Superbook meet adam and eve story

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superbook meet adam and eve story

Join the adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to witness how Adam and Eve bring sin into the world through disobedience. Children of all ages will enjoy traveling back in time to revisit favorite stories from the Children love learning about Adam and Eve, Jonah, Samson and other great How It All Began – Chris, Joy and Gizmo meet SuperBook while reluctantly. SuperBook (–) Superbook: Here is a picture of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman on Would you like to travel back in time to meet them?.

The episodes in the first series are chiefly one-shot stories, with no overarching "plot" aside from Chris and Joy learning life lessons from their travels in the Superbook.

However, some condensation or editing of stories was necessary in order to fit them into half-hour episodes and make them suitable for young viewers. Also, some additional edits were necessary for the English versions to make the episodes conform to American broadcast standards. The episodes in Season Two focused solely on Old Testament stories. Season Two covered some stories featured in Season One for example, the stories of AbrahamJoseph and King David in more detail, while also covering some stories not included in the first series i.

Likewise The Flying Housewhich originally aired in Japan between the two Superbook series, was a more in-depth look at the life of Jesus and other events from the Christian Scriptures New Testament.

Additionally, unlike season 1 and by extension the aforementioned Flying House seriesinteraction between the modern day characters and the Biblical characters in season 2 is minimal; each episode is mostly a straightforward adaptation of the Biblical stories shown, occurring while Uri and Gizmo are searching for Ruffles.

How It All Began: Adam and Eve

Characters Original series The main cast of the original series includes: Christopher "Chris" Peepers Sho Asuka — The main hero of the series the son of Professor Peepers and the owner of Gizmo, Chris is a somewhat lazy type of boy who doesn't like school and goes to sometimes ridiculous extremes to get out of doing housework or homework. An eccentric and absent-minded scientist. Gizmo the Crusading Robot Zenmaijikake — The name of two characters depending on the season.

In Season one, he is an advanced toy figure that can become a real life robot. Then in season two, Gizmo became a real life sized robot built by Uri's father. New series Christopher "Chris" Quantum — A skilled skate-boarder, video gamer and lead guitarist in a garage band. Crispin Quantum — a brilliant scientist.

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They also had a toy robot named Gizmo that got sucked into the book as well. Super Book II came out shortly after and the story continues two years later, this time the book falls onto the keyboard of a computer, causing it to create an alternate virtual universe where the Bible is real and can be watched on the computer.

Apparently that stuff happened with computers all the time in the early 80's. It also sucks in Chris' little cousin and his dog. Chris and his dog and their robot friend Gizmo go through the Old Testament as Chris and Joy watch the events unfold.

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They are able to communicate through the use of the computer inside Gizmo's chest. The series ended on the day I turned one year old, September 26 This time three children and their friend robot are in Bible times. Flying House is about 3 children that were playing outside and come upon a mysterious house, it was storming so they go inside. The idiot robot messes things up and they are sent flying back in time. This cartoon series takes place in the New Testament and the children actually meet Jesus and his disciples and are there for some famous stories of the Bible.

Corky and Angie are brother and sister but Justin is just their friend. The problem is, they can't get home and each time the Flying House takes off they are hoping it lands back in the present day, however they continue to leap all over the Bible days. A scientist that invents a way to travel back in time but can't control where he goes and has no idea where the next jump will be?

superbook meet adam and eve story

I'm not saying this idea was stolen by the show Quantum Leap, but wait, yes I am. They made it for adults, made it live-action, dropped the Christian theme and there you have it!

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Also a good show btw but sorry Scott Bakula, it had already been done! The scientist in Flying House, Professor Bumble, was constantly trying to figure out a way to get back home again, but it always bothered me that there was no sense of urgency.

superbook meet adam and eve story

It's like, dude, you're trapped 2, years in the past with 3 children that don't belong to you, you get your ass in there and you fix that stupid time machine! Both were good and both were made by the Christian Broadcasting Network and were usually aired back to back.

This could be confusing to a small child, in this case me. Each show had a 52 episode run, which for a cartoon series is pretty impressive considering most people didn't watch these.