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Axl finds out the meaning to Cassidy's painting and it's painful. Watch this scene again. Although we only get a brief reunion between Axl and Cassidy, who's night of the Television Critics Association press tour as I write these words, mind, and when we saw me well, she was happy to meet me, obviously. The fifth season of the television comedy series The Middle began airing on September 25, They are the parents of three children, Axl (Charlie McDermott), Sue (Eden Galadriel Stineman as Cassidy, Axl's ex-girlfriend who broke up with him . This works out well for Brad and Carly, who meet new friends, but not so.

As of its sixth season, the show has done a Thanksgiving, and a Christmas episode every season. An annual Halloween Episode started in the second season, and each season except the fifth he got a Valentine's Day Episode.

The first two seasons also featured Mother's Day episodes, and then "Hallelujah Hoedown" in the fourth season had Mother's Day the Sunday after it aired as one of its plot threads.

The first Mother's Day episode sneaked in a Father's Day episode via flashbacks. A third-season episode was also devoted to the Hecks trying to keep their New Year's resolutions. And an episode around the Royal Wedding. On Feb 29, the show aired the episode Leap Day. While the ads for the episode certainly implied that, Gentile is uncredited and it never explicitly says it's Barry, it could just be another kid from their school.

Subverted when Frankie tosses an empty bottle to Sue, which accidentally hits Brick in the arm. Later at school when asked about the injury, Brick innocently says, "My Mom hit me with a beer bottle," not intending to make it sound the way it did. Damned by Faint Praise: Sue being Sue, she's still genuinely excited to win something.

Bob was a regular for the first season or so, but after the show began to focus more on the Hecks' lives and less on Frankie's job, he had little use on the show and was relegated to the end credits. Axl most of the time, but everyone has their snarky moments.

Mike, especially to Frankie and Axl. No matter how many times she fails to make any team or club, she never gives up. This extends far enough that, in that Season Finaleshe "runs" five laps around a cross-country track with a twisted and possibly broken ankle, only for it to start raining while she's on her final lap.

Then, after being splashed with mud and grass and losing a crutch, she drags herself across the finish line with only her arms. Did we mention that the entire time the theme from Chariots of Fire was playingtimed out well enough that what is usually a cheesy Stock Parody turned into a Moment of Awesome for Sue?

Not to mention the fact that every one of her schoolmates watching and cheering for her cheered the wrong name until the family corrected them! And presumably had been for the first four and a half laps. That makes the support of the family even more heartwarming! In the second episode of the third season it's lampshaded when Axl pays her a backhanded compliment, calling her a "dork optimist. Frankie could be one too, given her various quests to help out her family during which she is inevitably faced with several obstacles.

Her speech in the dental-assistant class at the end of "The Safe" pretty much confirms it.

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Sean has no romantic interest in Sue At least for the majority of the show but he has twice, out of the kindness of his own heart, driven all the way down from Notre Dame blowing off his own studies in the process to be Sue's date only to be rejected because Sue found someone else at the last minute. Mike's father had a belt he called "the Enforcer" that he used frequently on his sons. It is implied that this is the reason Mike never even considers Corporal Punishment for his children.

The name of the series actually has a triple meaning. It's about a middle-aged mom, in a middle-class household, living in the Midwest. The family also tends to consciously or unconsciously avoid the winner obsession usually attributed to American society.

They represent Aristotle's aurea mediocritas golden mediocrity, another way of being in the middle and this is shown as the basis for their simple yet beautiful happiness, much in the vein the Greeks understood it. Sue spends the fourth season trying to get her license.

By "Hallelujah Hoedown," when she's alone among her like-aged friends, in which we learn she's failed her road test six times and must wait another month. After which, in the season finale, she passes at last. Axl gets this assignment in sex ed.

Needless to say, he is a less than perfect parent. In a later season 9 story arc, Brick is given the same the same assignment, forced to used the same now virtually destroyed doll Axl used. Her first name was accidentally written twice on her birth certificate. Frankie and Mike have been meaning to get that changed. When they finally get around to it in "The Name," the government worker at the courthouse thinks her name is interesting.

