Ali and frazier relationship

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ali and frazier relationship

I heard somewhere fraizer never forgave ali 'til his passing. His relationship with Joe Frazier was a love/hate relationship, to Ali his antics. Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali together in Credit: Getty Ali knocks Foreman out to win the Rumble in the Jungle. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought for the first time on 8 March , shortly after Ali's return from a three-year ban for his refusal to fight in.

Why am I doin' this? What am I doin' in here against this beast of a man?

Muhammad Ali on Joe Frazier: that's one helluva man and God bless him

I must be crazy. I always bring out the best in the men I fight, but Joe Frazier, I'll tell the world right now, brings out the best in me. I'm gonna tell ya, that's one helluva man, and God bless him.

ali and frazier relationship

Him and me had three fights," Joe says. But if you look at him now, you can see who won them all. Only he has the answer to that, and I would prefer not to comment on it.

He just seemed to have a bad word for everybody. It was just foolishness. I'm sorry I hurt him. Joe Frazier is a good man, and I couldn't have done what I did without him, and he couldn't have done what he did without me.

And if God ever calls me to a holy war, I want Joe Frazier fighting beside me. God might not like me talking that way, but it's in my heart.

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I know things would have been different for me if he hadn't been around. I'd have gotten a lot more respect. I'd have had more appreciation from my own kind. Twenty years I've been fighting Ali, and I still want to take him apart piece by piece and send him back to Jesus. But I have forgiven him.

You cannot hold out for ever. There were bruises in my heart because of the words he used. I spent years dreaming about him and wanting to hurt him. But you have got to throw that stick out of the window. Do not forget that we needed each other, to produce some of the greatest fights of all time. Called him names I shouldn't have called him. I apologise for that. It was all meant to promote the fight.

I know it; you know it. Everyone knows it; they just don't want to say. God has shut him down. He can't talk no more because he was saying the wrong things.

ali and frazier relationship

He was always making fun of me. I'm the dummy, I'm the one getting hit in the head.

Twenty-five years later, Ali and Frazier are still slugging it out

Him or me, which one talks worse now? He can't talk no more and he still tries to make noise. He is one of those special people. He was one of those things you see maybe only once in a lifetime.

Like a total eclipse. You are not going to see anything like that again. He was the greatest personality that sports has ever seen, or ever will see.

Muhammad Ali on Joe Frazier: that's one helluva man and God bless him | Sport | The Guardian

He was the greatest personality ever. Muhammad never really teased me. He saw me as I was. He really had this thing with Joe Frazier.

ali and frazier relationship

They accepted there was something between them. Of course, he called me 'Frankenstein', but in reality, that was a compliment because I was definitely the Frankenstein monster. The only things he said about me, he said because they were was true. I remember asking myself — how did he know that? He was telling the truth. Muhammad was the most gifted person I have ever seen.

That goes for politicians, movie stars, or anyone. He had everything — charisma, charm, looks and great athletic ability — and you hated him because the guy was handsome. When I lost to Muhammad in the former Zaire, I was full of hate.

Then one day I started preaching that I had lost to Muhammad Ali, and I'd fought the great Joe Frazier, and it was those names that made people stop and pay some attention to me. It was in that moment, for the first time, I really appreciated that I had been in the ring with him. Was he a great boxer? Muhammad was not a great boxer. I say that because his greatness went beyond boxing, beyond just being a boxer. Ali seen training in October ahead of his fight with George Foreman Credit: He changed the whole world.

Kennedy, a devastated country sought heroes. It first found them in the Beatles, with their legendary U. Two weeks after that, a young Cassius Clay upset the scowling Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title. His victory surprised nearly everyone, but in retrospect Clay was younger, faster, taller and quicker than Liston. The country was changing rapidly.

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Initially, the boisterous Clay, soon to be Muhammad Ali, was reviled by many just like the Beatles. Ali's genius was that he realized quickly that the country needed heroes — and he fit the bill. He modeled his act on the flamboyant wrestler Gorgeous George, who knew that wrestling depends on heroes and villains, a concept that traces back to the ancient Greek tragedies, in which every protagonist required an antagonist.

Ali eventually became the hero, which meant that throughout his career he had to create villains. Outside the ring, a vindictive U. Only when a sympathetic Ali left the ring for good, with slurred speech and diminished faculties, were villains no longer required.

But during his boxing years, Ali treated one man worse than anyone else: And Ali treated the classic rivalry with contempt. Frazier was the worst of Ali's bad guys, but Ali was the real villain.