Earth and air relationship questions

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earth and air relationship questions

EARTH Archetype of the pre-school teacher or camp counselor. METAL Please answer the questions depending on how you feel most of the time. This quiz is. Cafe Astrology: Venus in the elements: fire, earth, air, and water. What do people really want in a relationship?. All three of the earth signs, when happy in a relationship, offer a great depth of If you have any questions about earth sign compatibility, ask our astrologer.

Fire needs air to survive, but too much of it will make the flames rage out of control. Air doesn't really need Fire, though Fire is able to heat air and cause it to rise.

earth and air relationship questions

Air also provides concepts and ideas for the Fire sign to act on and forge into reality. Water nourishes the Earth sign so it may grow to it's fullest potential, and feels comfortable finding a home in Earth. Earth loves Water's life force and giving energy. These two signs much be careful when interacting--water can put out fire, but if the fire is large enough it can dry up water completely.

Water can provide sensitivity and patience to his fiery counterpart, whereas Fire can provide motivation and the courage to act that the Water sign usually lacks. In order for a relationship to work, Fire and Water need to have a great deal of respect because each has the capability to destroy the other.

If their lovers appreciate the drama, then all is fine.

Compatibility Between the Elements

Those less inclined to this kind of ardor might find Venus in Fire natives exciting for a while, but eventually exhausting. Venus in Fire people are generally rather blunt and direct in love, and they expect you to be too.

earth and air relationship questions

Spontaneity, laughter, and grand gestures turn them on. Remember, they feed on energy and excitement in their relationships more than anything—and attention!

Love, Relationship Astrology: Venus in Elements

Even those with more modest Sun Signs—such as Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn—need to feel alive through their relationships.

In fact, some might say that they treat their lovers as objects and extensions of themselves. Venus in Earth people that is, those with Venus in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn tend to most appreciate solid, long-standing, and reliable relationships.

earth and air relationship questions

Although somewhat cautious about entering new relationships, once they do decide, they are admirable for their ability to commit themselves. Venus in Earth natives feel most loved with physical proof of commitment. They work hard at making their relationships work on a physical and practical level.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire: Are You in Your Element? By Deborah Lipp - Beliefnet

Unless the element of Water is prominent in the chart, however, their approach to relationships may seem rather impersonal and overly practical—perhaps even conservative—to some.

Venus in Earth natives are most receptive to solid expressions of love that are tangible and easily measured. Their lives can become an endless rut. Earth people also have an unfortunate tendency toward obesity. Although somelove to exercise, and recognize it as a basically physical activity, many don't-there's alot of Fire in exercise. Probably the unhealthiest Earth people are the ones who stayin terrible, even abusive, situations because they fear change. Agoraphobia-literallya fear of open spaces, but really closer to a fear of leaving the house-is a debilitatingEarth disorder.

An Earth person can choose to become balanced, adding Fire, Water, and Air toher makeup for a happier and healthier life. The Water Person The Water person feels first and foremost. Water people can be wonderful therapists. They "go with the flow," but don't flit about like Air people. Their movements havea definite path, albeit an often unexpected one. The Water person's open heart makes her generous, and her empathy can makeher quite social, although not all Water people are "bubbly.

Among magical folk, Water people might meditate, light incense, take steamy baths, wear consecrated herbbags, and so on. Water people are often artistic as well, and are especiallyfound among painters and musicians.

earth and air relationship questions

Water people often move with a sensual grace that reminds one of their element,and often have wide, open eyes, the kind that look deep and liquid. Very Waterypeople often dress in flowing clothes or have flowing accessories. They can have amysterious quality that is compelling to those around them.

Some Water peopleare dark, brooding, and perhaps even silent, an inward rather than outward Watermanifestation. Romance comes naturally to Water people; they give and receive love easily.

earth and air relationship questions