Astrid and hiccup relationship trust

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astrid and hiccup relationship trust

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Hiccup, Astrid - Words: 1, and seem like opposites but they were other than that still have a good relationship. . "You're gonna love Dragon Training trust me" she said. After two years of dating, Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson decide to take their next relationship to the next level. When people start getting suspicious, . I trust you two had an eventful day?" I asked. "We just worked on. At the beginning of the film, Hiccup trusts completely in their partnership Hiccup's relationship with Astrid is one of simple, unquestioning love.

Dagur Lanvik and his younger sister Heather Lanvik of Berserker ride dragons. Camicazi Boggs of Bog-Burglar does too. Camicazi, from what I remember has a male Deadly Nadder named Poisonfire. I'm not sure about Alvin, though, I believe Hiccup is still working on convincing him to start riding a dragon. I was sure Hiccup could get Alvin to agree, he got Mildew, the crankiest old man I've ever known to ride a Deadly Nadder, male with the name of Sunwhip and the two were pretty good friends.

The rest of the islands weren't convinced it was a great idea; I didn't care as long as they weren't waging war against us. Yes, life was very good for us Hooligans. Honestly, with what Hiccup did, it made my job as chief a whole lot easier. At the moment, I was preparing to leave mine and Hiccup's house for lunch. As I opened the door, I saw Gobber standing there. Gobber the Belch was a very old and dear friend of mine, we met shortly after Valka and I married, but the man had always been like an uncle to Hiccup.

Gobber was family to us, though, I wondered why he was standing at my door with a rather serious look on his face. Okay, I wasn't sure I liked this anymore. Gobber was always known for being sarcastic and having fun, it was rare he got serious, so I know it had to be something big.

I don't think you want anyone else hearing about this," he added.

astrid and hiccup relationship trust

I sighed and stepped back to let Gobber in the house, and then closed the door. However, my son was seventeen, going on eighteen shortly and as much as I didn't like to admit to it at times, I knew he was becoming a man. I never ended up going lunch after Gobber, and I spoke about his concerns regarding Hiccup and Astrid.


I told Gobber I would deal with it and I have been wandering the village, doing my job, and trying to figure how exactly to deal with the information I'd been given. Hiccup was out flying on Toothless, and I had no doubts that Astrid was with him.

The two of them were always together nowadays; that's why it was time to sit Hiccup down and have a talk that I wished for so many years I wouldn't have to have with him. I sat in my chair wondering just how to go about this, Hiccup and I weren't ones for serious talks regarding other matters than dragons or Chief things, but I knew this had to happen. I heard two dragons land outside my house; the voices gave away that it was Hiccup and Astrid having returned from their day of flying for dinner.

The door opened as I saw Hiccup come in with a broad smile, his hand was linked to Astrid's, who also wore a smile on her face as the two were laughing and talking about the day together. For a moment, I started believing that the two of them didn't know I was in the room because I saw Hiccup hook his arm around Astrid's waist, draw her close to him, and then kiss her deeply.

Astrid brought her arms around his neck as the two stayed locked in that kiss for a good ten seconds. Of course, this only confirmed my fears on what Gobber told me. I closed my eyes and cleared my throat, making it known I was there. Hiccup and Astrid broke apart rather quickly as Astrid blushed a bit and Hiccup rubbed the back of his head; a thing he did when he was nervous. Clinging to him is more like it.

As soon as Hiccup fell asleep, Astrid wrapped her arms around Hiccup, and slept like that the whole night. I slept alright for the most part untill I saw you had your hands wrapped around my chest and I couldn't move.

astrid and hiccup relationship trust

Other than that, I slept fine. Quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. How abou-" Hiccup was about to say what he's been meaning to ask her for forever, when they heard a loud knock at the door "Hiccup?

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He then noticed a window on the floor above, but it was to high for him to reach. Stoik still kept banging on the door as if he was about to headbutt it open "Astrid, give me a boost. I need to get out that window. Astrid then opened the door "Hey Stoik. I know you're hiding him. He first looked under the bed, he wasn't there.

He then started searching every inch of Astrid's house, but Stoik couldn't find his son anywhere. She looked for Ruffnut around the Plaza, didn't have any luck there. She eventually found Ruffnut talking with Gobber. What've you and Hiccup been up to? We're actually The Forbidden Lovers of Berk. Stoik won't let us be together, but we just meet in secret. It was pretty complex on how it started. It was like one surprise after another. Remember the snowstorm that hit?

I just headed off into the forest, and all I wanted to do was find Hiccup. How'd you almost die?

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Right as the branch broke off and fell for a few sixteenths of a second, Hiccup grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. You two love birds. So that'll be fun. I have no idea. Can you keep this on the down low?

She of course hangs out with her sisters most of the time but when she has the chance she meets with Hiccup and his friends who were quite surprised that a nice girl like her comes from a family like that. Bergit turned around and there standing in front of her was an angry Astrid with arms crossed and a threatening look on her face.

This infuriated Astrid more. She was about to take her axe cut off her head when Snotlout who was watching the scene came between the girls.

He's got no muscles and he can't even lift a descent hammer. Just then Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Fredrika came on their dragons and Toothless came as well along with Astrid's dragon Stormfly and Bergit and Fredrika's sister Viva who was younger than Bergit but older than Fredrika.

Hiccup managing to get away from the angry girls explained "Bergit is trying to flirt with me again and now Astrid found out and probably wants to murder her so Snotlout is trying to end this by flirting with Bergit" Suddenly Bergit sassed at Snotlout"I don't want to fight over you and you're wasting my time.

I mean you basically have nothing in common with her and besides. When Toothless was captured and I was about to give up she helped me to gain the strength to get him back. I know she can be hard sometimes but I know she has a good soul and that's why I love her.

She then walked away but stopped in front of Fredrika, her dragon, and Viva.

astrid and hiccup relationship trust

This caused all the dragons to growl at her but were calmed by their riders. This commet made everyone including the dragons smile. They know she does well in Dragon Training and Viva looked at her with fasination and her dragon.