new steel guitarist. He was a little iffy about taking the.

I just get cranky when I'm late, that's all. He smiled down at her. We're going to be late. Reba always liked to listen to the radio, and as soon as they got in the car and before Narvel could speak, she put it on a classic country station. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back contentedly as George Jones' voice filled the car.

But just as she thought, it wouldn't last for long.

reba and narvel meet fanfiction

Withen a few seconds, the radio was turned down. You know those big cruise ships? It would be the first one ever, and people would love it!

reba and narvel meet fanfiction

Plus, you know how many people those things can carry. Reba still kept her head back and her eyes closed.

reba and narvel meet fanfiction

I'm not doing it. You know how sea sick I get. He shook his head.

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Patsy Cline came on, and a smile came to her face as she returned to her previous position. Narvel caressed her back, running his finger through her hair. Reba then was basically in his lap, she started kissing his neck.

Narvel adjusted Reba on top of him to where she was straddling him. Narvel kissed her softly, Reba shivered and teared up. Is your marriage to Charlie happy? I just wanna be happy. Narvel frowned from not having her close anymore Was she really fixing to admit her feeling for him?

She couldn't handle it. She didn't know what to do He leaned down and kissed her tears away He whispered I love you too her. She stiffened at those words Did he mean it? She slowly nodded her head. He wanted her, and craved her and she hadn't been touched in a year.

Shelby awkwardly looked down at his feet and played with his hands. Narvel traced her bottom lip with his tongue.

She opened her mouth and allowed him to run his tongue along her teeth and the roof of her mouth while he moved his hand to her hair and grabbed it, pulling her closer to him. She wrapped her arm around his neck as he leaned closer into her.

Shelby cleared his throat but his parents didn't pull away from each other. Narvel pulled away but kept his eyes on his wife's and his hand in her hair while her arm remained wrapped around his neck, her other hand clenching the side of his t-shirt.

They stared at each other lustfully, both of them breathing hard.

reba and narvel meet fanfiction

Shelby rolled his eyes as his parents continued to stare at each-other intensely and headed for the front door. Shelby gagged in disgust and turned off the tv before practically running out of the house.

He was glad his parents were still happily in love, but he could do without seeing them battling it out with their tounges. Narvel leaned into Reba untill she was pressed into the back of the couch. He grabbed her hand that was gripping his shirt and wrapped it around his neck then placed his hand on her upper thigh. He continued to kiss her while he slid his hand to the inside of her thigh squeezing it. Reba moaned and pulled away, resting her forehead on his shoulder panting. Her skin felt on fire every where he touched her and his kiss was earth shattering.

She felt Narvel's hand slip under her sweater and run his hand up and down her side.

reba and narvel meet fanfiction

They hadn't been intimate in over a month. Not that they didn't want to, they're schedule kept them so busy they didn't have time. This was the first Friday they had to themselves in a month. She felt Narvel kiss her cheek then trail his way down to her jaw then neck.