And watari relationship quiz

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and watari relationship quiz

This relationship quiz is all about how well you know your partner. most important components of a successful relationship is the quality of friendship between. Ryouta Watari The original meaning of his first name Ryota originally means " cool" or Their relationship didn't start out smoothly since Tomoe have not yet. What's your love style? Take this quiz to find out which of six styles best describes your behavior in romantic relationships.

You pursed your lips and glanced away, truthfully not caring about his life's sob story. I was just trying to make small talk. He slowed down and parked next to a tall hotel.

and watari relationship quiz

You got up and onto your crutches as the other two exited the car. Mello grabbed his suitcase with his good arm and Watari picked up yours. You and Mello followed Watari into the lobby, where you and Mello received strange looks from the occupants due to your heavy bandages.

Your trio then stepped into an empty elevator before rising to the top of the building. The ride up was silent. As you glanced to the side, you saw Mello looking down with a slight scowl visible on his face.

It was clear that your conversation in the car was still weighing on his mind.

and watari relationship quiz

Knowing there was nothing you could do, you directed your gaze back up and stood there silently in anticipation. You knew that you were mere moments away from meeting L face to face for the first time. A part of you wondered if you would be treated poorly due to your regretful criminal history, but you had to push it away and take a calming breath to ease your nerves. Even if you disliked the detective, it would still be like meeting a celebrity. You took a calming breath to ease your nerves.

You huffed a sigh as you glanced around the elevator. This was all just a waste of time, meant for L to take you away from your responsibilities. He clearly didn't trust your abilities anymore. He stopped and unlocked a door, letting you and Mello in before closing the door behind himself. As you looked around the lavish room, you found no one else there. Perhaps you just misunderstood him yesterday? As if to counteract your doubts, a man emerged from the kitchen, walking toward the three of you.

He bore a resemblance to Beyond with his messy hair, dark eyes, and baggy clothes, but you knew he wasn't the murderer. This newcomer was several inches taller, his hair was more voluminous, his eyes wider. As he spoke, you noticed that his voice was different from Beyond's wild and frenzied one: The blond raised his eyebrows and smirked, confirming the truth behind his story and this man's words. When you looked back over to L, he continued.

Watari and I will accompany you when we switch hotels. His lips were tightened into a thin line and his uninjured fist clenched, but he remained silent. As Mello looked down, you narrowed your eyes at the detective and argued, "Well, maybe that wouldn't have happened if you told us all the same thing instead of testing us! You opened your mouth to argue again, but found no valid argument.

Instead, you closed your mouth and looked to the side with a huff. You winced as you glanced away and nodded slightly. He was right, after all. Mello was quick to follow and you trailed behind him, taking your seats across from your boss. He is also capable of controlling the time of death of his victims.

I have also concluded that there is a leak of information coming from the task force, and Kira has access to said information. Your eyes went wide.

How Long Will Your Relationship Last?

They were all innocent. You frowned as you looked down. It only makes those being watched more suspicious. You pursed your lips for a few moments. It could be an outside force hacking in. You remained silent as you carefully considered all this new information. It would take further delving into all the facts before you could make any definitive conclusions. It just makes it obvious that he was one of the people being followed.

Mello moved to fold his arms, but his bandages prevented him from doing so. L's hawk-ish eyes bored into you. This is the first I've heard of any Kira. I'm just saying, there's a lot more tech-savvy people out there than you think. This just makes it obvious that he was one of the people being followed.

They can't just do that! No one's going to trust you anymore, thanks to that, and it'll be harder to get their help.

and watari relationship quiz

It's not like you have anywhere important to go. You knew he was right. With a shrug of your shoulders, you went about your task. It's not like I really wanted to go anywhere anyway. After a moment, you picked up a file and began reading. The two of you had gone through all of the files, but L didn't allow you to do anything else because the task force had already been assigned all of the work. To pass the time, you and Mello were playing a round of poker, half-listening to L as he thought aloud.

