Serena and darien meet the spartans

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serena and darien meet the spartans

The meet which took place Saturday on Centennial's campus featured 10 Junior Serena Bersuch placed 16th in a time of and senior Savannah Junior Darien Burley was 16th in a personal best time of Serena Bersuch was 10th in a time of Amir Khan finished 36th in a time of and Darien Burley was 42nd in a time of Centennial returns to action Saturday at the Lucas Lovejoy meet followed by. Meet the romantic heart of the Sailor Moon franchise. in the American dub) and Tuxedo Mask is Mamoru Chiba (AKA Darien Shields).

It had been an hour and a half and Serenity was on the brink of insanity by boredom. Exasperated, Serenity was about to scream in frustration when the doors to the throne room reopened. Jadeite again reappeared before the group of women. Stopping in the middle of a lavishly decorated yet utterly empty room, Jadeite's voice once again instructed the women to form a line and bow. Serenity sighed from her place in line. She would be bowing for an extremely long period of time. Body bowed and eyes to the floor Serenity thought, "This is not worth it.

To the Prince's disappointment there was another group of twenty-five women. Sighing he walked up to the first woman, Jadeite by his side.

Beryl lifted her head gracefully and her face twisted into a smile when she was faced with the Prince. The woman had deep red hair, emerald eyes and a nicely curved body. Endymion's eyebrow arched at her discreet act of 'forwardness'. But my father is the King of Athens.

Her answer was meant put herself in a higher favor with the Prince than the other women. Beryl seethed for a moment. Oh, he would pick her as his wife…Her father had already spoken to the council members who sent the invitation. The council would command the Spartan Prince to marry her. He would have no choice. Beryl once again twisted her face into what some would think resembled a smile.

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Just then another soldier stepped forward to lead her back to her chambers before the ball. With one last glance at the sinfully handsome Prince, Beryl let the soldier lead her to her bed chamber.

God he was bored…. These women were all the same! Council member's relatives… women thirsting for higher status… for wealth. Endymion turned his bored gaze down to the next women. Tilting his head, his eyes caught sight her golden tresses of hair that flowed from the two buns that were perched on either side of her head. The Prince blinked, he had never seen hair the color of golden embers.

Words left him and the only thing he could do was reach out and touch her hair to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Feeling a tug on one of her ponytails Serenity's head snapped up to gaze accusingly at the man before her. Her sky blue eyes clashed with the ocean depths of his—their gazes locked. Fear gripped her as she felt herself drowning in the intensity of his eyes. Snapping out of the daze his eyes put her in, Serenity realized the man before her still had a hold of her hair.

Anger rose in the pit of her stomach and before she could think of the consequences her next action would bring… she smacked the man's hand away from her hair, letting out a soft growl in warning.

Stunned by the fervor this woman showed, Endymion smirked. Oh, by the Gods. This was the Prince!?


Her eyes then took in his appearance. He was dressed in well…very little… but it was the traditional soldiers outfit. How was she to know he was the Prince.

serena and darien meet the spartans

Her face went from white hot fury to a beautiful shade of pink as she took in the sight of him. Seeing the other soldiers had not effected her so but this man… the prince.

Having no other choice Serenity raised her eyes to meet his, in order to keep them off of his body. Once again their eyes gazes met. Now that's a good question! I have no idea… in fact I didn't even want to come!

My mother made me! Endymion was quite taken aback by the unexpected response Serenity gave him. Feigning hurt Endymion said, "You did not wish to meet me? Or perhaps become my queen? I was quite content living where I was, with my family! She was not going to swoon like those other women.

Endymion gazed at the girl before him and was rather impressed with the courage she held to talk to him like that. Endymion was about to say something in regards to her lack of respect but was struck by a nagging question.

Serenity hesitated before she slowly opened her mouth to reply. Endymion's eyebrows arched as Serenity's face became tense with fear. As he stared at her worried face, he realized that fear did not suit her beautiful face nor her previously stubborn and confident personality.

Author's Notes Any guesses as to who is at the door? How about any guesses on who her father is? This shouldn't be an extremely difficult question…because I tried to give hints already as to who it is… without actually giving it away.

serena and darien meet the spartans

Also while you're taking a guess… please tell me what you think about the story so far. Honestly I would like to thank all of the people who reviewed…This chapter wouldn't have been posted so soon without your comments! The response I've had to this story has blown me away…Thank you. Happy5- You make a very valid point…thus because you make such a good point I decided to post my next chapter…the day before Harry Potter came out!

serena and darien meet the spartans

It is because of you that this chapter came out today…Thank you once again for the wonderful review!! Foquer- You left such a wonderful comment… Thank you! It's really nice to see that some of my readers actually notice the hard work I put towards editing my chapters! She nearly got the crystals from him, but was attacked by Sailor Venus at the last second.

Darien Shields

Captured by the Negaverse Zoycite, under orders capture him, challenged him to a battle over the rainbow crystals, however she double-crossed him, as [Malachite] took them. Darien scratched Zoycite's face, so she tried to kill him in revenge, forcing Serena to transform into Sailor Moon in front of him. He then transformed into Tuxedo Mask. Zoycite seriously injured him with an ice crystal.

As punishment, Queen Beryl killed Zoycite. She and the Negaforce then proceeded to brainwash him in order to control him. As Prince Darien, he often got into arguments with Malachite, and even helped the Sailor Scouts out a few times as he did not want Sailor Moon killed, saying their mission was just to get the silver crystal from her. As evil Tuxedo Mask, his presence was made known by throwing a rose that was now colored black. In Episode 36, Last Resorthe awakened a sea monster, the Ancient Creature of the Lakebut was unable to control her.

She tried to heal him, but nothing worked until she got him to touch the Star Locket he gave her in Jupiter Comes Thundering In. Darien then injured Beryl by throwing a rose now colored red again with the spell completely broken at her just as she was throwing a spiky crystal at them. After the final defeat of Beryl and the Negaforce, Darien returned to a life on Earth with no memory of being Tuxedo Mask.

His spiritual form would take that of the Moonlight Knight. He used a white rose to make his presence. The Moonlight Knight revealed himself to be the physical form of Darien's desire to protect Serena. He then merged with Darien again. Negamoon Arc After the appearance of RiniDarien began having nightmares telling him to avoid Serena or else the world would be destroyed. From here, Darien broke up with Serena, though he still helped fight the Negamoon Sisters ' droids.

Eventually, Darien and Serena stopped avoiding each other. When they traveled into the future, they met Darien's future self, King Darien, who told them that he gave Darien the nightmares simply to test his affection for Serena and see how powerful it was, because Prince Diamond will try to turn them against each other. When Fish Eye targeted him to search his dream mirror for Pegasus, she fell in love with him, and was the first of the Amazon Trio to question what they were doing.

He was unable to participate in the final battle against Zirconiathe Amazon Quartetand Queen Nehelenia because Nehelenia plunged the world into darkness and began to suffocate it with spiderwebs, causing him agonizing pain, as his life force was synchronized with Earth. Films This section of Darien Shields requires expansion.

Darien has only specifically been targeted once by the villain while searching for something for an object tied to the theme of the season. Darien was not a Rainbow Crystal carrier nor has he ever had his Pure Heart stolen.