Faith and angel relationship

Things That Even Diehard Fans Didn’t Know About Buffy's Faith

faith and angel relationship

Following the revelation that Angel was actually the Big Bad, Twilight (aptly the ultimate sacrifice – which causes a temporary rift in her relationship with Spike. . the Angel & Faith comics took on the task of resurrecting him. Some of the relationships on BtVS and Angel were certainly better than . So, while it obviously wasn't a romance for the ages, Faith and Robin. Faith decided to stick by Angel when he wanted to resurrect Giles, initially to stop . Her meddling also left a problem in Buffy and Riley's relationship which was.

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After they succeed, Willow expresses her gratitude to Faith before they part ways and she expresses that she's proud of the much more mature hero that Faith has developed into. Things took a dark turn when Buffy watched Faith kill a human in cold blood.

faith and angel relationship

From then on, Faith and Buffy were on a course to becoming bitter enemies. Their story continues in the comic books and their path together is as rocky as ever, frequently butting heads at almost every turn.

The two aren't able to see eye to eye until they both lose their Slayer powers. When they were gathered with the rest of the Scoobies in Tibet to track down the Big Bad, Twilight, the two finally made peace with each other and seemingly formed a friendship.

For anyone curious on the number, Faith's body count is surprisingly low at At least it is low compared to her counterpart Buffy, who across the original movie, her own show, and the spinoff Angel, Buffy has a body count ofwhich includes vamps, 62 demons, 6 monsters, 11 humans, 1 robot, and 1 spirit warrior. In Faith's case, between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff Angel, Faith killed 24 vamps, 6 demons, and 4 humans. While 34 does seem like somewhat of a low number, she still has the fourth highest body count among the main Buffyverse character; behind Buffy, Angel, and Spike.

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The interesting thing about the series is that it flips the script on the dynamic that the two had on Angel's live action spinoff series. While it was on that show where Angel mentored Faith on her road to redemption, Faith did the same for Angel in their comic book series.

And for the shippers, we do get to see Buffy and Angel interact again — and we finally get some proper resolution with Spike as they finally develop a mature and loving relationship.

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For his part though, Xander only ever treated her like a little sister. But in season 8, there is a forceful shift toward making fans think of Dawn as a woman. So when she and Xander profess their love for one another — it feels a little strange, to say the least.

faith and angel relationship

When the end of magic causes Dawn to forget their love, they have to start over. Nowadays season 11they are making a real go at it, whether we like it or not. In order to save the world, Buffy again has to make a tough decision — end magic, forever. Though she tries to avoid doing this, knowing it will ruin the lives of so many, including Willow, in the end she is left with no choice. By smashing the Seed, Buffy effectively resets much of the world-building Season 8 had done, which had created a much more supernatural Buffy-verse.

When the gang finds themselves in another apocalypse, they must figure out how to close and seal a dangerous portal. The bond between them, whether as friends or enemies, made for some of the best stories of the series.

This was, no doubt, because Julie Benz was amazing in the role, but also because of how much fun it was to see Angelus and Darla together. We all thought that Fred would go for Wesley, but Angel tricked us there. Although it was soul crushing to witness her rejection of Wes, there was enough chemistry between Amy Acker and J. August Richards to make fans change their minds about whom Fred should wind up with. They were actually happy for a bit. Gunn tried really hard. He bent as far as he could and then he just broke.

Gunn committed a murder for Fred, which is what they blamed the breakup on.

faith and angel relationship

It was the growing attraction between Fred and Wes. Gunn was overtaken by jealousy, but honestly, the guy did have something to be jealous about. Watching them come together was really cute and it seemed like their love might actually survive some pretty insurmountable odds. They were able to move past Eyeghon, the demon Giles raised in his youth, possessing Jenny. After that, there was the hurdle of Jenny having lied to Giles about basically everything.

Not only did it prove that Angelus was unequivocally evil, but also that Joss Whedon had no problem delivering a proper gut punch.

Robia LaMorte was incredibly likable and Jenny really fit into the Scooby Gang nicely, so it was sad to see her go. Jenny was the only real relationship we saw Giles have and it was cruelly snatched away from him far too soon.

After spending over a thousand years as a demon, Anya had quite a lot to learn about being human. Anya may have had to drag Xander into their relationship kicking and screaming, but she wound up being the love of his life.

They grew together, with Anya learning how to be a human and Xander learning how to be a grownup. He did leave her at the alter, but he obviously never moved on and neither did she. Had she not been unceremoniously sliced in half — which we are also still crying about — these two would certainly have gotten back together. After watching Willow pine for Xander for a season and a half, it was a relief to see her find someone who recognized how amazing she was. Their relationship was both happy and healthy.

It was also the most drama-free romance on the show, despite the fact that Oz was a werewolf. They even continued dating when they went to college together.

faith and angel relationship

However, by the time he did, Willow had already moved on — and so had we. That kind of turned the lore of the series on its head. Spike was a monster to everyone but Drusilla and he accepted her just the way she was, crazy and all. James Marsters and Juliet Landau had the most incredible chemistry.