Despite the terrible hand you had, you couldn't help the small smile that graced your lips. These past few days had honestly been really nice.

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You were safely investigating from within the high rises, just going over data as you were comfortable doing. The blond playfully smirked as he revealed his hand—much better than yours, as expected. To be honest, the best part about these past few days was being in an oddly relaxed and friendly setting with Mello for so long.

In this modern day and age, the equivalent to our kiddish ways of writing their names all over our notebook in hearts is taking relationship quizzes online. From testing how well your zodiac signs match, to how your sexual compatibility is, all the way up to the completely absurd ones where you check if based on the type of sauce you like to dip your chicken nuggets in will indicate whether you'll last as a couple or not.

These 15 relationship quizzes are both ridiculous yet fun, and also important, when it comes to your relationship that both you and your partner can do, or do solo. The first type of relationship quizzes you, or your partner, can take are TV quizzes, based on couples from your favorite shows.

Everyone likes to pick favorites on a show they're watching, and if you and your boo like the same shows, you've probably discussed why your picks are better than theirs, or if they're the same, just bask in their greatness. Here are some quizzes that will show the type of relationship you're in based on your answers, and compare you to other iconic TV show couples. Pick Which Game of Thrones Couple Must Go Game of Thrones is one of those shows where if you're not on the same page about most things, you're likely two very different people.

If you consider yourself to be a Game of Thrones fanatic, and your partner is one as well, this is the ultimate quiz to see how they view relationships and how they view your favorite show. How you each pick your couples that must go, which shouldn't have died and which should have, will show different sides of your personalities and make for a fun conversation.

But beware as it could potentially turn into an argument if your partner picks Robb Stark and Talisa to go when that was the couple death that crushed you the most. Which Friends couple are you?

15 Relationship Quizzes That Are Ridiculous (But Fun)

Chances are if you like Friends then you've probably shown it to your crush or partner, and made them watch all episodes with you all over again, or you've tried to but they just aren't having it. Nonetheless, this ultimate cult classic TV show from the 90's makes for an awesome relationship quiz to test if you and your partner are more like Ross and Rachel, or Monica and Chandler.

If you happen to be a classic TV show and sitcom buff, then this is the perfect quiz for you. After all, that old school love full of respect and care you see in the classic shows are nothing like the messy, dysfunctional love you see on TV shows today.

Test your relationship and find out if you and your partner are more of a Lucy and Ricky type of love or are more like the Brady's. From Gossip Girl to Arrow and The Vampire Diaries, find out which couple you are and see if your tendencies with your lover match those of the one you got from taking this quiz. By taking this quiz, you'll see if your dream of finding the Chuck to your Blair has finally come true. Which Movie Couple Are You? Okay, so maybe you and your bae don't actually watch all that much TV.

But you love watching movies together, spending hours trying to find and watch movies on Netflix, and often go on dates to see the new flicks in theaters. In that case, here's a relationship quiz for you. This quiz will reveal which of your fave movie couples you and your partner are most alike. Will you be Noah and Allie from The Notebook? Take the quiz and find out! One of the most obvious things people think about when they're in a relationship is whether or not their partner will be able to please them, how good they are at sex, what they're willing to try, and your partner's knowledge when it comes to getting naughty in bed.

Also, what you like, and how well you know each other's sex language. Here are a few quizzes to help you figure that out. Will They Be Great in Bed? Every one thinks about this when they meet someone, and you can't deny it because that lust stage has you thinking about sex with them every minute, and the build up to it actually drives you insane.

But before you embark on your next sex-capade, or before you get down and dirty with your partner, you can take this quiz and get an idea of how good they will be in bed based on how you feel around them, how they treat you, and the things they do.

Test your luck and see just how good things will be and if, based on your responses, it will match up with everything you've played out in your head.

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How Kinky Are You Really? Maybe you don't need a quiz to tell you how kinky you are if you're an ultimate sex bomb, but maybe you're not so sure about your partner.

and watari relationship quiz

Or maybe you do need to know, and you're looking to test out just how kinky you are, or can be.