Sam and dean meet joshua

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sam and dean meet joshua

Zachariah is a fictional character portrayed by Kurt Fuller on The CW Television Network's Sam and Dean later have a falling out and go their separate ways. Zachariah God intervenes again, though, instructing his angelic emissary Joshua restore the Winchesters' lives. .. "Meet the New Boss"; "Hello, Cruel World". Joshua is an angel of Heaven who Castiel introduces as an angel who Joshua is the only angel that Sam and Dean have not met on Earth;. Dean and Sam are killed by the hunters Walt and Roy. The awake in heaven and Castiel contacts Dean and asks him to seek out the angel Joshua. Meanwhile.

Plot[ edit ] Zachariah debuts in the fourth season episode " It's a Terrible Life ", in which he motivates series protagonist Dean Winchester to resume his attempts at preventing demons from releasing Lucifer from his imprisonment in Hell. Zachariah imprisons Dean and admits that Heaven will allow Lucifer to be freed because paradise on Earth can only be attained by defeating Lucifer during the apocalypse.

The angel Castielwho has become friends with the Winchesters, rescues Dean at the cost of his own life. However, Dean is too late in stopping Sam from killing the demon Lilithan act they were unaware would break the final seal imprisoning Lucifer. When Dean refuses, Zachariah tortures the Winchesters by inflicting various diseases upon them.

However, Zachariah is shocked when Castiel appears, and flees after restoring the brothers out of fear that God resurrected Castiel.

Heaven's Garden

When Dean is returned to the present, though, he still refuses to become Michael's vessel because he realizes that he must rejoin Sam to keep him from becoming Lucifer's vessel. God intervenes again, though, instructing his angelic emissary Joshua restore the Winchesters' lives.

He resurrects Sam and Dean's deceased half-brother Adam under the false pretense that he will take Dean's place as Michael's vessel. In truth, Adam is an unsuspecting bait to lure in Dean, who finally acquiesces to host Michael when Zachariah tortures Sam and Adam.

However, Dean has a change of heart at the last moment and lures Zachariah close by demanding Michael kill Zachariah as one of his conditions for saying yes.

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Once Zachariah is close enough, Dean stabs him through the head with an angel blade, killing him. This Zachariah attempts to aid the alternate Michael in manipulating the Nephilim Jack into opening a portal from the Apocalypse World to the main reality. Zachariah's mind tricks fail to fool Jack who escapes with Mary Winchester.

sam and dean meet joshua

Zachariah later leads an attack on one of the few remaining human colonies which is led by the alternate reality version of Bobby Singer. During a confrontation with Mary, Zachariah is combusted to dust by Jack who similarly kills Zachariah's few remaining soldiers. Joshua is the only angel Castiel knows of who has kept in contact with God.

He occupies Heaven but his initial rank in the Host of Heaven remains unknown; Zachariah holds authority over him, and threatened to fire him once, although Joshua stopped Zachariah taking that threat further due to his connection to God. He often spends his time contributing to Heaven's Garden.

He saves Sam and Dean from Zachariah and tells them that God is on Earth, and will not intervene further in the Apocalypse.

sam and dean meet joshua

On God's request, he allows them to remember their time in Heaven and sends them back to Earth. Joshua survived the angel fall, and upon Heaven getting back into order, decided to step aside and not take any authoritative roles.

After Lucifer impregnated Kelly Kline with a NephilimJoshua returned to the fold, leading Heaven in their attempts to track down Kelly Kline, but he was killed by Dagon when Castiel arrives at the portal to Heaven with Kelly.

He is the only angel he knows of that talks directly to God and has maintained contact up until now. If they were to locate him, they could potentially extract the exact position of God himself, and essentially end the Apocalypse.

After the Winchesters get into a dangerous position with ZachariahJoshua finds them restrained and asks Zachariah to let him deliver a message to Sam and Dean.

After Zachariah refuses, Joshua tactfully pulls rank on him, hinting that a higher authority God has ordered this event, and quietly implies that should he not comply, God's wrath would be likely punishment. Whisking the brothers away to the center of Heaventhe Garden, he delivers the message that God is indeed the one who rescued them from Luciferraised Castieland granted salvation to Dean and even Sam.

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He also reveals that God is on Earth, somewhere.