Tdroti jo and brick meet after the island

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Then, he greeted sleep, when he was done, at roughly 2am. Brick sprinted around the island, but found no evidence of Dawn even being on the island. "I just know that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met and I. Jo is the secondary antagonist of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and a minor antagonist In "Truth or Laser Shark", Jo is first seen running into Brick after her morning run. . In "Evil Dread", Jo is seen eating a plate of meat for breakfast. Focus: Cartoons Total Drama series, Since: Founder: total drama Jo is back to school, and hopes to enjoy her first day. Then she meets an old cast mate; Brick. . Can this headstrong cadet prove his love for the island's jockette?.

During their daily morning jogs, they bump into each other and begin arguing on who is stronger. Later during the "getting to know you" trivia game, it's revealed that he peed his pants on the first and last day of school, which deeply embarrasses him.

In the second part of the challenge, Brick is plagued by misfortune and repeatedly gets hurt by the obstacle course. His rivalry with Jo escalates even further in Ice Ice Babywhere they begin to compete at everything, including eating the fastest, climbing the mountain fastest, and even thumb wrestling for team leadership. Brick sustains a severe amount of pain, as he gets hurt by every hazard in the episode, including choking on his spoon, dislocating both his arms, and being punched off the mountain by Anne Maria.

Brick reveals in Finders Creepers that he is afraid of the dark and therefore, having trouble in the challenge. When Zoey went missing, Brick agrees with Mike that they should save her but Jo refuses, despite Chris 's earlier instruction. At one point, Brick is so frightened that he begins wetting himself, but claims that he fell on a puddle of water when he earlier. Brick leaves to dry his pants but while doing so, he is captured by the giant spider.

After he is freed by SvetlanaBrick attempts to save his friends, but Jo orders him to finish the challenge instead. Brick follows her command but this turns out to be a mistake, as his team gets penalized for losing more members than the Toxic Rats.

During the elimination ceremony, Brick volunteers to be eliminated, only for Chris to transfer him to the Toxic Rats instead. Brick and Dawn in the challenge. His first episode as a Toxic Rats member is not easy for him as he wakes up too early and his alarm clock wake the others up. While trying to help Dawn collect garbage, she tells him that he does not always needs to help someone because he was teased a lot, and is in need to be dominated.

He is confused as to how she knows that he was teased a lot, and tells her that he is large and in charge.

tdroti jo and brick meet after the island

Brick is unaware that Scott is plotting to eliminate him by framing him for the recent theft but Scott soon change his plan and eliminates Dawn instead, sparing Brick for the moment. As their team officially has solely men on it, him, Lightningand Scott deem themselves "Team Men" in Runaway Model. Brick comes up with the idea of creating a bomb in his duffel bag, that will cause the Sasquatchanakwa to dress up instantly, but when beast ends up in an awful kids suit, he cries in the confessional, sadly stating that he will stay away from fashion.

That night, Jo and Scott swap teams and when he tries to welcome her to the team, Jo grips his hand roughly and corrects him that it is now her team.

Brick and Jo

When Sam is eliminated and apologizes for not being more useful, Brick replies by saying "Semper Fi". Brick salutes his fr ie nds goodbye before he is hurled away. After Jo calls him "Major Drippy", Brick threatens to eliminate her if she does not follow his rules. Shortly after the challenge starts, Brick gets separated from his team.

He wanders alone in the dark, which greatly terrifies him. He runs into a mutant gopher who at first chases him, but Brick discovers the gopher is repulsed by the smelly odor of his boot, which he calls the smell of war.

He was distressed when he noticed that his protein powder was gone and tried to eat more food at breakfast to make up the missing protein, only to be thrown out the window by a mutant raccoon.

During the first part of the challenge, Lightning took over Sam's job of pumping air to Brick due to him being too slow, but he over did it. He was the team's boat driver until he was unconscious due to venom from the seagull Jo shot at him, and was angry with Dawn after she "stole" his protein powder even though it was Scott framing her.

