Battler and beatrice relationship quizzes

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battler and beatrice relationship quizzes

In this lesson we learn that the 'Much Ado About Nothing' couples - Claudio and Hero, and Beatrice and Benedick - are incredibly different. Yet, the individuals. Sayo; Yasu; Shannon; Kanon; Clair Vaux Bernardus; Beatrice; Lion Ushiromiya However, these problems were viewed by Sayo as tests from God to help one day Sayo seemed to have a good relationship with the House Director, who Years later, Sayo met Battler Ushiromiya and fell in love with him. "Beatrice confesses several times in this arc that she loves Battler She also wants Battler to love her back. They go into their relationship.:).

We will take notice of Hero's calm demeanor, Claudio's obsession with purity and virtue, Benedick's value of bachelorhood, and Beatrice's vivacious personality. We will also notice how Benedick and Beatrice are equally witty and sharp tongued. Hero has what we might think of as a shy or subdued personality. Granted, she does not have trouble speaking her mind, but she isn't often disposed to do so as is Beatrice.

She believes in purity and goodness and, as we see in the play, lives by it as well. This is one of the reasons she is noticed by Claudio, who shares Hero's beliefs. Claudio, one might argue, is even more invested in the notion of purity and sweetness than he is in Hero, as he so often describes her in pious terms, and in such a way that shows his desire for piety in a wife.

Consider the following quote: In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on.

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Of course he quickly changes his tune when he thinks Hero has slept with another man, as we see in the following quote: O Hero, what a Hero hadst thou been, If half thy outward graces had been placed About thy thoughts and counsels of thy heart! But fare thee well, most foul, most fair!

battler and beatrice relationship quizzes

This brought her some mental stability. Genji and Kumasawa strongly supported this. When she solves the epitaph, the issues become much more prevalent.

Genji, Kumasawa and Nanjo reveal to her that every aspect of her life and agency had essentially been set up primarily for the purpose of making Kinzo feel better about what he did to the second Beatrice who lived in Kuwadorian. During this, they reveal to her that her body is unable to bear children.

This revelation is one of the major ones she has that drives her to perform the Rokkenjima Massacre. She doubts that anybody could ever love her due to her body's condition, and begins calling herself "furniture", due to the belief that furniture are incapable of love. Bits and pieces of Sayo's full personality are littered throughout Sayo's three personas. Shannon draws heavily from the concept of the Japanese concept of an ideal woman and an ideal servant, and because of this, has the least amount of Sayo's 'true' personality.

Kanon and Beatrice, on the other hand, more closely represent her. Kanon represents a number of aspects, such as the negative traits she is unable to express as Shannon, but his personality is also is the one who struggles the most against the idea of killing everybody. Beatrice is most similar to a power fantasy.

Sayo Yasuda

Sayo is shown to hold contempt for the Ushiromiya family except for the cousins, which pushed her more into wanting to kill them all.

When Sayo appears inshe fully formulated her plan to kill everybody on the island, even if she has personal misgivings about it. This doubt, combined with the idea of the catbox where multiple versions of the story can existformulates the premise of the demon's roulette, and is why she hosts an elaborate murder mystery instead of simply blowing up the island.

Background Sayo was the child whom Kinzo gave to Natsuhi Ushiromiya to raise as her own, in attempt to atone for his sin by making a child a proper member of Ushiromiya family and giving it a happy life. However, Natsuhi rejected the child and was left guilt-ridden when the child fell off the cliff along with another servant nineteen years ago.

Unknown to Natsuhi and Kinzo, the child survived the incident thanks to Genji and Nanjo.

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According to Nanjo the child was gravely injured, with their sexual organs badly mutilated. After the accident, Genji decided to keep the child's survival in secret and left them to Fukuin House to raise. To ensure that child wouldn't be found out easily, Genji lied about Sayo's age, lowering it by three years. Because of Sayo's feebleness and underdevelopment it was easy to fake. Genji personally arranged Sayo's hiring, hoping to reveal the truth if a good opportunity presented itself. He believed that if Kinzo truly felt affection as a parent, he would notice traces of the deceased mother and daughter in the child and Kinzo and Sayo would be able to develop a parent-child relationship without knowledge of truth.

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Sayo was initially nervous with life on Rokkenjima, which was completely different from the life in Fukuin House and everything was new and unfamiliar. As the youngest servant to work for the Ushiromiya family, Sayo was the only one who missed work in order to go to school. Though Natsuhi and Krauss always thought there was something odd about it, questioning Kinzo, Fukuin House and Genji didn't shed any light on this. Servants also did not welcome the special treatment Sayo was given and often complained about it and even gave her the nickname "Yasu", which she despised.

Because of Sayo's age and sloppiness, they grew to dislike Sayo even more, while Sayo continued to put effort into whatever work was given. However, older servants were annoyed by how often they had to help Sayo with chores because her young age didn't allow the young servant to do most things independently.

However, these problems were viewed by Sayo as tests from God to help grow into a wonderful person someday.

battler and beatrice relationship quizzes

It is mentioned that aside from Shannon, Sayo seemed to be in good relationship with the House Director, who played with and taught Sayo about things that cannot be seen with one's eyes, but with eyes of the heart.

This way Sayo learned how to recognise beings not of this world at the Fukuin House and often spent free time in isolated rooms dreaming.

Battler Ushiromiya

Later it is revealed by several monologues that Shannon is Sayo's imaginary friend. Basing on Kumasawa 's stories of Beatrice's ghost and evil spirits of Rokkenjima, the young servant created the first Beatrice later known as demon Gaap. When Sayo's sloppiness resulted in incidents like losing keys or cleaning implements, the servant blamed it on Gaap's magic.

Sayo and the prototype Beatrice became friends over the small broom which Beatrice hid in order to prank Sayo. Yet even after getting used to life on Rokkenjima, Sayo didn't manage to make a single human friend. To help avoid the witch's pranks, Kumasawa gave Sayo a spiderweb charm the kite strings and taught Sayo a method to avoid losing things 'take them home' charm.

Kumasawa's charms helped Sayo deal with forgetfulness and regain confidence. As time progressed, the young servant formed a relationship with Kumasawa and started borrowing mystery novels from her.

Sayo found discussions and theorizing as the most entertaining part of mystery novels. After previous servants left, Sayo decided to make a good impression on new servants and teach them the ropes, being the more experienced one.

However, the new servants were already warned about Sayo's carelessness and they didn't take Sayo seriously. As time progressed Shannon gained respect from the newer servants. Both of them strongly believed that only a heart can move people to commit a murder.