Circle of intimacy and relationship

Circles: Intimacy and Relationships

circle of intimacy and relationship

Teach your students how to recognize social boundaries and avoid exploitation with the all new edition of Circles® Intimacy & Relationships: Level 1. as we role-play social relationships. We assigned each level of intimacy a space on the mat. and each level a color. THE CIRCLE OF RELATIONSHIPS. Circles: Intimacy and Relationships. This program for teenagers and young adults with cognitive differences helps them to recognize exploitative relationships as.

circle of intimacy and relationship

Is it appropriate for everyone to know the deep challenges you walk through? Authenticity and transparency are important hallmarks of humble and powerful leaders in the Kingdom. It is out of the reality of our struggles,valleys and the victories fought and won there, that we speak with authority our life messages to others- whether before a crowd or in a one on one mentoring time.

What has helped me a lot in this area has been understanding the concept of circles of intimacy and access. The greatest intimacy and access to our heart, thoughts, emotions and truest feelings, the person in the most inner circle of our lives, the core, is our Lord. Having an authentic, open, real relationship with him, where we feel free to tell him exactly what we think, feel and are experiencing, and to listen to His voice in that place, to cry on his shoulder, and receive his comfort We meet with Him in that place of absolute honesty, naked and without shame, in our very worst and very best of times.

This is a place of great privilege, deep intimacy, trust and openness. Sometimes a counselor walking with us in a crisis, may be given this level of trust as well.

Circles: Intimacy and Relationships

These people have greater access too. They are the ones who can walk into our office without an appointment, who we take time to communicate with on a daily basis, etc.

The next circle is a place for family or the closest of both mentors and disciples. Again, we give greater access and information to them and we expect a higher level of communication, reciprocity in relationship, and we are willing to invest highly here.

We share deeply who we are and what we are going through as well as giving them the same opportunity to do so with us. Family members and those you work with on a regular basis may be included in the circle mentioned above or they may not.

circle of intimacy and relationship

This depends on the relationship, commitment and primarily on the level of trust and reciprocity you experience. When trust is broken, you may decide to remove someone from the inner circle and they may no longer have the privilege of the same access and intimacy they once were given.

With those in the outer circles, you are still real, honest and authentic, but you are selective in the level of exposure of yourself and more guarded in what you feel is appropriate to share with them.

Circles: Intimacy & Relationships - Level 1 Social Boundaries

This is part of what Jesus spoke of when he said to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. It is critical in the lives of leaders that we work hard to stay authentic, open and real and to have people in those inner circles of access and intimacy- places where we are able to share our deepest pain and struggles.

And it is critical, yes, essential, that in our walk with God, we reach and maintain a level of intimacy and access with him where we can be absolutely naked and without shame before the God who loves us with a love that no human being can replicate or replace. It is as unwise to share too much with those people as it is to walk naked through the streets.

You are opening yourself to abuse and problems if you strip yourself before them.

JMR Counseling: Personal Boundaries, Relationship Levels, and Circles of Intimacy

Written by Marklyn P. Level 1, has been completely remade and includes many additions to further emphasize the guidelines of social boundaries as well as to apply the Circles Paradigm to current cultural and technological trends. What makes this edition of Circles better than ever? Recently revised, updated and filmed, this new edition of Circles reflects current cultural trends and includes a more diverse cast of characters.

This edition of Circles presents a more in-depth description of the types of social interaction appropriate in each circle to promote safe touch. This edition of Circles features an emphasis on consensus, and the right to refuse touch even from people close to you is stressed throughout the program. The giant Circles wall graph has been similarly updated to reflect this improvement. This edition of Circles includes a segment on social media and cyber safety.

These questions can be used as student pre- and post-tests. This new edition of Circles includes two new segments that focus on students of similar age to the main character: These segments emphasize that other people of the same age who seem familiar, are not necessarily known to the student. Circles Level 1 is made up of three parts: