Chiam see tong and lee kuan yew relationship

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chiam see tong and lee kuan yew relationship

Chiam See Tong and Lee Kuan Yew's relationship is almost like how it is between Professor X and Magneto. Think about it. Both held respect. Opposition politician Chiam See Tong, who was an MP from to . Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew wrote in his memoirs that Mr. SINGAPORE - Mr Lee Kuan Yew's contributions to Singapore outweigh said Singapore People's Party secretary-general Chiam See Tong on.

What thoughts Lee Kuan Yew had — I did not know.

  • Opposition politician Chiam See Tong pays last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew at Parliament House
  • Emotional Chiam See Tong pays last respects to Lee Kuan Yew at Parliament House

I got him in. Lee Kuan Yew also never asked what about Hsien Yang. But one day, later on, he suggested his daughter. He said Wei Ling would make a very good MP.

But in cabinet, how could I succeed as a PM if the father was there, the elder son and the second son too? With three — what chance would you have? Goh Chok Tong Q: I cannot remember now, but probably when I was still DPM. I was looking for candidates. She had a very strong sense of justice. Anything which did not seem just to her — she would push. What did I do? Quietly, I sounded out George Yeo. He was chairman of Young PAP and he was politically significant.

Then I sounded out Hsien Loong. Hsien Loong also said no. And that was enough. Then I kept quiet after that. But with Lee Hsien Yang — it never came up? He never mentioned Hsien Yang.

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I thought of Hsien Yang, but I did not recommend him because I think he would be outshone by his brother. I mean, that was how people would think, not knowing we are different individuals.


Hsien Yang, had he come in, he would be different from the brother. These are not yes-men. You see the situation now, he is fighting the brother. He would be a different individual with different qualities.

His value would be — had I been interested, and that was later on — experience in the private sector. Hsien Loong did not have it. So, it came back to the basics, because Lee Kuan Yew was a very honourable person. You think he would cause us to do things, but no. He would treat you as an equal and then respect your opinion and so on. It was not that he said, you do this, you do that. If that was the case, he would not have gotten Tony Tan, myself and Dhanabalan to work for him.

Speaking of women candidates and the Lee family, did you speak to Ho Ching at any point about joining politics?

Chiam See Tong

I knew you would ask! I did approach Ho Ching and ask her if she would be interested in politics. It was quite early on. She was about 28, 29 or 30, before she married Hsien Loong.

I spotted her in Mindef [the Ministry of Defence] and thought that she had the intellect and attributes we were looking for. Lee Kuan Yew family feud turns ugly Through briefings and so on, I could see that she had a lot of substance.

She would have made a good minister, a different kind of minister. She did not say no. She said not at this stage. She was still young. After that, I was overtaken by events! She and Hsien Loong got married. As she was part of the Lee family, I never approached her again. I would not have asked her to be a politician. Hsien Loong would be against it. She would be against it. And Singapore would be against it. On his path to becoming PM Q: How did Lee Kuan Yew tell you that he was ready to hand over to you?

I was quite happy as he was doing the job of PM.

chiam see tong and lee kuan yew relationship

He was still young and I was in no hurry. But in earlyover lunch, he told me that I should take over now. I was to pick a date and take over. So, the man was true to his words that he would hand over. He could not do so at 65 as he felt I was not ready. Inhe just said I was to take over. So, I said yes. That was how transition took place in Singapore.

Elsewhere, they fought and so on. He added that he thought he should stay on in Cabinet. Was it because he wanted to play a role or he was not fully confident in me? I think he was not fully confident. Indeed, he would not be immediately confident in anyone taking over from him. He wanted to guide and help; not to direct and control. When he said he should stay on in cabinet, did that come as a surprise to you? Not really, I was quite happy.

It was better to have Lee Kuan Yew inside than outside! Remember his remark about rising from the grave if things went wrong? If things went wrong, would he have kept quiet? Would he have said that this is a new PM, he would watch and he would not interfere right away? InI was very relieved he was going to carry on for two more years.

ByI was ready. In my heart, I was ready. His views of opposition party leaders Q: I regard Chiam as a friend. As a friend, yes. I have seen him at dinners outside. He would come to me and I would go and talk to his wife and so on. If I see the wife, I would ask her how Chiam is. He was a gentleman politician.

See who wished Mr Chiam See Tong a happy 80th birthday

He had his own purpose in politics, which is to create a two-party Parliament. There is nothing wrong with that. We did not like it, but we said you try, so he tried. Would that be the same towards Low? It is the same with Low.

chiam see tong and lee kuan yew relationship

In fact, with most of the people, it is the same thing. What is the purpose, their aspirations, their goals and would they bring Singapore down? Or would they be just difficult opponents for us? Then we got to be better than them. So, if they are honest and honourable and want to do good for Singapore even though it is in a different way, well, we can have a debate on that. But if your views are totally wrong in our view, like promising a welfare state and using the reserves, then we would fight you.

We would fight you tooth and nail on your wrong-headed and populist approach. So who would be someone whom you would not speak to? Francis Seow and Tang Liang Hong suffered more politically than Chee, but they were respectful and friendly. Is it because he was your toughest opposition opponent? His character is so flawed, he cannot be a tough opponent. And the wish of the people to have alternative voices in Parliament. That is the toughest opponent because we have succeeded and won so many seats and the people, not just opposition, say, no, they want to hear alternative voices.

We could encourage, as we did, PAP MPs to be critical, to be honest in their criticism, to speak out. Jeyaretnam of the Workers' Party WPin Low Thia Khiang of the WP was also elected, making a total of four opposition MPs, with Chiam effectively the leader of the opposition.

Although the SDP was unsuccessful in the by-election, the recruitment of Chee as a candidate generated considerable public interest. However differences between Chiam and Chee soon emerged. Chee was sacked from his job as a university lecturer inand publicly claimed that he had been the victim of a political vendetta by the governing People's Action Party PAP.

Chiam then resigned as Secretary-General of the party, and was replaced by Chee. The CEC, after convening a disciplinary hearing, voted to expel Chiam from the party after he publicly criticised them. However, Chiam won a court case to prevent them from doing so on procedural grounds. Standing for his new party, he was re-elected as MP for Potong Pasir at the general election. Chiam and Low remained the only two opposition MPs elected at all the subsequent general elections until At the general electionChiam won Potong Pasir for the fifth time.

At the general electionhe won