Buffy and spike relationship episodes of bones

Down The Rabbit Hole: An Analysis of Spike and Buffy's Relationship

buffy and spike relationship episodes of bones

Buffy and Spike's relationship up to this point has always been A Buffy and Spike relationship analysis can't exist without a discussion on that episode and . He's British, rock-n-roll, bad to the bone and sexy as hell but he's. Buffy Summers explored a relationship with Todd, a college student who was Callie, turned by Drusilla, became a bone of contention between Spike and Angelus. Eyes for You") and before the season finale (Episode 21 & 22 " Becoming"). In one of season 1's best monster-of-the-week episodes, the demon . After Spike's unreciprocated infatuation, Buffy begins a relationship with.


Instead, any young woman with the potential to become a Slayer, gained those powers instantly, creating an all-new Slayer army. All of this was only made possible, however, by the sacrifice of Spike, who came to the end of his character arc in the only way he could.

Following a perfect night spent together, this happiness was not meant to last. Angel soon discovered that by becoming human, he had sacrificed any chance he had at continuing his superheroic mission. In order to continue to fight the good fight, he convinced the Oracles to wind back time to before his fight with the Mohra, and before the perfect day he shared with Buffy.

This heartbreaking decision was made worse by the fact that only he will ever remember the time they spent together. His affection for Buffy stretched to her younger sister Dawn, although that affection was in more of a protective big brother way. However, it was a duty that Spike carried out especially after Buffy died, providing one of the strangest but most enjoyable bonds to be found on the show.

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Buffy doesn't feel the same about Spike as he does about her but she realizes that his feelings are genuine and begins to trust him with Dawn and their duties. Their friendship becomes so strong that Buffy entrusts Spike with Dawn's life at the end of Season 5 and Spike carries on guarding Dawn even after Buffy is gone in memory of that promise.

When Buffy comes back, she only tells Spike about being in heaven and in Once More With Feeling, he is the one that begs her to let him help her. Their friendship phase is just as essential to their relationship as their hate phase. It's here that we get a sense of what they might be like together.

Buffy and Spike

After all, he has a demon in him and he still doesn't have a soul. Though his feelings for Buffy are true and Buffy can rely on him, we learn soon that she can't trust him.

Let's Get Physical Buffy comes back broken and this is were we truly see that even though Spike can be relied on, he can't be trusted. Instead of wanting to make Buffy better, he wants to pull her into darkness and force her to embrace her dark side.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of bones

He sees this as the only way they can be together and in a lot of ways, that's true. Spike tried to be good and that didn't really stick so being bad is a better route. Buffy proves that she can embrace her dark side, initiating in an often physically violent relationship wtih Spike. For them, pain is pleasure. Spike enjoys the pain, that Buffy can hold her own against him, and Buffy throws all of her self loathing into their relationship.

She takes out all of her anguish on Spike and hates herself afterwards. During this time, we really see how horrible these two can truly be. Buffy goes dark with her hatred of being alive and treats Spike like crap. Spike takes the abuse because it's all a big game to him. Whatever actual feelings he has for her are pushed aside so they can enjoy their physical relationship but it leaves neither of them feeling that satisfied in the end.

When she finally commits to living again, she decides to end her relationship with Spike, leading to one of the most intense episodes I've ever seen on television: A Buffy and Spike relationship analysis can't exist without a discussion on that episode and I could probably do an entire post on the horrific nature of that bathroom scene.

In case you need a refresher, this is where Spike drops by Buffy's house to beg her to continue sleeping with him. He believes that the only way to do this is to force himself on her. Buffy is able to fight him off long enough for him come to his senses but it feels like there is no going back from there.

Seeing a character like Buffy who has always been portrayed as strong and good and with the ability to take care of herself almost get sexually assaulted by a character that we were supposed to think of as a possible leading man or love interest is enough to make you sick.

After watching, I wasn't sure I could ever go back to wanting them together because of the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as Buffy sits there on her bathroom floor in her dis-shoveled robe and cries.

This is rock bottom for their relationship.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of bones

After this, their relationship doesn't even exist. All of the secret kisses and touching hands and witty banter and beating the crap out of each other just doesn't matter because you've just witnessed something so horrific.

The only thing that is left, the only question that comes to mind is: Is redemption even possible?

buffy and spike relationship episodes of bones

Well, maybe you ask "why? When Buffy finally finds him in the basement of the new Sunnydale High, he has been with The First Evil and his own sins for a very long time. He wants to make everything better, the fact that he can't makes him crazy, and her ends up hugging a cross while his flesh sizzles.

The moment that Buffy learns that Spike now has a soul, everything changes.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of bones

As Spike starts to integrate back into the group and readjust to life with a soul, he begins to prove that he is worth a second look. Eventually, he gets kidnapped by The First and refuses to cooperate even though it tortures him relentlessly.

All the time he is there he believes that Buffy will come and get him due to the bond they began to develop before he was captured. When Buffy does come to get him, this strengthens their relationship and his faith in Buffy. That strength is what finally redeemed his character in my eyes. After suffering endlessly for most of the season, Spike finally gets his groove back, finding a balance between kicking bad guy butt, being his old self and dealing with having a soul again.

She leaves them and Spike comes back looking for her. He finds out what happens, tells everyone off and goes to find Buffy. I do not own these characters, I want to thank Kathy Reichs and Joss Wheddon for bringing them to life T - English - Chapters: But when things get tough, will the team at the Jeffersonian be able to pull through or will they need help from an unexpected outsider?

This case will test trust, beliefs, and strength.

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