Best of lorelai and rory relationship

10 Couples That Hurt Gilmore Girls (And 10 That Saved It)

best of lorelai and rory relationship

Here are our favorite Rory and Lorelai moments that will make you This mother and daughter have a unique, nontraditional relationship. As fans of Gilmore Girls will know, the relationship drama between the two leading ladies and their line of handsome admirers is a key feature. Happy (almost) Mother's Day! As you rack your brain trying to figure out what to get your mom this year, why don't you take a mome.

Yet, Rory thought she had some hold on him because he was her first love. Lorelai might not have always gotten along with her parents — and her parents might not have always been right — but they were a steady couple.

At least, they were until their brief separation. One of the best moments of the series was Emily asking Richard to come home. Sometimes their best scenes came when they weren't on the same page because they were such strong-willed people. The two of them were probably the best teams — romantic or not — on the series. They were the best example of a long-lasting relationship and the problems that arise during one.

Relationships aren't perfect, but Gilmore Girls portrayed theirs as close to perfect as it could have. Lorelai and Max Lorelai didn't always make the best choices when it came to her dating life. Not only did she date him, but she also got engaged to him. He wasn't a bad serious relationship with Lorelai early on.

He just wasn't right for her or to be part of Rory's life outside of school. His proposal was sweet — all of those daisies — but that was him at his best.

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It was during Rory's first year at Chilton — when she had to fit in — Lorelai met and dated Max. It was bad timing. Maybe if their relationship had happened later on, closer to Rory's graduation, that wouldn't be a mark against it. Rory and Jess Jess was easily the best of Rory's love interests. He might not have started off that way. Their romantic relationship didn't end the best way, either. But they were two people who could have grown together and grown to be great for each other.

Even after they broke up, Jess was there for Rory. He yelled at her when she dropped out of Yale. He encouraged her when she was feeling low about her career in the revival. That was what Rory needed from someone in her life at those times, and no one else could do that.

Paris and Asher Intellectually, Paris and Asher were a good match. Now, if their relationship had never gone past that and had remained strictly platonic, it would have been better. They could never have lasted, and that relationship was a bad decision on her part. Asher was a professor at Yale when Paris and Rory attended the college. He was also Richard Gilmore's classmate — yes, he was Rory's grandfather's age. Not only was he a professor and she a student, but they had that massive age difference against them.

They had too many marks against them and reasons why they had to hide their relationship. Unsurprisingly, Asher dated other female students as well. That fact alone meant he and Paris never could have lasted. Lane and Zack Zack may always be second-best to Dave, but if Lane couldn't be with Dave, he was a good choice. They might not have been the most romantic couple. After all, they also had a third roommate and bunk beds. Still, they clearly loved each other.

He even proposed twice, pretending the first didn't happen, in order to get Mrs. Kim's blessing, which was obviously important. Their two-part wedding was memorable, as they had to hold one ceremony for her grandmother and one for Mrs.

They even had a wedding reception fitting of who they were, with the residents of Stars Hollow. They had their moments that hurt their relationship and the show — like Zack's jealousy — but Zack gave Lane her happily ever after. Maybe also because of their teenager hormones. Yet, there was an attraction between her and Jess. When he returned at the end of season 2, Rory kissed him. However, she was still with Dean at the time.

Even when she returned from her summer away, she still had a boyfriend, yet she was jealous when she saw Jess with Shane. The thing is that there was no substance to Jess' relationship with Shane. He didn't even know her last name and he didn't care to.

She was only there to make Rory jealous. Even so, Dean played a bigger role in what led to Rory and Jess getting together. Two of the quirkiest characters on the show were two people who weren't original members of the town in the pilot.

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Viewers only heard about Liz through her brother, Luke, and son, Jess, but then she showed up in Stars Hollow. It was a fact that Liz had a string of bad relationships, and everyone thought her latest attempt at a marriage would be the same.

best of lorelai and rory relationship

However, that wasn't the case with T. Rory thanks Lorelai for shaping her, claiming that while many people had an influence in her life, it is Lorelai that is her ultimate inspiration.

This of course leads Lorelai, Luke, Sookie and Jackson to all start crying and the audience can tell they are truly grateful that Rory got to that point. If you can watch this episode without tearing up, you are a strong individual indeed. Image via Warner Bros 2. However, the scene which truly highlights their incredible bond is when Rory starts to get homesick and texts her mother to come back. Image via Warner Bros 3. This will forever be one of the most popular scenes in the show, as, after a 10 month separation in which they barely spoke to each other, the two Gilmore women finally make up.

The two run into each others arms while the music so synonymous with the show plays in the background. Watching these two fight for so long had been painful, and fans were grateful to have the pair back together.

best of lorelai and rory relationship

Image via Warner Bros 4. The way in which Lorelai understands Rory and seeks to support rather than punish her is a key example of how unique and wonderful their relationship is.