Sue, delighted that someone has finally found something about her unique and special, decides not to have it changed after all. Unable to agree upon an ending, they use all of the endings they came up with.

This leads Brick to comment that he likes the third ending the best. In a Christmas EpisodeBrick explains that Eskimos know how to put a fire in an igloo, only for Axl to snap that back that Eskimos aren't real, but are made-up creatures like leprechauns. Near the end of "The Test," Mike finally manages to get Brick to stand up for himself, something he wanted throughout the entire episode.

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In "The Clover" during the third season, Frankie, worried about Aunt Edie's ability to continue on her own after her sister's death, visits her. While there, she points to the phone with extra large buttons and pictures of her, her mother and her sister on the numbers in memory: Press my face if you want to talk.

At a religious camp, Brick meets Blake Ferguson, the boy the Hecks accidentally took home from the hospital and kept for a month before realizing their mistake. Brick is excited to meet his "brother," hugging him and laughing about the mix-up We were switched at birth! I spent the first month of my life with your family and you spent the first month of your life with my family! Why aren't you more excited about this?

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You're acting like you've never heard this story before He's played by a year-old actor. Don't forget about his two buff football buddies who have had multiple shirtless scene.

Sometimes the scenes are even homoerotic. Dude, we look like three naked guys huggin' each other. Yeah, and you can't see what our hands are doing High five, my brothers! Axl and Sean look at each other in disgust before fleeing the scene In "Hecks at a Movie", it's revealed that Axl and Sean's first kiss was with each other. Frankie being arrested for an overdue library book - "Stormy Moon. So the show ends with a Heartwarming Moment on the Hecks' doorstep, as they kiss on the lips, limned by sunlight.

It's not her first kiss per se but it's her first real one. Sue seems to be becoming even more hopelessly naive and clueless than ever in recent episodes, to the point of ridiculousness especially in "Halloween III," when she becomes so nervous about driving that she accidentally runs over Axl's foot and potentially ruins his football scholarship.

Rule of Funny aside, Sue has not shown very much depth or personality change, and some are finding her perpetual enthusiasm stale - not to mention fast becoming unrealistic underbite-crossbite, anyone? This was addressed in the fifth season's Halloween episode when Mike showed legitimate concern that Sue's "extreme innocence" which he referred to as being normal for a child but not for a year-old will make her look crazy and the victim of bullying.

the middle axl and cassidy meet press

Brick, too, has been affected by this. As of "Bunny Therapy" he's acquired a whole new odd Verbal Tic for no apparent reason, other than perhaps to make him seem even weirder. In Signals, when Frankie is about to give Mike the middle finger for making fun of her, the scene cuts to a shot of the Hecks' house so Frankie can continue telling the audience about signs.

Well, read this sign. The show is set in the U. Midwest, and the title, "the middle," is a colloquialism used by inhabitants of places like Orson to describe where they live.

The pilot episode even goes so far as to show a plane flying overhead, and the passengers not caring when the flight attendant tells them that if they look out their window, they can see Indiana. Invoked in the seventh-season Halloween episode when Axl's friend suggests that the mysterious trick-or-treater in The Grim Reaper costume they keep seeing might actually be Death, since Halloween is the one night of the year Death could walk around like that without anyone thinking anything's amiss.

Four-Leaf Clover Brick finds one in the "The Clover" episode and it brings him all manner of bad luck. Heck family combo ensemble: From Bad to Worse: Sue and Brick's attempt to fix a small hole in her wall in "The Big Chill" only makes it larger. While Frankie is talking to Mike and bemoaning her inability to figure out who she really is, Brick can be seen in the background trying to get himself into a sleeping bag, and failing miserably.

