Farkle and riley relationship

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farkle and riley relationship

~Girl Meets Texas Part 3 | farkle is so kind and wise at this part. Visit Girl Meets World (2x25) Grackle truly cares for Riley and has been there all Lucas was worried that Riley actually did view their relationship as brother and sister. "I especially liked 'Girl Meets I Am Farkle' where we talked about I think that Maya and Riley's relationship is the main relationship on the. “Season 4 would've shown that what drew Farkle, Lucas and Zay to Riley and “ And their relationship was the guide in how to meet the world.

At Topanga's, Maya's thoughts were centered on Riley and her strange behaviour. Was it a guy? Riley did mention that she was in a relationship. It's possible he's a nerd. Why else would she enlist Farkle's help? She's changing herself for the sake of a guy! I ought to - "Maya"! Lucas exclaimed, bringing her out of her thoughts. That being said, they need to redefine their boundaries as friends.

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Riley and Farkle were studying when Maya came through the window. Then he hugged Riley and headed out. Riley took a deep breath and said, "Maya. You're not ready to know who it is yet. Just know that he's a great guy and treats me well. I don't have any feelings whatsoever for Lucas.

farkle and riley relationship

I think you two are great together. She really was over Lucas Friar. But who's the new guy in her life that isn't named Lucas Friar or Charlie Gardner? I need to know! Time to ask Riley. Once you get past the awkward phase, everything will be fine. That shouldn't be a problem. Then the two best friends hugged each other.

farkle and riley relationship

After a few minutes, Maya said, "Speaking of Farkle, that's another subject we need to talk about. What aren't you telling me? No one will know…. Farkle and I are just friends. But Farkle was different. She could open up to him in a way that she couldn't with Maya.

After all, he was the first one who knew of her confusing emotions after Texas.

farkle and riley relationship

Not even Maya knew of this startling revelation. She was too busy being happy with Lucas. Riley intended to keep it that way…. That day was tomorrow, Riley decided. She would make up some excuse to Maya and Lucas for not hanging out with them and go to her house with Farkle in tow.

She would then confess said feelings to Farkle. Riley hoped it would be that easy. If not, she would definitely break. Meanwhile, Farkle Minkas was thinking the same thing.

A part of him knew that he would grow out of crushing on Maya and Riley eventually.

Farkle and Riley

They were just good friends after all. He just grew to think of Riley in that way. He truly wanted it. However, he wasn't so sure that Riley felt the same way. They were in a good place in their relationship. He didn't want to ruin that…. And there was the odd chance she might not take him seriously.

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He was after all, her fake husband. He decided that he would tell her when he had the opportunity. Little did he know that he would have a chance very soon. The next day, just before class started, Riley approached Maya and Lucas and said, "Hey. We could all skip out on hanging today and get homework done. I'll be fine on my own. Like you usually do. I can handle my homework by myself. Maya noticed this and said, "Who's the guy?

You're probably gonna bring him home to spend some alone time.

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There's no guy involved. I need full concentration on these subjects", she said, gently squeezing his hand. Maya watched their interaction with interest. Maybe the new guy in her life is Farkle, she mused. You can do so much better! This is a dream!

Meanwhile, Lucas was happy for them. Farkle is good for her, he thought to himself.

farkle and riley relationship

He's an improvement over Charlie.