Tuners and tea meet

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tuners and tea meet

It's that time once again to gather, this time a new location in Orange County. Guppy House Irvine will be hosting this meet, so great eats and awesome vibes. Tuners and Tea had a toy drive at SoCal Autospas in Brea, Ca. The charity car meet up was organized to help the less fortunate and a chance. Meets like Tuners and Tea. Tuners-and-tea-guppy-house. Even though the guys from DaYUUM! and Guppy House have been hosting this.

Tuners & Tea Irvine

Well I mean just step a little out of the ordinary with some rides that you may not quickly recognize. I literally sent out mass text messages to hunt down the name of this little speedster, no luck.

tuners and tea meet

So I turned to my friend Google and after a few hours and various keywords, I found it! Just as small, but looking quite different from to the Lotuses seen from time to time today. But what is true then as it is now, is that Lotus has continued to focus on optimizing its performance by keeping the sports car small, light weight, and simple in design.

The Nissan President HG50 was initially only sold in Japan and was designed to be a luxury limousine; it was mainly used by higher up type people, you know, like presidents.

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But here in the tuner world we live in today, owner Ron Sino-Cruz turned this long-wheel base luxury import into a neck breaking VIP. The Admiration body kit and giant spoiler are sharp, the red paint is bright, the camber on the wheels is crazy, and the raised hood ornament yes, that part is stock all command the attention of any powerless spectator passing by.

tuners and tea meet

The meet and greet was jam packed, with a variety of cars passing through. Depending on what time you arrived, you could have seen a different set of vehicles parked in front of Guppy Tea House.

Still the old wheels though; I have a lot planned for this year, so hopefully I can participate more at shows in addition to shooting them.

tuners and tea meet

Next to me is my friend Manny and his boosted 1st Gen tC with a full Kaminari kit. The Tea brothers took time this early morning from the busy schedule at their new shop, Autotuned.

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Neil De La Cruz probably has one of the furthest commutes to come out here, but it's always a pleasure to see his support; whether he brings his classic Toyota Starlet or his track car, the Evo. Another clean Evo in attendance was Brian Duong 's - seen here kicking off the new year with a new pair of bright red kicks!

Joseph Liu 's Mini may appear simple, but it is super clean. The fitment of the Volk Racing TE37's is perfect and the attention to detail of the red trim around the rim to match the car is just so classy.

A feature spot just happened to open up a little before its arrival, which was perfect timing to park it where everyone could enjoy it. A Ferrari Italia also showed up toward the end, but I already put away my gear and just wanted to enjoy looking at it. Just goes to show that at early Saturday morning events like this, or Cars and Coffee, or anything else; you have to be prepared to see anything at any time.

tuners and tea meet

Don't forget to check out the video below for a little recap of all the happenings at the first Tuners and Tea of !