Want to meet women and have fun in canada

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want to meet women and have fun in canada

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Generally, Canadians are good hosts for solo travelers. If you really want to run the stereotype to the hilt, we like beer, hockey, our health care system, and considering ourselves tolerant, though that latter one is a work in progress. Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of land mass. It's divided into 10 provinces and three territories. The provinces run vertically, east to west. The territories are in the north.

In a country this size, the landscape ranges dramatically. There are national and provincial parks as well as conservation areas across Canada preserving the land for those who love the wilderness. From east to west, here's what you can expect from the landscape: Newfoundland, known as The Rock, offers the drama of its west coast comparable to the Rockies in my opinionthe sea with the village of Trinity being one of the oldest communities in North America, and a rugged interior with dwarfed trees.

From Newfoundland you can take a ferry to the French islands of St. Throughout the east coast, known as the Maritime provinces Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswickthere are lots of forests for fishing, hiking, and hunting. Prince Edward Island has rolling hills, beautiful red earth, and farmland.

want to meet women and have fun in canada

Of course, it's also home to Anne of Green Gables. Quebec offers more forests for fishing, hunting, etc. Near Montreal there's the best skiing in Canada east of the Rockies. Ontario has Niagara Falls, wine country in Niagara and Prince Edward County, cottage country, and hundreds of lakes and rivers including the Great Lakes. The north shore of Lake Superior is a particularly stunning drive through wilderness. Algonquin Park is a wonderful provincial park covering almost 3, square miles of wilderness for camping, hiking, and canoeing.

The prairie provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are flat. Some people would leave it at that but I see great beauty in this big sky country. The colors can be subtle in the grasslands or dramatic as when a canola field and flax field are side by side.

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The yellow on purple is stunning. The Rockies offer great skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, rafting, and kayaking. Further west into British Columbia, just past the Rockies is a desert and then a fruit belt as well as the massive Thompson and Fraser Rivers. Finally, we're on the west shore of Canada where there is Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands with their fabulous rainforests.

If you're a city person, the large cities of Canada are few and far between. But is size important? Some other wonderful cities are St.

Ottawa is Canada's capital and really worth a visit, though it's a detour away between Toronto and Montreal. Unfortunately, Winnipeg is really a flight or long train ride from any of the other cities. There are many others plus small towns. If you want to go to cities in Canada I suggest that you plan for a long stay or pick your region.

John's and Halifax are doable together by car and ferry. Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, and Quebec City work together by train or car. Calgary and Edmonton require a car or bus and are a great pair with fabulous access to the mountains. Likewise, Vancouver and Victoria offer another pairing with access via ferry between them. Listen to CBC radio.

10 Things Guys Should Know When Traveling to Montreal

Take in the local programming across the country, as well. By following such programs you'll pick up on what Canadians care about. Via Rail is your train. There is only one train service in Canada.

Via Rail is it. Check out their special offers page. Booking 7 days or more in advance often results in the greatest savings. Toronto to Vancouver is 4 days and 3 nights by train non-stop.

It's a beautiful trip as is Toronto to the Maritime provinces, which takes one overnight. Of course, you don't have to start in Toronto — I use it as a starting point as many people can't imagine more than 3 days on a train. A car trip across the country is amazing, but not everyone has the time for that. You need at least three weeks and still you would do little of it justice. The size of Canada and the sparseness of the population keeps flight prices relatively high.

While there are some regional airlines like Porter, the national airlines are Air Canada and West Jet. Air Transat has recently started some domestic flights as well.

Canada now has a budget airline called Swoop with limited options. Taste what is uniquely Canadian. Canada isn't known for a unique cuisine but there are some foods that are definitely Canadian. The NHL is the major leagues and games can be very expensive. Junior A hockey is where many of Canada's top players start and many cities, large and small, have teams.

Be prepared for long distances. Canada is a large country with the relatively small population of 35 million. There isn't a town every 30 miles or so.

In fact, in some parts of the country you can travel hundreds of miles without passing a town. If you're driving, be aware of how much gas you have and when you'll likely see the next station. To book a flight across Canada check out Skyscanner. But, as regular readers know, Booking. There's also a Airbnb. It's worth checking out. Urban Adventures run some great day tours. I took Beer Makes History Better a few years ago.

want to meet women and have fun in canada

So far their tours are in Toronto and Ottawa. Another source to check of tours across the country is Viator. Protect your online security.

Read VPN for Travel: Take in Newfoundland's big nature.

want to meet women and have fun in canada

Newfoundland is fascinating, from the archaeological site of L'Anse aux Meadows in the north to the Irish Loop in the south.

Don't miss the west coast. The west coast of Newfoundland has the majesty of the Rockies. Gros Morne National Parkwith its mountains and fjords, offers breathtaking vistas and great hiking. Consider a trip to France. Pierre and Miquelona little bit of France near Canada.

I cycled the Trail when I was 19 and have driven it twice since then. It's one of the most spectacular drives in Canada. See my Top Tips for the Cabot Trail. Visit the Fortress of Louisbourg. Here are another 32 Tips for Cape Breton. Ride the Tidal Bore. Yes, you can ride a wave up a river in Nova Scotia. Taste the food and wine.

While the lobster is fantastic, there are also plenty of other treats in store for you. Tracey shares some of her favorites in Flavors of Nova Scotia: These guys love their hockey.

This energy and passion makes the experience at the Centre Bell extremely exciting. Just be ready for a line when you show up at lunch time.

want to meet women and have fun in canada

How could you turn down French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds? The best option for that is at La Banquise. Not only did Anthony Bourdain make it there during his TV show, but some local Canadian girls took me there once after a night at the club.

Make some conversation with the girls online and stuff your face if you found one to take home yet. Shawarma is another big late-night food option in Canada. La Queue de Cheval is another good steakhouse option closer to downtown. It opens back up in the fall of Plus why not save the best for last?

want to meet women and have fun in canada

The big thing in Montreal is these supper clubs where restaurants turn into clubs once it gets closer to midnight. Places like Buonanotte and Restaurant Globe are likely your best options.

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The scene down the street at Radio Lounge are pretty similar. Dieu du Ciel is a great spot for you if you like a wide variety of beer. Sir Winston Churchill is the roudiest and busiest place on the street.

Afterhours is a pretty big scene in Montreal. It starts up at 2 a.