He most likely voted her out that night. In Runaway ModelLightning is discussing his team with his newest team member, Brick. He insults Sam about how he plays video games instead of a physical activity. He is surprised by Sam's hand-eye coordination, and winces when Sam gets hurt by the mouse traps. He still doesn't realize that Jo is a girl when she tells Anne Maria. He is also agitated when Chris tells them the challenge. In the woods, Lightning kicks a shell, only to have a mutated turtle come out from under it and attack him.

Lightning suggests catching Sasquatchanakwaand is impressed when Brick crafts the Detonating Duffel Bag, claims it's how men get dressed. He tosses Sam the striped duffel bag, who runs to the entrance of the cave and chucks it in. He runs from Sasquatchanakwa, and jumps off the stage before he is able to attack him. He sets up an attack against the Yeti with Brick and Scott, which fails miserably.

He is surprised when Sam was able to climb up the scaffold with ease, and encourages him to go on.

tdroti jo and brick meet after the island

He is upset when Chris anounces that the Maggots won the challenge. He receives the first marshmallow of the night, and doesn't seem fazed when Sam is voted off, telling Brick to not say goodbye. He, again, thinks Jo is a man, as he is ecstatic about the Rats still having only male members, and asks "What girl? Lightning runs around with a jar of fireflies on his head.

TOTAL DRAMA: Jo vs Lightning - Fit, Tough and Hateful enemies

He grabs it and lifts it with one hand and makes small talk with Brick, once again confusing Jo with a boy. After Cameron tells them there is no breakfast, Lightning tells him he needs meat, which he is unable to spell. He hears Chef outside, telling them to go to the freezer, which he does, telling him it's a good idea.

While Chef takes them to the mines, he tries to chew on a 'meat-sicle', ultimately failing.


He, again, confuses Jo with a boy. He is the first in the mine and cheers, which causes an avalanche of rocks to fall on himself and his team mates, which Jo scolds him for. He is frightened about losing.

tdroti jo and brick meet after the island

He lands on Brick, which causes the fireflies to escape, and runs away with Jo to catch them again. He gets attacked by them, which Jo uses for a brilliant opportunity to catch them, sticking the jar on Lightning's head. He makes small talk with Jo. She mentions that she isn't sure if firefly bites are lethal, and, once again, Lightning mistakes her for a male.

He realizes that Jo's badge is orange. He complains he does not want to die, as he has never kissed a Super Bowl ring.

Jo replies that she has never kissed a guy, in which Lightning tells her that he doesn't judge her sexuality, mistaking her for a boy again. He asks why Brick hasn't shown up to Jo. Jo explains to him how Brick has become 'large and in-charge', and says that he will eliminate Lightning next. Lightning asks if she wants to make a guys alliance to vote Brick off, which Jo reluctantly agrees to. He then meets up with Brick while Jo scolds him.

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They are then captured by the mutant gophers and are taken to Ezekiel. In Ezekiel's lair, Jo removes Lightning's fireflies which angers the gophers and make them drop his team down. Lightning successfully grabs the Rat's idol and is about to run to the mine carts, however, Ezekiel is in his path, knocking Lightning down.

He ties the bombs to Ezekiel and kicks him away. He exits the mine safely. At the elimination ceremony, Lightning receives the final marshmallow, which gets lodged in his throat. He joins in with Jo scolding Brick when he is eliminated. In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLeanhe dreamed about winning the Super Bowl, before Jo rudely dumped him into the water.

He was determined as the team captaingoing to lengths as trying to fight an octopus, and getting hit with a sign. When he saw Dakota pummel the mutant crocodiles, he commented that she was doing a good job, but he could do it too. When Jo pushed him to actually do it, he offered "Sha-friends? He soon came back to Jo, beaten and bruised. Fang helping Lightning in Grand Chef Auto. He is the first one to find a key in the first part of the challenge. When the second part of the challenge starts, he and Jo are quickly captured by Chef.

Jo tells Lightning to bend the bars of their cell so they can escape, which he does. She them pushes him to Fangbetraying him.