This gag is repeated in a later episode. Frankie and Mike have a conversation while Sue is shown in the background learning to row a boat in the above-ground pool and, also, failing miserably. In the final episode, Axl tells Sue and Brick that he's moving to Denver.

the middle axl and cassidy meet press

While Axl deals with an inconsolable Sue, Brick is in the background measuring their bedroom. Later in the same episode, Brick is pushing a bookcase down the hallway while Frankie and Mike are having a conversation. They don't notice until Brick gets the case stuck in the doorway. Subverted in "Foreign Exchange". The Japanese exchange student who comes to stay with the Hecks has zero personality and says almost nothing to the family the entire time.

Only when he returns home and a brief shot of him with his Japanese family is shown in The Tagis it revealed that he's basically a sullen teenager with some of the same personality traits as Axl and Brick. Brick is often shown reading something incredibly advanced for his age.

This leads to the hilarious "I googled Moby-Dick - the hard edition - and guess what I found? Sue and Frankie, at least to some extent. Both are redheads, both have sanguine-phlegmatic personality types, and they have some of the same mannerisms see Inelegant Blubbering below. The Grand Finale shows that Axl had three sons who are just as lazy and snarky as he is. Frankie says it's retribution for what Axl put her and Mike through. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Axl is responsible for quite a bit of this.

Brick does this in "From Orson With Love," where he says that the bunny he got in "Bunny Therapy" found a bunny friend, gave it "piggyback rides," and now there's a litter of bunny babies in his and Axl's closet. In one episode, Brick wakes up Axl. Axl yells at him that he shouldn't wake him up because he was having a "big boy dream". Brad has one, per "Sleepless in Orson". When Frankie talks about baby showers, she makes Rusty think she takes showers with other women.

His immediate response is, "Oh, that is hot". The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Frankie resents the fact that she's married to a chiropractor and has a higher standard of living than the Hecks do, while Janet in turn resents that Frankie didn't need medical assistance to conceive and has three children whereas she only has one.

This builds up to Frankie telling her off during "The Name," when Janet shows up all by herself ostensibly to give Frankie some time and space to study for her dental-hygiene final, but seems only interested in showing her sister up.

A short time later, Janet admits to Frankie that her daughter has severe tantrums and has been sent to a special camp during spring break, and as such she envies Frankie, setting up a Heartwarming Moment. Going to See the Elephant: In "The Bee", the family forgets Sue's birthday in the run-up to the road trip to Chicago for Brick's appearance in the regional spelling bee, so they make it up to her by letting her plan the trip from a guidebook.

Sue winds up wanting to see hilariously minor tourist attractions. Usually with Frankie, but when it's Mike, expect a Heartwarming Moment.

Good Girl Gone Bad: Subverted in "Last Whiff of Summer," the fourth-season premiere. Sue realizes that even the negative attention her older brother gets is attention, and decides to start going bad to get some of that from her parents. Double subverted by her parents not noticing or caring. The hour-long "A Heck of a Ride". The family drives Axl to Denver for his new job, and it ends with a Flash Forward to show how their lives change after that.

Brick is terrified of the schoolyard and prefers to spend recess in the library, reading. When forced to spend recess outdoors in one episode, he and his friends devise a scheme for distracting the teachers and getting back into the library that plays out as a pint-sized prison break.

Cindy's costume in the seventh-season Halloween episode Happily Married: Frankie and Mike "Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death" reveals the same for Brick and Cindy with four kids in the future. The finale also shows Axl and Lexie and Sue and Sean as such too with the former having at least three kids. In "Twenty Years," Axl spoils the ending of the final "Planet Nowhere" book for Brick, sending him into a catatonic state for much of the remainder of the episode.

Sue gets one in "Life Skills" after realizing that she has brought the wrong bag to school, and she is afraid she'll now get an F. Axl unexpectedly becomes this in "Life Skills," as he manages to extract favors from a huge number of students to help him design a "How to Run an Italian Restaurant" project demonstration for himself and Sue in less than an hour. The pilot also features a horrible field trip for Sue, where she forced her way onto a bus that was for kids that had sold a certain amount of cheese and sausage for a fundraiser so that they could go to the state capital.

