Bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes

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bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes

Bugoy Drilon is the reason why ex-girlfriend Liezel Garcia met her Aside from this revelation, the Kapamilya singer said that he was the way why the couple met . See If We Can Guess What State You Live in with This Quiz!. Drew Barrymore and husband expecting second child Drilon resign designed Megan Young's 'victory' gown Liezl no longer a couple?. Slim Of Repablikan - Mhine, Bugoy Drilon - Muli, Big Men-di Bale Na Lang, A Hopless Thougth - The Wrath Of Skelator Tab · A Kiss Before Dying - Beyond Liezel Garcia - Gisingin Ang Puso Acoustic Chords · Liezel Garcia - Gisingin.

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Because of this, the record label decided to produce another album for her entitled "Heavenly", which was also a big hit and included the track "Oops Teka Lang" which was also the theme song of the movie of the same title starring Robin Padilla and Claudine Barretto from Star Cinema. Inshe produced her 3rd album which was released under Sony BMG. Ara also won the hearts of the members of the press because of her excellence in getting along with people.

She has won several "Darling of the Press" citations in her 24 years in the industry. She truly showcased versatility by starring in television shows of different genres, from sitcoms to heavy drama. Super Klenkher first television sitcom wherein she played a super heroine, showed her comic skills and agility.

She was then included in the cast of " Bubble Gang ", which was her longest stint for television. She said the "outstanding balladeer" had vastly improved since the start of his "journey," perhaps a reference to his stint in Philippine Idol two years ago. I can't say anything against it Maski ano pa mangyari ngayong gabi, alam mo na magaling ka, may talento, pagtibayan mo na lang ang loob mo sa mga darating na challenges sa buhay mo," she said.

Meanwhile, Laarni Lozada her new screen name instead of Laarni Losala proved last night that while she may not be a perfect singer, she is clearly an engaging performer. Laarni's rendition of "Manalig Ka" and "Boogie Wonderland" may seem impeccable for the typical listener, but not to the keen ears of Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab.

But his songs "Hard Habit to Break" and "Probinsya" did for him last night what his previous renditions of "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" and "Tatsulok" did for him during the competition-prove that, with the songs, Van can shine as a singer.

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You're biggest advantage is that you are a star. During Bugoys turn, he couldnt help but get a little emotional.

Aside from Bugoy, Teacher Kitchy too got a little off hand with her tears. She admitted that she got too attached to them, and merely thinking of the parting causes a mild pinch on her heart. According to her, she will never ever forget the times she shared with them, because she, too, learned a lot from them. After all the Mentors thanked the Scholars alike for the experiences, they also gave them words to live by. According to them, a mixture of joy, sorrow and anxiety play around their systems as they think about the Scholars upcoming exit.

Joy is for their victory; sorrow will be for their separation; and anxiety to the possible odds that they might face once they step out the Academy. They kept on reiterating that the real world is indeed cruel, most especially to showbiz commodities which they will soon become, so they better prepare themselves. They also kept on repeating that they will always be there for them, just like their real parents. To lighten up the drama, the Scholars arranged a little surprise for their teachers.

In honor of their Mentors and everything they have taught them, the Scholars prepared a short skit characterized by their impersonation of the Dream Team. Who among them dared to mimic the Headmaster and Teacher Kitchy?

bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes

Find out tomorrow on Uberture, right after They Kiss Again, and see who among the Scholars have a possible bright future in acting! Teacher Kitchy and Teacher Monet then assisted them in working out their issues and refining their pieces. While Van had yet to learn the variations of his voice, Bugoy still had to improve on his diction and relax during his performances. After reciting the lyrics and rehearsing his piece, he was able to make the necessary adjustments.

bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes

Cris on the other hand wanted to take her voice quality to the next level and raise the pitch of her song. But instead of modifying the tune of her piece, the mentors advised her to focus on internalization and appropriating emotions where it was due. Meanwhile, Miguel felt ill this morning which affected his singing.

bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes

The mentors believed he could do a better job minus his sickness. When it came to performing however, they reminded him to refrain from being conscious on the style and practice more until it becomes second nature.

Laarni was interested in learning technique and was advised to rehearse by Teacher Kitchy. She had yet to use the right singing muscles until it becomes natural for her.

bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes

Though the people want to see a show stopping performance, Laarni still had to do the right thing for her voice. The show was part of the Top 6's mission to raise funds for their chosen charities. It was filled with breathtaking song-and-dance numbers and surprises that the viewers all enjoyed.

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Besides giving great performances, the Top 6's hosting abilities were also put to a test when each of them got the chance to introduce a fellow Scholar using spiels that they wrote themselves.

They also got to answer intriguing questions from Toni Gonzaga in the mini-talk show part of the program that certainly piqued everyone's curiosity.

bugoy drilon and liezel garcia relationship quizzes