Adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

Battlestar Galactica: A Newbie's Guide to Season Two

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

At long last, the coolest couple in the galaxy has hooked up, and everything What do you guys think about Roslin and Adama finally sealing the deal? Travel Back in Time with This 60s & 70s TV I'm working my way through the DVD of s2 of Battlestar: Galactica, and what strikes me, as it did the first time I watched it, is the wonderful. Admiral William Adama has fallen in love with Laura Roslin, President of the Twelve Something in himself, in his relationship with Roslin.

They are a mature couple whose relationship evolves over the course of four seasons—even after years, I still reflect fondly on this couple. And yes, I usually have a few tears in my eyes while doing so. Not only does it also have big moments, but it also has plenty of small ones, making their relationship nature and more real: They are a couple you root for and applaud. The writers behind the series truly did a fantastic job of crafting this romance, and it is worth picking up the series to learn from these writers, even when they stumble in other aspects not the AdamaxRoslin coupling, they never stumbled with that in my eyes.

And while novelists have to write differently for their medium, there are plenty of nuggets to be gleaned—but I digress. The writers take these two characters from not really liking each—she was the teacher parading as president and he was the technologically impair, domineering, military tight-ass—to that tear-jerking final scene between the two at the end of season four.

I" click to play it. It would virtually be suicide as Galactica would easily quell any defense they put up. Galactica would easily take them down in any fight, Lee had stated. Roslin backed him up saying that she believed Adama had let them go to their own fates. But when a group of the fighters along with Starbuck and Helo went on the move to scout out their possibilities of getting a heavy raider, the Cylons took them by surprise. Which of these injuries happened during the attack? Anders was wounded with a bullet to the head.

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Helo was hit with in the leg by a ricochet bullet. Starbuck was wounded with a shot to her abdomen. In the scene, we saw the Cylons shoot from cover in the woods. As everyone else was taking cover behind vehicles, Starbuck stood in place with a blank look on her face.

Anders and others told her to take cover, but she wouldn't move.

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

Finally, we saw that she had been hit with a bullet, and she collapsed to the ground and blacked out. Tyrol said, "I'd never do anything to hurt Adama. I love the old man. Tyrol was unaware that Boomer was a Cylon, but Tigh didn't believe that he could be romantically involved with a Cylon and not know it. They had to move on and attempt to get off the planet.

While doing some reconnaissance, they spotted the Cylons building what? Missile battery The centurions were building a missile battery to barrage the Colonials who were on the planet. It also served as a SAM site where they could fire on any attempted rescue parties.

Battlestar Galactica: A Newbie's Guide to Season Two

In the darkness of the battlestar, Cylon centurions roamed the hallways. How did they get onboard? They were onboard a Cylon ship that crashed into the Galactica. At the end of the previous episode, Lee attempted to shoot down a Cylon prototype they hadn't seen before.

The ship carried loads of Cylon centurions and when it plunged within Galactica, the centurions began to wreak havoc.

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

Colonel Tigh was in charge of the fleet's safety after Commander Adama's attempted murder. A dozen command orders needed to be given, and Tigh, who had just seen his best friend shot in the chest twice, struggled to get them out.

Adama & Roslin — The ultimate couple

He decided that the fleet would have to jump away once a Cylon basestar showed up. Doc Cottle would have to wait to help save Adama. The Colonials on Kobol would have to wait for rescue. When Galactica finally jumped, what did Tigh and the others gut-wrenchingly realize had happened?

They had not jumped to the same coordinates as the rest of the fleet and were separated. It was obvious that Tigh was uncomfortable in his command, but he knew that decisions needed to be made. The jump to escape the Cylons had been in haste and as a result, Galactica was separated from the rest of the fleet.

It would take some thinking to discover a plan that would reunite them. Question by author alan In Galactica's brig Roslin had been deposed from office and imprisoned by Commander Adama prior to his shooting by Boomer at the end of Season One.

Syfy] This is a predictable choice, as this episode is undoubtedly the most reviled episode of the entire series. And it is the worst episode so far, but I thought it had its moments. That latter moment was a spot-on indictment of a man who wants to think of himself as a "nice guy" even when he's doing something completely shady.

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I'm not condemning Lee, he's still one of my favorite characters, but this particular lapse in judgment was a completely realistic flaw for him to have. Unfortunately, almost every other part of this episode is a mess. The black market storyline is a great idea, as money and goods would have a very different meaning in this world BSG is depicting, but the execution is terrible. There's no context for the black market's operation as a whole, and although the child abuse storyline is harrowing, it's very unlikely that there would be that many pedophiles openly purchasing children on the black market in a population of 50, people.

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

But the worst part of the episode has to be Lee's backstory, which is not only delivered in the most embarrassingly, painfully heavy-handed exposition I've ever heard on this show, but also makes no sense. In a season and a half, Lee doesn't mention that he lost his girlfriend and unborn child in the Cylon attack?