Baird and sam relationship

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baird and sam relationship

Baird didn't quite know what Sam felt for Dom, but it didn't take a genius gears that knew of their 'secret' relationship were envious of Marcus. Baird and sam becoming "friends" in three is simply that, they hated many people are taking bairds comments to the level of a relationship. Gift: Sam And Baird This is a Christmas gift I made for who requested Baird and Sam from Gears Of The love/hate relationship was cute.

The Raven gave her directions to the Stranded, but by the time she reached them, Delta had already engaged them. Sam ended the battle by ramming the last Stranded standing with her bike, knocking him to the ground and injuring him badly.

She then jumped off the bike and pressed her chainsaw to the guys throat just in case he was able to move and tried to shoot the Gears. Marcus was annoyed with Sam, since they were supposed to take the Stranded alive, but she confirmed that she had not killed the target. She helped the rest of the squad load the three Stranded they had captured into the Raven, and headed back to New Jacinto.

And you'll learn to like it if you check me out one more time, Indie boy. Dominic Santiago aboard the Amirale Enkaan Gorasni patrol boat, to guard the fishing trawlers from Pelruan. Sam was nervous about going on the boat, but Baird told her not to worry. Once they boarded, Baird introduced her as being there to clean and cook, which hurt Sam's feelings, but she tried not to let Baird see that.

She threatened the Gorasni sailors to stop checking her out or else they would end up in the hospital, which quickly earned Sam their respect. She then took up position on a mounted gun on the foredeck, where she briefly talked with Dom as the ship got underway. No Stranded were detected on the radar, and Baird worried it may have been a mine.

Sam had Dom take over on the gun since she was the ordnance expert, and got into a Marlin with Baird to check out the remains of the ship.

She determined by the debris that it hadn't been a mine, which made her and Baird even more worried about what it was. Sam told him the Locust couldn't cross the ocean in their barges and that they would have seen or detected any Leviathans. Michaelson agreed with her assessment, but told her that he was not ruling anything out. Let's go and have a glass of your vintage kidney-killer. I'm choosy who I drink with.

They found Chairman Richard Prescott and Col. Victor Hoffman and a line of other Gears trying to defuse the crowd and stop them from entering the Stranded community in New Jacinto that had been given amnesty. They were unsuccessful, and Sam began maneuvering to get a clear shot at any member of the crowd who turned violent.

Luckily, Marcus managed to get them to disperse when he told them that Stranded had not sunk the ship, and made them understand that there was another unknown threat out there.

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The crowd dispersed, and Sam complimented Marcus on doing a good job dealing with them. However, there was already more trouble starting near the Stranded ghetto. Sam and the others found Pvt. Dizzy Wallin trying to keep the peace between some Stranded and Gorasni, while some of Jacinto's citizens watched.

However, a brawl erupted, and the New Jacinto citizens attacked Dizzy. Marcus cannoned into the brawl to separate everyone, and Sam was punched in the face by a Stranded woman while trying to help him by pushing the Stranded back. The fight ended when Sam, Marcus, and Dom had each pinned a separate fight from each group down. Dizzy yelled at the Jacinto citizens, appalled that they did not consider him one of them despite fighting for them. As the ashamed citizens walked away, Sam went up to Dizzy and asked him follow her to the bar so they could get drunk and forget about the civilians.

I've lived in worse. They and the crew were forced to evacuate the boat, and the ship was destroyed when the Lambent exploded. As they walked through the Stranded's living area, Sam noted that it wasn't as bad as some of the places she had lived in, and asked Baird what was in the center of the island.

He told her it was a dead volcano, with a lot of forest and caves on it.

Soon after this, a truck of Gorasni soldiers arrived, and Sam readied her Lancer commented that if they started throwing candy to the crowd, she was going to swear off drinking. BlackOps06 BlackOps06 7 years ago 5 I wouldn't tell people to read the books just to grasp the story. Anyway, thought it was easy to grasp their relationshipanyway. Sam and Baird don't really get along, but they have sympathy for each other at the end.