It turned out that her mother had forgotten to mail the money, resulting in Sue having to sleep on the floor in their hotel, not having a seat on the bus, having to sit out on the steps of the state capitol with an orderly because she wasn't authorized to come in, and a whole other list of horrible things that happened because of it.

Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Ehlert remarks "Short woman, tall guy After loudly complaining she wasn't that old in "The Diaper Incident" when the store clerk assumed she was looking for adult diapers, Frankie takes out her reading glasses to look at the fine print on a package of child diapers he finds for her.

Axl's toenails, clipped into a bag of Doritos that Frankie ate. Subverted, weirdly enough, in that he doesn't seem as bothered by this as much as he is at the fact that everybody else finds this almost too stupid to believe. The chicken that Frankie brought along on the Fourth of July in "Last Whiff of Summer" got browsed at by a dog, surprisingly not eaten, and left so the Hecks could do so.

Then they all got sick. Brick dressed up like him in Halloween 2. Brick mentions that his musical not being picked is like when he lost the town slogan contest in The th 5. Lexie refers back to the time that Axl accused her of following him with her eyes. This happened in True Grit 8. Axl says he has to scrap poop of a cow statue. This was his punishment for tipping over the Orson cow in Road Kill 8.

We have seen those before, for example in The Loneliest Locker 6. Frankie made a lime green jello salad for Brick because she knows this is his favorite. We have heard that in Thanksgiving V 5.

The last time we saw her was in The Shirt 7. Exes and Ohhhs This episode starts where episode Swing and a Miss 8. Devin mentioned the infamous bago parties, which are held by Axl, Hutch and Kenny in for example Dental Hijinks 8.

After Devin showed up in Swing and a Miss 8. We last saw her in Stormy Moon 5. Later Weird Ashley shows up as well. We last saw her in Steaming Pile Of Guilt 6.

The whole story is explained in A Birthday Story 2. Axl talks about the time he drove to Vasser to see Cassidy, but turned around. This happened in The Kiss 5.

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Sean comes to East Indy to take Sue to a dance. He has done that twice before, in The Walk 5. He remembered Sue wanted to go to the ball after their talk in Ovary and Out 8. Weird Ashley talks about the two times Axl took her to prom in The Prom 2. Brick and Axl are cleaning the Orson cow, which was their punishment for tipping over the cow in Road Kill 8.

Axl says Brick did visit him at college, however it was only to help him study. This was a storyline in The Jump 5. Sue makes a reference to the quilt that the Hecks store in the oven. We first hear about this in Errand Boy 2. Brick is doing his Scottish rap at the party. He made the rap for his musical in Dental Hijinks 8. At the party, Brick is telling the joke Mike told him in True Grit 8.

Brick mentions he pulled a prank with his mom and dad. They did this in the episode before this one Exes and Ohhhs 8.

Axl mentions the things that happened in Exes and Ohhhs 8. Devin and Cassidy showing up and breaking up with April. The Confirmation This episode revolves around one of the longest running stories of the show: He finally meets Blake Ferguson, who Brick was switched at birth with. We first hear this story in A Birthday Story 2.

This happened in Sorry Not Sorry 8. She got this in Royal Wedding 2. This was in Ovary and Out 8. Adult Swim Brick shows Axl and Sue their new microfiche machine. He got it in Exes and Ohhhs 8. While lying about using the pool, Sue says: Frankie brings Axl her nightstand cookies.

Axl says he made money selling grilled cheese sandwiches in The Lanai 7. Axl wonders if him eating fruit loop sandwiches made him gain weight. We first saw him eat one of those in Swing and a Miss 8. This episode is the first time we hear Mike talk about his mom and how she died. She has been mentioned in several episodes though, the first time being Thanksgiving II 2.

She also says she broke up with two guys this year. First Jeremy in True Grit 8. Sue talks about the Year of Sue again.

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Sue mentions the major she picked in Roadkill 8. Brad mentions that he and Sue are both in no-cut acapella. Sue joined the group in The Shirt 7.