Ash ketchum and misty relationship questions

Steamy Pictures Of Misty (That Ash Doesn’t Want You To See)

ash ketchum and misty relationship questions

Misty is one of the most well known and loved Pokemon characters, but Here Are 20 14 She Has Anger Management Problems Fans of the Misty and Ash relationship have adopted the song as their shipping anthem. In "Ash catches a pokemon" misty starts following Ash and when he questions her about it she replies: M My bike! I'm holding you responsible. In orange island episodes if you look closely you an find that there is a chemistry between misty and ash. How important were Ash, Misty and Brock in the beginning of the Pokemon anime series? Why does Misty as well as May leave Ash Ketchum on the Pokémon journey while Brock never.

Her smarts and rationality separates her from other characters on the show. Still, it's important to keep in mind the character's young age. While both cards were a hit with fans, there were some Japanese cards that didn't see the light of day because of them being not kid-friendly in the US. And if you think it's just your shipper heart misleading you, here's something to give you hope: Ash and Misty may be the end game.

However, the revenue the series began generating ultimately changed the creators' minds and they held back on releasing the movie which could have possibly explained Misty's fate. While definitive proof of this has never been obtained, the footage found is enough to make us Ash-Misty shippers very happy. Despite Misty being one of the best written, most complicated characters on the show, the ten year old girl was introduced by the show runners as eye candy. Hopefully, the writers bring back Misty to the show.

The sisters have looked out for each other ever since they decided to become gym leaders which made their parents turn their backs on their children and her three sisters Daisy, Violet and Lily.

However, their relationship with Misty is somewhat strained. Violet, Daisy and Lily are all birds of the same feather, and their looks and lifestyle reflect that.

One has to imagine that things were truly bad at home for Misty to go off into the sunset with Ash and Brock without even a second glance.

Firstly, she is shown in a swim suit that is far too revealing. This scene was altered in comics, with Misty being given a fuller bathing suit. Another scene that was completely cut off in the American print showed Misty taking a bath in a hot spring alongside Pikachu and commenting on her burgeoning cleavage.

What's worse is that she is also ogled by Ash, Brock and Mikey while she is washing herself. Mangas have never stopped themselves from being a little dirty every now and then, but considering Misty is just 10 years old, it doesn't feel right. According to them, Misty appeared simply as eye candy and to bring a feminine touch to the show, so after her journey came to an end, other female characters have been brought in to fill the void.

In fact, they've stated that there isn't much purpose in giving her a full time role again which is really sad considering that having Misty back on the show would reignite interest in the series for older fans of the anime.

There, he says that he wishes Misty was his granddaughter. Which is by no means less creepy. No wonder Misty tends to hide her more appealing side It's nice to see a less fiery, more soft expression on her face from time to time. But whatever expression she has, Misty seems to be quite confident in her looks. I'm actually not sure what that says about how she sees herself.

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They must work, though, because she's made multiple incarnations. She even gave one to Ash as a keepsake. Because, you know, nothing says "I love you and will never forget you" like custom fishing equipment. It's always nice to see her dress up for special occasions.

One might imagine her wearing something like this to the annual Christmas party. When she does, he conveniently runs away to the snack table.

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She had to take a hit for Gyarados to get it to trust her, and she was almost ended by Ash's Squirtle. Oh yeah, remember that? Back when it was part of the Squirtle Squad, it held Misty and Brock hostage as Ash was let go to get medicine for Pikachu. They gave him the ultimatum to come back in time or see Misty's hair died purple.

Or as Japanese viewers might remember, see her life be taken. Of course, they all became friends in the end. But do you think Misty ever sees Ash's Squirtle and gets traumatic flashbacks to it almost taking her out? When it comes to classic Misty, fans know it all. But did you know that she actually got her bike back? Which is some kind of magic, because that bike was a burnt husk when they left it.

Yet this Nurse Joy was somehow able to restore it to working condition. That Joy needs to open up a bike repair shop. Meanwhile, Pikachu takes advantage of the moment to steal Ash's watermelon. Pikachu is actually a little prankster when the mood suits him. Then, of course, there's Ash himself, who gets zapped multiple times.

After a while, you have to start wondering if it really is an accident. Despite seeming so friendly, Pikachu might just be even more sinister than Team Rocket. Judging by the fact that she looks older and is referred to as a Gym Leader, I'm going to guess that this is game Misty.

And it's nice to see the older, more mature version get some love. If nothing else, it makes a lot more sense to turn her into fan service than her pre-teen counterpart. I mentioned before that the game Misty is known for using Starmie as her main fighter.

But what is Starmie?

ash ketchum and misty relationship questions

Apparently, its appearance bears a strong resemblance to a symbol of the Mesopotamian goddess Inannawhich might explain its mystic powers.

Yet we must remember that some of these things were exclusive to the English version of the show. Certain things, like Misty's voice, are a lot different in Japanese. But to the fans in that part of the world, that is Misty. In fact, Misty's Japanese voice actress, Mayumi Iizuka, is considered to be quite perfectly cast. As a result, she considers Misty to be the one character she has voiced who most represents herself.

ash ketchum and misty relationship questions

This Misty seems to be drawn in a more American style. In fact, she sort of reminds me of the old Batman animated series of the '90s. And yet, Misty has been tampered with by American companies before. For instance, her crush on Ash was largely the creation of the English dub. In the Japanese version, the relationship is more implied but not outright stated like in the dub. But the song, however legendary, is not considered canon by the Japanese writers.