Prealienking Prealienking 7 years ago 7 There is no possible way they could have put all of the info from the books into the games without having Metal Gear Solid-length cut scenes. Currently Working on - Warning: Xade76 7 years ago 8 Friendofme posted A lot of people emotionally stunted people can't see any friendship between a man and a woman being anything other than sexual. Because, usually in media - especially action titles this applies to action-based video games, such as Gears of War - there is no real relationship between a prominent male character and a prominent female character that isn't sexually oriented.

But with all that being said, I have nothing against sex scenes. FusionCoreDance FusionCoreDance 7 years ago 9 You guys say there is no reason except some immature expectation by the fans or brought on by developers. Sam wondered if she'd ever find someone to have a relationship with. The state that the world was in hadn't left a lot of time for relationships over the past 17 years. The only man she considered a possible relationship with was now gone, and that probably wouldn't have worked anyway.

She was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard someone behind her. Startled she turned around standing up reaching for her lancer out of habit. She stopped when she realised that it was just a fellow Gear.

She peered into the darkness making out the figure, getting ready to shoot if needed. She soon recognised them.

Samantha Byrne

You should never sneak up on a gear, I could have shot you damn it" She said angrily "And it's nice to see you to" he replied sarcasticly. They'd never really had a real conversation, unless it was work related, or they were insulting one another. Find it hard to believe the war is over for one thing" "Never thought it would end" She replied.

baird and sam relationship

How do we know how the human race is gonna be after this? We're still no friends to the stranded. Remember the problems we had on Vectes? Maybe it's the peace, the silence, that's keeping me awake.

Ironic huh" Sam just nodded. I keep thinking there's another enemy round the corner, just waiting to fuck up our lives once again" She said "That what's keeping you up? Not just that" He knew what else, and simply said "Thinking about Dom? He knew it was a very delicate subject and didn't really know what to say. I mean, we weren't best buds, but, I fought alongside the man for over 3 years.

baird and sam relationship

Never had a problem with him, he was just always there. Now he's gone, I. He usually only opened up to his best friend, Cole about stuff like this. She lowered her head slightly "I tried to get to know him. I wanted to get him to open up and talk about everything he'd lost. Never really knew what to say though, and I know that some wounds just don't heal" He chose his words carefully, then went on to say "I know how you, felt about him.

I'm, I'm sorry" "Thank you" She said softly appreciating the gesture. She had to admit, he was the last person she thought she'd be having this conversation with. She was going to talk to Anya about everyting, but changed her mind. Anya had Marcus to worry about.

In fact everyone was worried about Marcus. To lose your best friend, your brother like that must have been extremely hard. And the loss of his father as well, damn. How he's holding it together was beyond her. She often wondered if he opened up more to Anya, when they were alone. That got her thinking about Dom again, causing her to feel a pang of sadness.

Sorry for any wisecracks I made about you and Dom. If I had any idea that he'd. He was expecting an angry response for asking such a personal question.

She simply replied "No. We were just good friends. I mean, I did flirt with him a bit, and you know Dom. She thought long and hard about her answer. Maybe in love with the idea of him.

The man he once was. A devoted husband and father, a man who never gave up hope looking for his wife. But deep down I knew he could never feel the way about me that he felt for Maria. That, and I always felt. Why did you think you weren't good enough" "C'mon Baird. You saw that photo he carried around of him with Maria.

I could never compete with that. He wanted to reassure her, but at the same didn't want her to get the wrong idea. He finally said "Sam, if it turned out he didn't want to be with you, I'm sure it would've had nothing to do with the way you are. Or the way you look" That was the closest thing she'd ever gotten to a compliment from him before. Now lets never speak of it again" She chuckled slightly. Baird was contemplating whether or not to talk to her about his nightmare.

He wanted to talk to someone about it so he asked "Sam? Do you ever have nightmares" "Yeah. Sometimes" "Well, I never did. Not till tonight anyway. Another reason I couldn't sleep" "Never?

baird and sam relationship