And evey relationship test

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and evey relationship test

V for Vendetta: 12 Years Later & Closer to Evey's Future .. of this country by creating a religious litmus test for entry while banning all Muslims. View Test Prep - V for Vendetta Questions from ENGLISH English 11 at Glasgow High School. Explain the relationship between V and Evey. Do you think that. ''V'' doesn't do this on his own; he gains unexpected assistance from Evey Hammond. Evey's Test. Evey Hammond is a They begin to develop a romantic relationship when Gordon is killed by a fellow criminal. Evey seeks revenge, and as.

In Vendetta era Britain, the Christian right wing Norsefire party rules England, brutally repressing dissenters, anti-war activists and gender outlaws, an obvious allusion to our present day aspiring fascist theocracy in the United States. Seeing 5 rapist cops mercilessly get the shit beaten out of them is certainly a great feel good first scene.

and evey relationship test

Definitely a refreshing change of pace from the day in day out diet of cop culture we endure from the Daily News to Hollywood. But the heroic rescue is also a first sign to have me wonder about the anarchist nature of V. From then on out V and Evey take up a profoundly strange relationship. The power that V exercises as a terrorist threat to the State feels much more akin to that of a leftist Osama Bin Laden - an elusive and dangerous terrorist — really the mainstream stereotype of an elusive masked bomb throwing intellectual.

Other anarchist ideas take a back seat in Vendetta; values like spreading of directly democratic power in communities, collective ownership and control of the economy, people finding their strength in themselves despite their place in society, genuine solidarity amongst people. And these are values which have always been the traditional basis of anarchist thought and work. Particularly on gender notions: The Norsefire party strictly outlaw gender deviance as they understand it with severity.

and evey relationship test

One character, at great risk, comes out as queer to Evey while he hides her from Fingermen. He then gets snatched up by cops after airing a satire of the ruling dictator on the TV show he hosts.

Vendetta at various points makes the point to spell out a number of familiar examples of how daily life is impacted by intolerant religious norms. And V himself at times even seems ambiguous sexually. But as with Vendetta, radical and subversive ideas had a lot of their punch taken out by this truly weird proto-Christian messianic strain that persists from Neo to V. Both V and Neo go about single-handedly annihilating their respective ruling orders.

and evey relationship test

By the end of the film, thousands of masked Vs emerge from London into the streets, fearlessly past police standing in their way, gazing at the spectacle of fire and explosions — signifying a new dawn of sorts.

The populace has become sterile and obedient. The Leader is Adam Susan, and he rules with an iron fist.

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He doesn't tolerate any contrary act, no matter how slight, which disrespects his authority. He relies heavily on the computer Fate, eventually perceiving it to be the only thing that loves him. The Leader secludes himself from others and rarely engages in direct conversation with those who serve him. His only concern is order, and to maintain this type of structure, he rules by fear.

This is for their own good since he believes he knows what is best for everyone. Everyone, that is, but ''V''.

Test: What kind of couple are you?

Codename ''V'' Just after the nuclear strikes, Norsefire establishes resettlement camps for those whom the government considers dangerous or disruptive. These camps essentially eliminate these individuals through medical experimentation or the ovens.

The person who becomes ''V'' survives his experience in one of these camps.

and evey relationship test

He was housed in the medical compound, and his room number was the Roman numeral ''V''. Thus, his monicker, ''V''. Those who were in command at Larkhill Settlement Camp when ''V'' was held prisoner there seem to be turning up dead.

and evey relationship test

Louis was a commander at Larkhill. Both of them also served at Larkhill. Delia was the one who injected ''V'' with an experimental hormone drug that killed all of her patients but him. These murderous acts make it seem that ''V'' is seeking revenge for what happened at Larkhill, but he has a much larger goal in mind.

He wants to take down the Norsefire government and give personal freedom back to the people of England.

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He wants the people to know that they do not have to live under such confinement as imposed by the government. He attacks and destroys symbols of the government, slowly eroding the government's control over the people. He is changing order into chaos. Evey's Test Evey Hammond is a sixteen-year-old girl whose parents were killed in the resettlement camps.